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Thread: NightmareGuild; a well organized Clan designed for new or low level players.

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    NightmareGuild- Aged Greatness - Web Rage Farm

    We offer Special event wars, CLASSIC WAR - FWA - (Loot and real CWL) + clan Games -- on the flip side we DO NOT support Trophy pushing, friendly wars or builder hall; your welcome to love it but the leads here do not care... We have been around since 2015; Multiple clans have gone through various changes over time.

    At our core we have some highly knowledgeable skilled players who request and donate thousands per month, always unlocking the game rewards and doing 98-100% every war

    The clan is made up of many max level players; a few mid levels and we also maintain support for low level new players or alternate accounts.

    *Visit the LAST PAGE of this topic to see the latest recruitment info - skip all the pages in the middle... AND IGNORE ALL THE DETAILED INFO IN THE NEXT FEW POSTS AS ALL THAT INFO IS OBSOLETE and from a time when we were much more detail oriented and picky about ranks. That old info is a guide only for our leads.

    Web Rage Farm 6
    #2L2VLY2UP is an FWA clan I help lead; we are seeking th12 up; maybe a 9 to 11 if someone quits...
    AgedGreatness2 (&3) = Level 10+ perks War clan always getting 98-100% using on average using about 6 max players with a mix below that as recruitment happens; occasionally we will let a new low level tag along but not too many...

    Goals: Clan is seeking to fill a handful of spots; quality attackers with strong accounts for real wars is our focus; Higher town halls preferred.

    Activity levels: All players are expected to log in daily; most log in 4x a day or more.

    Trophies are not important to us. our focus is CLASSIC wars.

    Ranks are earned based on the same basic outline as listed below - but its more relaxed and leaders generally vote on a persons promotion or demotion. 3 strike rule is enforced.

    NightmareGuild (and 2 +3+/ 4 / 5 as occasional burners)= Level 10+ perks
    At the moment all of these clans are NON WAR - CWL only with occasional test wars ran for events.

    Goals: Clan is basically a feeder for our FWA clans and our WAR clans

    Activity levels: These clans are full of random people farming; lots of turn over; generally 2 to 4 online any time of day.

    Trophies do not matter; we are farming - heroes down and not able to win real wars... once our heroes are back we'll return to our war clan.

    earned in various ways; the old complicated method of trials is obsolete as these clans are not running with that level of complication at this time.

    Random Stats =
    50x50 best time =29 minutes to clear every star on the map.
    NightmareGuild (Level 10 perks) Stats 8-15-16 (last war vs BD Rider King)
    Wins (total): 166
    Wins (due to our smart Engineering) 31
    Losses (due to player error): 1
    Losses (due to mis-matched in Enemy's favor): 6
    Losses (due to Engineered clans): 0
    Ties: 7
    Best win Streak:56
    Best 'Perfect' streak: 66
    Wars since our last loss: 66

    ----------===Intro and Welcome - Everything below is related to the MAIN clan.:===----------

    The First trial for new members - is to locate these rules - and tell us one of them in game...

    This topic gives a general overview of how the clan is run. *More rules and expectations exist down lower in the Training Matrix - you are expected to read through them. The ten simple rules above are NOT the only things we expect from you in this clan.

    Reply #2 (The Second post) is your Application for Elder promotion. If you decide to stay in this clan - I suggest you get started on your elder training ASAP, some requirements (earning 40 stars in war) will take you a long time; especially if you dont screenshot your current war stars fast...

    Reply #3 is information about the other clans in our family; if you are not sure which clan you best fit in look down there, each clan is different from the other, you may love- or hate one over the other...

    Reply #4 is our Training Matrix -
    11 steps to joining in war (Newbies) *MUST FINISH FIRST 3 STEPS WHEN YOU JOIN THE CLAN!!!
    18 steps to earn elder (goes hand in hand with that application)
    46 total steps to earning Co lead.

    Reply #4 is our Clan Charter – Constitution and ByLaws. – well thought out and designed; though in reality it is still in Concept form and not fully enforced among our entire family

    All replies from there forward are War results – summaries of each battle, reviews from our members and requests for elder promotion by those who have completed the 18 steps required.

    OR you can go to our website -- See the To Do List on the front page; that will walk you through the info there... All the info here -- is also there.

