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Thread: If you love war we want you.

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    Bump the best clan ever

    Beat clan ever to be in.

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    Need Level 5,6 town hall players

    Contact us now if u are a Lvl 5 or 6 looking for a great new war clan.
    Mis-Fits. Say Karen sent u.

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    Looking for strong players any level?

    Hello, everyone. We are soon to be a level 5 clan. We are looking for active committed players of all levels, that want to war. We war back to back, and only have a few rules. We are a very supportive, and easy going clan, we can help u on your quest to the next level. let's do it together. Come join us
    Mis-Fits #2VLYUP2U.
    Ask to join, say Karen set you.

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    New Level 5 Clan

    Hi all, we are now a Lvl 5 clan and we need some good strong TH 8 and 9s. Come and check us out. We are a war clan, so If you love war, u will love us. Our name is Mis-Fits. #2VLYUP2U.
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