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Thread: NightmareGuild; a well organized Clan designed for new or low level players.

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    NightmareGuild NG2-FWA - AG2- real wars

    Cliffnotes= We have been around for a few years - have gone through various changes; have multiple clans that change over time. At our core we have some highly knowledgeable skilled players who request and donate thousands per month, always unlocking the game rewards and doing 98-100% every war

    Visit this page to see the latest bumps and edits - I'll not be editing this main post much longer

    *Visit the LAST PAGE of this topic to see the latest recruitment info - skip all the pages in the middle...
    AgedGreatness2 = Level 10+ perks War clan always getting 98-100% using on average using a few near max 11's with some 10's and 9's filling the middle. occasionally they will let a th7 or 8 tag along depending on the roster.

    Goals: Clan is seeking more active players so we can get games completed easier and faster with fewer people working so hard. *many of the nightmare players have moved into here since we cant get war matches in our own clan anymore.

    Activity levels: a few players are online seemingly 24/7 - doing 20k donations per season - others show up for a few minutes every couple days...

    Trophies dont matter = no pushing-most of us are in Champs or Titans

    Ranks are earned based on the same basic outline as listed below - but its more relaxed and leaders generally vote on a persons promotion or demotion. 3 strike rule is enforced.

    NightmareGuild2 = Level 12+ perks -Active FWA clan with very high mandates on requests/donations only very active players allowed.

    Goals: Clan is on auto pilot, we have 7 active leaders maintaining the weights and FWA reps doing what they need to do to get us matching in network. TH9 and up only - maxers - if your engineered you must be relatively heavy to qualify for farm wars.

    Activity levels: Most players have 200 to 400 attacks per season with 2k to 20k donations

    Trophies dont matter = no pushing-most of us are in Champs or Titans

    Elder is earned after joining our chat room, completing 5 successful FWA wars with full participation and 1k donations. Elders must remain active and always fully participate in the FWA war bringing 2 or 3 stars as required based on the war. Rank will not transfer to our other clans unless its properly earned via the full training system below.

    CoLead is earned after completing the entire set of skills as listed in training below.

    NightmareGuild = *Parking lot for un used accounts only - no war - we were forced to retire after MM changes prevented us from ever getting a war match>until we re adjust our accounts... all of them...

    Goals: Always getting 100% every war 50x50 and finishing wars within a few hours of their start time.

    Not active


    Ranks: Earned with a strict method of application and training (see below)

    = *WAS doing light weight wars - now closed. all members merged into NG2 and AG3 after the MM changes prevented this clan from being able to match in war.

    NightmareGuild4-5&6 = inactive testing grounds for friendly wars and roster engineering.They get disbanded when not being used; a few indian teenagers have seen fit to make clones of our clans; but all the fakes are level 2 and below.

    Random Stats =
    50x50 best time =29 minutes to clear every star on the map.
    NightmareGuild (Level 10 perks) Stats 8-15-16 (last war vs BD Rider King)
    Wins (total): 166
    Wins (due to our smart Engineering) 31
    Losses (due to player error): 1
    Losses (due to mis-matched in Enemy's favor): 6
    Losses (due to Engineered clans): 0
    Ties: 7
    Best win Streak:56
    Best 'Perfect' streak: 66
    Wars since our last loss: 66

    ----------===Intro and Welcome - Everything below is related to the MAIN clan.:===----------

    The First trial for new members - is to locate these rules - and tell us one of them in game...

    This topic gives a general overview of how the clan is run. *More rules and expectations exist down lower in the Training Matrix - you are expected to read through them. The ten simple rules above are NOT the only things we expect from you in this clan.

    Reply #2 (The Second post) is your Application for Elder promotion. If you decide to stay in this clan - I suggest you get started on your elder training ASAP, some requirements (earning 40 stars in war) will take you a long time; especially if you dont screenshot your current war stars fast...

    Reply #3 is information about the other clans in our family; if you are not sure which clan you best fit in look down there, each clan is different from the other, you may love- or hate one over the other...