    ----------===PART I: Simple Rules:===----------

    ----------===Universal Rules:===----------

    Discord is our chat of choice since 2018. will generate a .gg join link for you

    GroupMe chat is (obsolete; links will remain but we dont use it) NIGHTMARES room::

    2: Manners/Respect Everyone
    3: OPT OUT when you can’t give 100% ( UG Heroes / Spell Factory / work / homelife )
    4: Ask LEADERS/ELDERS for help when planning attacks IF you need it; otherwise grab 6 stars on your own.
    5: Use Both attacks in War (as early as possible) +/-5 of your EQUAL (not necessarily your Mirror) or in cleanup as needed to help maximize stars to win.
    6: *Out of range only with Leader Approval or prior proven skill in war (out of range fails will be a strike or kick)
    7: Clean from Bottom up; try to wait for weaker players to finish attacks.
    8: NEVER LOOT unless its been determined by leaders that it is acceptable (CWL / farm wars / occasional other reasons)

    ----------===Clan Specific Rules===----------

    9: ClashCaller is obsolete; use in game base caller and NEVER STEAL someones base. *AG primarily

    10: Time requirements vary -- attacks
    must be finished within:
    AG th9 under - 12 hours
    NightmareGuild = All - 4 hours *speedy wars are not happening; no time limits enforced as of 2021

    ----------===Part II: Why NightmareGuild is Unique:===----------

    Our leads are organized with data tracking back many years.

    Our war logs are stronger than 99% of other clans.

    Our gaming advice is solid.

    We have many clans in our family so you can find what you need easily.

    ----------===PART III: Membership Requirements:===----------

    We will accept any friendly, respectful English speaking player who wants to enjoy the game with no drama; as long as they have a base within the ranges of our recruitment. People out of our range can visit our partner clans (see below)

    2: Age; 18+ is important; we wont put up with members getting 'grounded' or otherwise missing war attacks for any reason (this goes for adults with partners too.. you will be late to your 25th anniversary dinner cause you have attacks to do... Maturity level is also important - no Drama allowed. You should be able to communicate via Discord and have your own phone number to receive push notifications about the game.

    3: We take war seriously! Players who fail to use both attacks in war, are unable to consistently get 3 stars (or close), or go for loot instead of stars will be left out and/or kicked! Failing to use a war attack is one of the worst things you can do in this game; it hurts the entire clan and yourself; opt out if you are busy!

    4:Communicate well; be polite, respectful and READ your in game mail from leaders.

    5: Be active; defined as 'we know you play often and aren't tempted to replace you for being dead weight'- you are placed in a league and not afk for days at a time...

    6: You must have a general ability to play the game decently and a desire to improve. You must be willing to watch online tutorial videos and read articles on how to improve your gameplay.

    7: *Important note. Use both of your attacks in war; always use a full army, always bring units that can attack air troops, with all spells, a properly loaded clan castle; no matter how easy the match may look - be prepared for the worst.

    ----------===PART IV: Removal from Clan:===----------

    Every day I look at our membership; players are constantly recruited - transferred or kicked. Kicking will happen for numerous reasons; all written in black and white so there are no surprises...

    1: We seek like minded players; those with multiple accounts and crazy high activity levels are preferred over those who play a few times a week.

    2:Obvious bad behavior... Non English speaking; bad attitudes; few or wrong units donated - Skipping war attacks - these players will be removed instantly and will be added to our ban list so they can not return. If a long standing veteran player has a good excuse for missing their war attacks they may be forgiven; but asking a person to make two attacks - every other day - is not asking much... it better be a good excuse.

    3: Players may be asked to move to a clan that has a different focus; some do Farm wars; some regular classic wars, others are doing different things...

    4: If someone decides to stop playing or go away for a time... they will be removed; and are welcome to come back and start where they left off at a later date.

    Banned / kicked

    Any new member who does anything wrong is likely to get kicked fast - and a strike added to the roster. If it was a minor infraction they will be reinvited (kick message serves as a warning) If they return and mess up again - three strikes equals a ban...

    This could be temporary or permanent. -case by case basis after leaders discuss it.

    Donating wrong troops
    Horrible Troop donation ratio over the season. (no set number; but they must be active)
    Sniping in war when all stars were not achieved; avoiding attacks in hopes of sniping at the end of a war.
    Talking trash / disrespectful/ inappropriate language
    Hopping (if it becomes disruptive)
    Causing Drama of any kind.
    Immaturity; extreme annoyance.

    ----------===PART V: Future Goals:===----------
    1: 50 wins in a row:
    (Goal achieved - 56 wins in a row before one mis matched war took away our record)

    2: Train two skilled Co Leaders that have max troops available who share my vision:
    (Goal partially achieved 1-14-16- have 3 good co leads who have -some- max level troops available; achieved 8 2016 and maintained forever after.

    3:Maintain a 98% destruction average or better in all wars. *Achieved for one full year of wars. *achieved for all wars over the past 5 years with only a few mis match exceptions.

