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Thread: If you love war we want you.

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    If you love war we want you.

    Mis-Fits #2VLYUP2U

    We are an easy going, but controlled level 4 war clan. Looking for strong players of all levels. Would prefer no badly rushed Town Halls.

    We war all the time but you are not expected to be in every war. Level 5 and up troops are donated for war. Requests for specific troops are encouraged. An expert level player even drops in to play with us now and then.

    Our clan has level 4 to 9 town halls. The ages range from 10 to 56 years young. Our leader is in his early forties.
    Elder is earned by donating 150 troops and getting 5 stars in a war. To earn Co-leader you must prove your loyalty, and show you have the maturity to lead and make good decisions to help the clan grow.

    If this sounds like the clan for you simply ask to join Mis-Fits and say that Karen sent you.

    We can't wait to meet you.
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    I joined this clan just 4 moths ago. I am now a co leader and learned so much in such a short time, give us a try. I think you'll like us.

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    Need strong Lvl 5 & 6


    Our clan, Mis-Fits, is currently seeking strong level 5 and 6 players to even out our war matches.
    Come and join us, if this is u.
    Simply use the directions in the original thread.

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    Everyone welcome at Mis-Fits

    Hey everyone looking for that perfect clan, look no further. Come and look us over and chat for awhile, then decide.
    Just go to Mis-Fits and lets get to know each other.

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    Always looking for new members to build a strong clan

    Stop by and chat for awhile. Remember to say Karen sent u.

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    We are a growing clan

    Mis-Fits #2VLYUP2U is growing fast. Come and check us out before there is no room left.
    Remember to tell them Karen sent you.

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    ONLY 10 SPOTS LEFTwe are now sending out daily

    Mis- Fits #2VLYUP2U

    That's right better hurry we only have 10 spots left in this great clan.

    We are now sending out daily clan mail to with suggestions to help you become a stronger player and build great bases for the level your at.

    This clan is amazing.

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    Looking for a good clan?

    Are you tired of the swearing, name calling and disrespect? The join us. We will always treat u with respect, and we offer advise for growing members and a place to share your knowledge for higher players. Leave that old drama behind an join Mis-Fits #2VLYUP2U. Simply say that Karen sent u.

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    Did I mention our clan perks

    We are a level 4 war clan, so one of the perks of level4 is you get 20% of troop cost back when u donate. Also at level 4 your clan castle has way more room for loot.
    Come and check it out.

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    Town hall 4, 5 and 6 we need u.

    Join Mis-Fits, we are in need of town hall 4, 5 and 6, that love to war.
    Just ask to join, or reply here. I check once a day. say Karen sent u.

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