    Reply #4 is our Training Matrix -
    11 steps to joining in war (Newbies) *MUST FINISH FIRST 3 STEPS WHEN YOU JOIN THE CLAN!!!
    18 steps to earn elder (goes hand in hand with that application)
    46 total steps to earning Co lead.

    Reply #4 is our Clan Charter – Constitution and ByLaws. – well thought out and designed; though in reality it is still in Concept form and not fully enforced among our entire family

    All replies from there forward are War results – summaries of each battle, reviews from our members and requests for elder promotion by those who have completed the 18 steps required.

    OR you can go to our website -- See the To Do List on the front page; that will walk you through the info there... All the info here -- is also there.

    ----------===PART I: Simple Rules:===----------

    ----------===Universal Rules:===----------

    1: GroupMe chat is Required Click this link to get into:

    NIGHTMARES room::

    Aged Greatness 3's room:

    "Its Just A Game" 's room

    2: Manners/Respect Everyone
    3: OPT OUT when you can’t give 100%
    ( UG Heroes / Spell Factory / work / homelife )
    help when planning attacks.
    5: Use Both attacks in War +/-5 of your
    EQUAL (not necessarily your Mirror)
    6: *Out of range only with Leader Approval
    7: Clean from Bottom up

    ----------===Clan Specific Rules===----------

    9: Use ClashCaller and NEVER STEAL
    someones base. *AG2 and AG3 primarily.

    10: Time requirements vary -- attacks
    must be finished within:
    AG1 / iJag - no set times
    AG2 / AG3- th8 under - 12 hours
    NightmareGuild = All - 4 hours

    ----------===Part II: Why NightmareGuild is Unique:===----------

    1: We have multiple clans in our family averaging 200 members. Each clan focuses on a different type of player; we separate you based on your town hall, war weight, your skill and your attitude on war performance.

    2: Clan Castles: Expect mostly low level archers to be donated. During War you can request anything; and Max level versions will be provided (if your willing to wait) Hogs, Balloons, Dragons; whatever you can fit into your castle we will provide.

    3: We have 17 'Nightmare' players ranging in weight from 1k to 60k that can be used as examples for players to compare their performance to. They are used to clean up in war so we will be capable of winning even if we bring on new unskilled players. Collectively as of 1-14-16 they have over 3000 stars in total.

    4: Clan communication: Groupme is used; if you need support and no one is available send out a message and all clan members will be notified. Provide your email address to an elder in game to get an invite to the group.

    5: War search is on a set schedule so you always know when to play... Wars primariy take place between 6pm and 12 eastern (GMT-5) and players are expected to be active during these hours. Most attacks should be completed instantly when war begins or within the first 4 hours. Search begins Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. We take Friday nights off to reset times from maintenance breaks and things.

    6: Clan Website: ( holds basic info as found in this first post - makes it easy for members to find us...)

    ----------===PART III: Membership Requirements:===----------

    We will accept any friendly, respectful English speaking player who wants to enjoy the game with no drama; as long as they have a base within the ranges of our recruitment. People out of our range can visit our partner clans (see below)

    1: Seeking players under 35k Weight - TH 3 to 6 -Defenseless - MiniMax - Higher weight / levels can join NightmareGuild2 (some exceptions can be made)

    2: Age; 18+ is important; we dont need our members getting 'grounded' or otherwise missing war attacks for any reason. Its kind of hard to prove your age; if you act like a kid you will be removed. Maturity level is also important - no Drama allowed. We partner with a clan that only accepts +18 year old adults; if you can show you are a serious minded player you will be welcome to stay with us. If you are a kid; you should find another clan. You should be able to communicate via Groupme and have your own phone number to receive push notifications about the game.

    3: We take war seriously! Players who fail to use both attacks in war, are unable to consistently get 3 stars (or close), or go for loot instead of stars will be left out and/or kicked! Failing to use a war attack is one of the worst things you can do in this game; it hurts the entire clan and yourself; opt out if you are busy!

    4:Communicate well; be polite, respectful and READ your in game mail from leaders.

    5: Be active; defined as 'we know you play often and aren't tempted to replace you for being dead weight'- you are placed in a league and not afk for days at a time...