    4: Achieve really fast paced war completion times. -DONE: 45x45 in 88 minutes - followed by 50x50 150 stars in 44 minutes. (achieved 150 stars in 29 minutes)

    5: Get 50 wars in a row that are 100% perfect every time (32 currently as of 5-27-16) - ties are not important. (Achieved 92 perfect 150 star wars in a row)

    6: get another 100% green war log (50 wins in a row again) - working towards it; but we need our accounts engineered a little stronger... we have had a few ties to contend with but only have 1 red line left in the log.
    *impossible without extreme engineering; 2021 working on a solution for this.

    7: Clan Makeup: Currently 50% are co leads and elders with multiple accounts - 40% are un ranked and 10% are new.
    Goal - continue to recruit so the clan needs zero co leads for support and elders out rank the members.

    8: Avoid getting mismatched by supercell *hard goal; requires heavy account engineering and careful balancing.

    War log image - screenshots merged with hosted on imgur

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    Elder application form (Reply with 'quote' to get started)

    Elder Application form:
    Clan has been around for quite some time now; Elder promotion tracking has historically been done 100% by me; now it will be done by the members. This is the information that I need in order to determine if you are ready for elder. The numerical list should help you identify the key things that set some players apart from others.

    Ranks do not transfer between Aged greatness and Nightmare - there are some minor differences between what each clan requires from its members. They are close to each other so it shouldn't be much extra effort to earn it again.

    *We have a large clan roster with hundreds of players on it.. mostly the bad ones get there first. The good ones - who do nothing wrong and perform well - often dont get added as fast...

    Please 'reply with quote' and use this as a guide on what you need to post in order to get promoted to elder. You can make a simple reply to start out with - and edit it with more details as you spend time with the clan... As you complete the application (will probably be a few weeks) you can refer us to it by telling us what page and reply # your application is via our chat room.

    Once we see your application- if you are close to completing the items on the list we will give you a Trial promotion for a brief time (to be determined on a case by case basis) During this trial period you will do your recruitment - training - and or any kicking as needed...

    1: In game name(s) if more than one add them all

    2: Discord name

    3: player Tag #

    4: clan join date (must me longer than 30 days)

    5: type of account you are building ( Standard - Defenseless - MiniMax - heavy Offense - Heavy Defensive - Hybrid)

    6: War stars when you joined / War stars now (minimum of 40 more than when you joined) - minimum of 7 wars aka over two weeks Must get 5 or 6 stars per war on average.

    7: Current War Weight and account goals (just comprehend you understand how upgrading works)

    8: Friend in need when you joined / Friend in need now (5k minimum for promotion)

    9: Five Players recruited (and trained) - must have successfully completed one war to count.

    10: What are the most common reasons players are kicked?
    one -
    two -
    three -

    11: Which partner clan have you visited?

    12: Tell me a total of Three recent things you learned from any of these suggested locations:
    12a: the Wiki page -

    12b: (here)

    12c: Youtube tutorials

    12d: our discord room

    12e: a clan member in game

    12f: Something you figured out with no help

    13:War attack styles? (must be amazing with at least one style of attack that is applicable at your current town hall level; and very competent with two others.
    1: (best attack style will get 3 stars 49 out of 50 times)=
    2: competent attack style (3 star 8 out of 10 times) =
    3: Needs work style (will 3 star 50% of the time) =

    14: Do you feel comfortable with all in game units; troops and defenses? You are expected to be a walking talking encyclopedia of knowledge or have the ability to learn it on your own.

    15: Can you identify these base design tactics and help people set them up:
    a: Anti Hog
    b: Anti Air (general anti Loon for low levels)
    c: Anti Dragon (designed to funnel dragons away from the core)
    d: Anti Gowipe
    e: Anti Lure (clan castle 100% protected)
    f: keep all defenses 1 tile away from edge walls so a seige slammer does not break the wall
    g: building placement funneling tricks to defend

    16: You should maintain a normal war base and a FWA base for when we want to give away easy stars; confirm you have and will maintain both.

    17: What changes would you suggest to improve the clan?

    18: How will your promotion to Elder help the clan?
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    Clan Family - partner clans that offer things we dont.

    There are many different clans; each offering different atmospheres, goals, personalities and each focuses on a different type of game play. My personal relationships with some of the leaders in other clans allow our members to transfer around easier, we support each other in all aspects of the game and encourage others to build friendships across clan borders.

    to summarize the basic differences: (Where should you go?)

    *our FWA clan is listed in the first post- No trophy pushing and no Trial clans. we can refer you to other people who have made such places...

    ----------===PART VI: our Partner Clans:===----------
    We share a combined roster with the following clans:

    Name: "NightmareGuild"
    Clan tag: #9JR2GQ9P
    Clan Level: 8
    Town Hall: 3-6 (7+ on a limited basis- they should go to Aged Greatness)
    Leader: - Blombardo / various accounts
    Co Leaders: Raven, Winter, Domnis, Harlin
    War Search Begins: Sat, Mon, Wed, around 5pm eastern time
    Description: Serious War clan doing 50x50 wars 3x a week - Anyone may join but All are subjected to an interview and must agree to the rules set forth in the forums. Currently the only clan with this name. Wars are 100% complete within 4 hours or less - busy times are from 6pm to Midnight Eastern Time

    Forum Recruitment thread:

    Name: "NightmareGuild2"
    Clan tag: #YRY2YRQ2
    Clan Level: 6
    Town Hall: *any - Prefer th7 and above - this is overflow for all the clans
    Leader: - Blombardo / various accounts
    Co Leaders: Thor, Suganth
    War Search Begins: (same time as other clans - if it wars- currently farming only)
    Description: This clan changes depending on the needs of the players; it is often being re branded as new leaders take over and as our players needs change. Currently it is Farming only until we find an active leader willing to run wars... (I dont have time; busy with 2 other clans)
    Forum Recruitment thread:
    (here- your reading it - no designated separate thread)

    Nightmareguild3/4/5 as needed for events.
    Name: "Aged Greatness"
    Clan tag: #922PQYO
    Clan Level: 8
    Town Hall: (NA / th7+)
    Leader: Hope (Shawn)
    Co Leaders: Ben_alt, Sikam
    Description: - Stresses FAIR PLAY standards - prefers strong th9/10/11 players who are properly upgraded and know what they are doing; they have a feeder that will accept weaker th7'-8s but not likely anything below that.
    +Groupme - optional
    +ClashCaller - required 1/4 flex timer
    +Opt outs must transfer out after 2 skipped wars

    War Search Begins: Unknown
    Forum Recruitment thread:

    *If you are looking for these old members you can find Cold Septembers thread over here:

    *Though I am not affiliated with them; I hold fond memories of my time in their clan. They were the first organized group to take me under their banner. Personality conflicts between the various leaders -and differences of opinion unfortunately caused a rift between the AG and its numbered counterparts... at this time I can refer people to them; but we dont share a combined set of rules or a roster with them.

    Name: "Aged Greatness1"
    Clan tag: #L2YCCUVJ
    Clan Level: 3
    Town Hall: 5-7
    Leader: - Big D
    Co Leaders: Yankee
    War Search Begins: Never/
    Description: - Clan is comparable to NightmareGuild in that it recruits low level players and feeds them into Aged greatness; wars are slower paced and chat tends to be a bit quiet - The clan has no active leaders and is completely dormant at this time.
    Forum Recruitment thread:

    Name: "Aged Greatness2"
    Clan tag: #8VJ9UJC8
    Clan Level: 6
    Town Hall: 7+ (only accepting th7 most times)
    Leader: - Harlin
    Co Leaders: Kurtis, Sweet Pea, Richie Radar, Nightmare
    War Search Begins: Sat 5pm - Mon 6pm-Wed 7pm Central time
    Description: Serious War clan 3 wars a week - Very picky about who is let in. They will reject almost everyone unless you come from one of the other clans. Only very skilled players with great bases are getting into this clan. Max troops - hard wars - high performance - friendly players and solid organization.
    Forum Recruitment thread:**Adult-LVL4-War-Clan-Aged-Greatness2-Recruiting-TH7-8!**?highlight=aged+greatness2

    Name: "Aged Greatness3"
    Clan tag: #2R0Y9CJY
    Clan Level: 3
    Town Hall: 6+
    Leader: - Nightmare (me)
    Co Leaders: same as AG2
    War Search Begins: Same schedule as AG2 - sat / mon / wed around 5pm central
    Description: - 18+ Relaxed war clan; 3 wars a week on a set schedule. Players are expected to get 2 or 3 stars per attack - against comparable opponents. Mid and high level players are joined in war...[players Opting out are referred to iJag. War sizes range from 20 to 45
    Forum Recruitment thread:

    Name: "Aged Greatness4"
    Clan tag: #9LLRRUC2
    Clan Level: 1
    Town Hall: any (Closed clan not recruiting or being used)
    Leader: - Big Daddy (as Sunny Boy and Chris H)
    Co Leaders: none
    War Search Begins: NA
    Description: - Farming - occasional war clan for kids and others who want to opt out of war.
    Forum Recruitment thread:
    http:// none

    Name: "Its Just a Game" (iJAG)
    Clan tag: #2QLU8VCY
    Clan Level: 4
    Town Hall: any prefers th7+
    Leader: - DanaTheGreat
    Co Leaders: White Tiger, VetMixer
    War Search Begins: Fridays 7pm once a week
    Description: - Farming - occasional war clan. - opting out is allowed - war losses happen more often and players should be ok with that; these are not serious gamers they are adults who enjoy playing casually.
    Forum Recruitment thread:

    ----------===PART VII: General history of NightmareGuild:===----------
    These clans have always been mine; nobody else has ever been lead... no drama no confusion.