    6: You must have a general ability to play the game decently and a desire to improve. You must be willing to watch online tutorial videos and read articles on how to improve your gameplay.

    7: NightmareGuild does not require that you opt out when upgrading heroes, or spell factory. (everone is low level; heroes dont matter as much) Our partner clans DO want you to opt out though; up there you can only war if you are 100% good to go.

    8: *Important note. Use both of your attacks in war; always use a full army, always bring units that can attack air troops, with all spells, a properly loaded clan castle; no matter how easy the match may look - be prepared for the worst.

    9: Opting out of war is NEVER allowed here. If you need to opt out - transfer into one of our other clans that are designed for Farming or light war... (NightmareGuild2 for example)

    ----------===PART IV: Removal from Clan:===----------

    Every day I look at our membership; players are constantly recruited - transferred or kicked. Kicking will happen for numerous reasons; all written in black and white so there are no surprises...

    1: I seek players who want to excel at the game; who want to use my promotion to Elder system and eventually work their way up into a strong high level war clan (our partners) If players make no effort to begin training to elder after 1 week; or a couple of wars - and they show poor game performance they will be replaced. You do not have to try to earn Elder as long as you are a good performer.

    2:Obvious bad behavior... Non English speaking; bad attitudes; few or wrong units donated - Skipping war attacks - these players will be removed instantly and will be added to our ban list so they can not return. If a long standing veteran player has a good excuse for missing their war attacks they may be forgiven; but asking a person to make two attacks - every other day - is not asking much... it better be a good excuse.

    3: Players who reach 35 to 40k war weight (usually around Town hall 7 or 8)- you are asked to transfer up into our other clans- learn more advanced tactics from their hands. (This removal is a GOOD thing and should be welcomed...) Low level wars must be kept separate from higher level wars if you want them to be fair...

    4: There may come a time when someone on the path to elder decides to stop playing or go away for a time... they will be removed; and are welcome to come back and start where they left off at a later date.

    Banned / kicked

    Any new member who does anything wrong is likely to get kicked fast - and a strike added to the roster. If it was a minor infraction they will be reinvited (kick message serves as a warning) If they return and mess up again - three strikes equals a ban...

    This could be temporary or permanent. -case by case basis after leaders discuss it.

    Donating wrong troops
    Horrible Troop donation ratio over the season. (no set number; but they must be active)
    Sniping in war when all stars were not achieved; avoiding attacks in hopes of sniping at the end of a war.
    Talking trash / disrespectful/ inappropriate language
    Trying to convince our members to move to another clan
    Hopping (without permission -especially to non family clans)
    Causing Drama
    Immaturity; extreme annoyance.
    spying on enemy clans during war - etc.

    ----------===PART V: Future Goals:===----------
    1: 50 wins in a row:
    (Goal achieved - 56 wins in a row before one mis matched war took away our record)

    2: Train two skilled Co Leaders that have max troops available who share my vision:
    (Goal partially achieved 1-14-16- have 3 good co leads who have -some- max level troops available)

    3:Maintain a 98% destruction average or better in all wars. *Achieved for one full year of wars.

    4: Achieve really fast paced war completion times. -DONE: 45x45 in 88 minutes - followed by 50x50 150 stars in 44 minutes.

    5: Get 50 wars in a row that are 100% perfect every time (32 currently as of 5-27-16) - ties are not important.

    6: get another 100% green war log (50 wins in a row again) - working towards it; but we need our accounts engineered a little stronger... we have had a few ties to contend with but only have 1 red line left in the log.

    7: Clan Makeup: Currently 70% are co leads and elders with multiple accounts - 20% are un ranked and 10% are new.
    Goal - remove the multiple accounts as we recruit and train 40 separate players who each have one account in main clan and one account in NG2. (allowing co leads to have 1 spare each and only a couple spots for new players) -

    8: Continue to avoid getting any th9's in NG war - attempt to remove most of the th8's from their matches as well and slowly revert to having th7 below. Transfer the heavier players into Nightmareguild2.

    War log image - screenshots merged with hosted on imgur

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