    The main clan was founded back when engineering was the only way to win; that clan stopped warring when that method of playing was made obsolete... in fact we went over 50 days starting war every day and NEVER getting a match.. supercell's new system flat out refused to match us with anyone and we were all forced to quit / or upgrade.

    NG2 was set up at this time in the FWA system to un engineer a lot of accounts so that we could actually get a match again... Farm wars were fun; eventually I took a break from the game.

    NG3 was created to test new engineering and see if our old accounts could still match; with mixed results.

    NG4/5 were made and disbanded numerous times for events.

    Various clones now exist (mostly dead)- ran by foreign kids who can't speak english.. who were kicked from our clans for being flat out awful clan mates... they went so far as to make identical accounts named the same as mine = and made clans named the same... and occasionally they tried to join one of our partner clans pretending to be me so they could try to get co lead access... one even managed to steal one of my accounts phishing with supercell ID and I had to go through recovery to get it back... fortunately it was not a lead ranked account.

    ----------===PART VII: General history of the Aged Greatness family:===----------

    If you look around the forums you will see many topics and posts made by a few players; Sikam especially - one of the core founders of the group and one of the best organizers... as well as Matt and a few others who have done much to promote the clan. These two; among others are now affiliated with another clan so their recruitment threads are out of date and are affiliated with Cold September; The original Aged Greatness merged with them -ag1, ag2, ag3 and ag4 are still in the family that I belong to. (we are not affiliated with cold september; I asked if they wanted to work with us and was told no... primarily because we dont have the name 'cold' in our title but also because they wouldn't allow our current leaders and elders to retain their ranks)

    Youtube channel: (controlled by a cold september player whos no longer in AG)

    Old web forum - inactive from before it was called Aged greatness: (controlled by a cold september player whos no longer in AG)

    Replacement website - used for a brief time before the split sent many into cold september: aka (controlled by a cold september player whos no longer in AG)

    Current website - (rarely updated though and slightly out of date)

    Originally the leaders were running a Farm clan for the original USA clan - which merged into Mega Empire. So they disbanded the clan and started a new one. (back before clan perks were a thing...) Three weeks later USA came back and the AG leaders just forgot it and kept going...

    After a while ag2 3 and 4 were created and for a short time there was harmony and success in the clan family. (almost a year) I enjoyed two months of this success as I was a recent member... Around April of 2015 some of the leaders wanted a different experience so they passed lead - and left. -- Then came back and wanted their clan returned to them... This caused some problems; there were also issues with one clan kicking a player and the other clan accepting them... basically a small rift started to appear because each clan had slightly different rules... eventually ag4 went inactive, ag2 broke off, ag3 was all but abandoned when ag merged with Cold September #29GC82G9Q. (those members all left or quit circa 2016 and current Cold Sept leaders never heard of them)

    AG2 continued to go strong; they merged with Its Just a Game - using that clan as a feeder...

    I was an elder in Aged Greatness for a few months when I was asked to help run AGfeeder - after the break up I decided to create my own clan - NightmareGuild - a low level th 3 to 6 clan with the intention of feeding th7+ players to the AG family.

    AG3's lead was passed to WhtTiger as all the others left; I have kept an eye on things and noticed this happen within hours... I helped Tiger to bring AG3 back into the family and am proud to say it is now doing very well with a new set of core members and a new co leader.

    Since Aged Greatness (the original clan) is not likely going to come back into the family; our leaders made a new Aged Greatness1 to take its place.- (this AG1 clan is currently inactive / leaderless)

    Defunt/Disbanded/Deleted clans in the AG family:

    AGFeeder - short lived feeder to ag1 after the ag1 and ag2 leaders went seperate ways. AG2 became their own standalone war clan and ag1 began to contemplate merging with Cold September. Once the merge happened they disbanded the feeder.

    AGMisfits - short lived clan designed for small wars with only certain members in a high level war clan setting. Too many leaders left and those running AGMisfits had to return to the main clan to provide support.

    Raged Greatness - feeder used for a short time until a higher level (perks) clan was made available to be used as a feeder.

    Aged Greatness4 was a kids clan- the device it was controlled by was lost and we have been unable to recover it via in game support due to some missing information. Clan is now disbanded

    ----------===PART VIII: Awesome clans that you should know about:===----------
    (work in progress)

    FosterTheCore th3/4 =Engineered low level War wins - dead
    Savage Seven TH7 - push clan - dead
    Mini Max Savage - All mini max accounts - dead
    Impregnability - high skill high level clan for th9+ = alive and kicking non stop since the game was new.
    Centum (12 clans)
    Cold September
    Pekka Pals
    Guilder - "Princess Bride Themed" clan - dead
    Top BTM - undefeated clan -255 wins zero losses (as of today)
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    Training Matrix - 18 steps to elder 46 to Co lead.

    A Properly trained clan can do this in war: 135 stars-perfect in 88 minutes:

    ----------===PART I: Clan War Requirements:===----------

    New players will not be allowed to join us in WAR until they have done the following:

    1: Read our rules (here) - as proof that you were here you will share the following phrase in chat= "I Can Read" - you may be asked to tell us rule # ____ from the photo above.

    2: EVERY NEW PLAYER must watch this video -- Clash of Clans - Low Level Clan Wars (TH3, TH4, TH5) by PowerBang Gaming

    Do not be a victim like this person who lost their entire army to 1 clan castle troop.. the Valkryie == Epic fail = 130 barbarians lost…

    3: Share a replay proving that you can 3 star a base AND properly lure a Clan castle... (drop 1 barbarian in range of castle, drop 2nd in far corner , deploy a circle of archers and destroy all castle troops PRIOR to attacking base) You may run into difficult units like Valkyries, Dragons, Witches etc. while in a clan war; you must know how to kill them.

    4: Have a good War Base layout on display when we view their town; your farming base is not important to us.

    4a: Base building Guide,

    4b: Visit to try some new ideas out.

    5: Donations / Requests = This is a low level clan so expect level 2 to 4 troops most of the time. No ratios are required; the more active you are the better.

    5a: ALL War castles are filled by leaders who have near MAX level troops; anyone caught putting low level (or wrong) stuff in there will be kicked immediately.

    5b: When you take your two war time attacks you are expected to get strong - or max - level troops before attacking. Primarily Balloons or Hog Riders. if you take weak troops - or no troops - you will be kicked

    5c When requesting use these words -- ANY, WAR, DEFENSE or REVENGE

    If people say ANY - hogs -
    - that means anyone can donate anything but he would prefer hogs...

    If people say WAR - Loons
    -that means only leaders or high level players will donate strong Balloons
    - he may have to wait... may even have to go to a family clan and return... but you will get what you need.

    6: Bookmark our partner clans (see the list above) you may need to go there to get troops. the Proper way to get accepted is to say 'Nightmare transfer' - when you request to get in. You can go to any of our family clans any time; just talk in groupme first.

    7: *Know how to get max level troops during the time of day that you play; get a shield before war and request early, using our partner clans (and groupme to get transferred) or visiting a Req & Leave clan...

    8: Wars start on a schedule; same time - same day - all the time... Ideally you will prepare your war camps early, get a shield and request troops a few hours before you need them. Leaders will fill castle requests starting 4 hours before war - and for 4 hours after it has started... beyond that time you will have a long wait for max troops.

    9: New - and weaker - players must attack fast or you risk not having a target. If you have war attacks remaining but all the remaining untouched bases are too hard for you to score against; you should attack someone who has already been attacked and get as many stars as you can for yourself. This will not help the clan - but it will prove that you are active. Players who do not use both attacks are removed.

    10: HOW TO PICK A TARGET TO ATTACK: - never go by 'recommended target' You should always aim for 3 star attacks; and you should always target the strongest enemy that you can get 3 stars on. This may not exactly be 'mirror' attacking; it could be 5 below or above... If you don't know who to attack ask for advice. Normally picking a base is a three step process.

    10a: find yourself on the map (what number are you)
    10b: look at your enemy mirror (same number)
    10c: decide if his base is stronger than you; if so attack lower. If he is weaker than you - attack higher... if its close; then try to attack him...
    10d: *If you are in the top 5 and / or have dragons; you will be expected to do 3 star attacks every time; the top 5 players in war clear the top 10 bases; this allows all other players in the clan to attack easier targets. so player #6 will attack enemy #11 plyaer #7 will attack enemy #12... player #25 can attack enemy #30... This is what '5 down means' -- of course if you have the skill to attack higher; do so.

    11: Share your attack plan with a leader or elder; they can help suggest strategies that will work; we all want you to get 3 stars and lots of loot... It takes 2 minutes to ask for advice; and 2 days to get another chance at a new war...

    * if you have poor war performance (1 or 2 stars for your first attack; you should ask an elder or leader for advice and help. We are willing to work with those who want to learn; but if you dont make an effort we will likely kick you.

    When done with your attacks, adjust your Personal War flag - if you will be busy during the next war be sure to OPT OUT and turn your flag red. No one is allowed to opt out in the main clan; transfer into iJAG or NightmareGuild2 if you want to opt out.

    ----------===PART II: Training for Elder Promotion:===----------
    Elders are very close to a Co Leader. Provide quality support to the clan; recruit, advise and assist where needed. They have various responsibilities.

    *Prove yourself worthy over the course of multiple wars and a few weeks by completing a long list of tasks and Trials. *You must document your own progress to elder so you can provide data collection information to the leaders who will be considering you.

    General learning can be broken down this way:

    10% spent on the Wiki page -
    10% spent in supercell forums browsing various topics (mostly this one)
    10% spent on Youtube tutorials from Onehive/ powerbang/clash with ash and countless others
    10% learned in our Groupme room
    10% learned 1 on 1 in game with another players help
    50% trial an error on your part

    1: FIRST STEP is to REPLY to this topic - use the 'application form' above to supply the correct information.

    2: Joining our GroupMe chat room (and using it for game communications)

    3: achieve 6 stars in FOUR different wars while attacking comparable players or maintain an an "average stars per attack" number higher than 2 (Tracked on Excel spreadsheet) for TEN wars. If your percentage falls below 2 you could be demoted or asked to leave (if your performance gets really bad)

    4: Share helpful replays with the clan - providing text descriptions of what a member can learn by watching your replay; or what mistakes you made that cause a failure... Replays should Teach and entertain...

    5: Understand the basics of War Weight - the types of gamer accounts players can make, (standard, MiniMax, Defenseless) and the .5 upgrade / transitioning system.

    6: Become a base building expert. Anti Lurable CC - Anti Hog - Anti dragon - etc. Prove you can identify different bases and what type of armies can take them down.
    -Visit or the supercell guide (both referenced above in War Requirements)

    7: Understand how to use to organize wars.

    8: Recruit players with good potential. Post the name of your recruit into your review / reply... You must recruit and train 5 players with some limited success before you earn elder.

    Sample advertisements = they will need edited because they are out of date.

    ----------===If we were in global chat I would say:===----------

    4 hour Ambush Clan Recruiting;
    91 wins - 6 losss; 34 Perfects
    GroupMe chat required

    -----== ==-----

    Best score -135 stars Perfect
    in 88 minutes! Check us out

    -----== ==-----

    Seeking players under 35k Weight
    TH 3 to 6
    higher levels in NightmareGuild2

    -----== ==-----

    View our Rules and Recruitment info on Supercell

    NightmareGuild - one word

    -----== ==-----

    You can also find us with a Google search:
    "Supercell NightmareGuild"

    -----== ==-----

    Please read our ten rules - and tell us
    rule #1 so we know you found them.

    -----== ==-----

    11 steps to join in war with us.
    18 trials to earn elder.
    46 total steps to earn Co.

    9: After recruitment - you must Train this new player. Walk them through this giant tutorial - they should tell you a rule, and know where the elder training is located. YOU NEED TO TEST THEM OUT AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE READY FOR WAR.

    10: Know when its acceptable to kick a 'new' player out and when to accept an invite request - (Same goes for when you should kick out a veteran player... even though you wont have this power yet) - Provide feedback to leaders to help our clan grow with solid helpful players who share our beliefs.

    11: Help the leaders track your progression towards Elder rank. You want the rank; so you should help make sure the data is tracked. Every time you complete another step - edit your 'review of the clan post' and add new data into it... be sure to include screenshots and or dates - tell the leader what 'page' your topic is on once you feel you are ready to get promoted so that leader can verify your status.

    12a: Ability to (effectively) understand and use all Troops and spells in the game (if you can build them or not)
    12b: Identify which troop levels are needed to successfully 3 star bases with specific defensive levels.
    Level 1 dragons - vs th7 with two level 4 air def level 6 archer towers and level 2 wiz towers.
    Level 2 dragons- vs th7 with two level 5 air def (or th8 with three lvl4 air def)- level 8 archer towers and level 3 wiz towers
    Level 3 dragons - vs th8 with three level 5 air def - archer towers at 9 or below and wiz towers at 4 below.
    Level 4 dragons - can clear any th8 even max level; and some fresh th9.
    Level 5 dragons -can clear poorly designed mid th9 bases - anything higher is a 2 star attack.

    - Not listing them all; just common ones that cause issues due to a learning curve. You should have read about them on the wiki page - know everything about them, when where and how to use them...

    Valkyries -

    Hogs: - get them to level 4 before you use them in war. *deal with CC troops and Giant bombs
    "How to Use Surgical Hogs in Clash of Clans "

    How to Use Hog Riders in the Current Form of Clash of Clans

    Balloons (drop 1, wait, drop 4... repeat in different spots all over so they dont bunch up)

    12c Proper funneling for whichever troops you use; understand the pathing that each troop will take - compare your deployment to the base you intend to attack.

    13a Understand common attack teams -
    13b KNOW HOW TO USE THEM Properly;
    13d Identify base traits that allow them to easily repel certain attack types (so you dont use the wrong one)

    BArch Barbarians Archers
    BAM - Barbarians Archers Minions (my fav)
    GoWiPE - Golems Wizards Pekka
    GoHoWiwi - Golems - hogs - witch -wiz
    GoWiWi - Golems Wizards Witches
    GoWiVa - Golems Wizards Valkryies
    Balloonian - Balloons and Minions
    LavaLoonian - Lava hounds Balloons and minions
    DragonLoon - Dragons and ballons
    Skeleton Crew - Witches, Wallbreakers and Balloons

    Others :

    Great tutorials here:

    14: Know Good; solid war camp troop compositions to kill various town halls. Each level can use Balloons quite easily - if using ground troops it can be a little trickier:

    TH3 0 giants - all barbarians and archers 50/50 with castle hogs

    TH4 2 giants - 2 wallbreakers - mix barbarians and archers (castle with hogs)

    TH5 4 giants 4 wallbreakers - 10 wizards - lightening and mix barbs/archers (castle with hogs

    TH6 4 giants 4 wallbreakers -2 healers - 10 wizards - 2 heal spells and mix barbs/archers (castle with hogs)

    TH7 DragonLoon - unstoppable with any lvl dragons- 3 level 4 lightenings on one air def and drags /cc loons deployed near other.
    Guaranteed th7 3 star attack!

    TH8 DragonLoon - unstoppable with lvl3 dragons - 3 lvl 4 Rages to clear all three air defenses
    How to Dragloon at TH8 part 1
    Part 2

    Wipe guide --

    How to GoHo at Town Hall 8

    TH8 How to Use Hogs at TH8 in Clash of Clans *Level 4*

    TH9 How to GoVaLo in Clash of Clans

    TH9 How to GoHoWiWi

    TH9 GoLaLoon - challenging attack style for advanced players.
    Requires high level heroes 15+ CC=Max golum- 1 of your own - Loons - Wiz - Minions Lava - Rages - Jump -poison

    TH9 GoWiPe= 2 Golems - 15 wizards - 2 Pekkas -(CC with all wiz or maybe throw in a witch) plus heroes -options maybe swap a few wizards for up to 4 valks) -maybe take 4 or 8 archers -if the base calls for it...

    TH10 *not important for now; we likely wont have any of these in the clan; and if we do they should know what to do.

    15: Donate to War castles on Prep day. - only if you have the appropriate troops.
    -10 slots = Two lvl5+Wizards and 1 minion
    -15 slots = Valkryie - 1 lvl 5+ Wizard then Minion or Archers
    -20 slots = Dragon
    -25 slots = Dragon Loon or Wiz/archer
    30+ = variable

    16: Bookmark and visit a partner clan. View a couple war replays; learn something - talk to them... then after a half hour or so; come back smarter... maybe even volunteer to support them in a war if they need an extra body,

    17: Be able to suggest a build order to new players; and suggest they use gems only for Builder huts.
    Suggested build order for all town hall levels is:
    1 Castle
    2 Camps
    3 Research
    4 Spells
    5 Barraks
    storages - as needed
    gold mines -only if builders have nothing better to do
    elixer pumps only if builders have nothing better to do
    walls *Should be done a few at a time between every other upgrade; 2 to 4 at a time will get them complete by the end of each town hall level.

    defenses - Dont build any new ones - dont upgrade any old ones... Not until your th research and heroes are 95% done and you are almost ready for the next town hall... *No matter how strong you are; people will still kill you. Having the ability to attack is more important than the ability to defend. Also - War matches are affected by how expensive your defensive upgrades are; if you do those last; you will get easier matches.

    18: Be an expert Farmer; be able to help others improve their ability.
    18a: Farming for noobs -

    *Other skills you should possess; that you may not necessarily be able to prove:

    -Show knowledge that you can estimate the exact amount of force required to destroy certain defenses by deploying JUST enough troops (in the best position) to clear them without wasting units.

    -Show that you can estimate where hidden traps will be; skillfully avoid them or spring them with limited losses.

    ----------===PART III: Co Leader Requirements:===----------
    Very committed Elders with superior skill and maturity can become a Co Leader. This will take a couple months at a minimum. I expect most of you to move up to our bigger clan before that. This rank is forever reserved for people I know and trust in real life... We will have phone conversations, share emails, become facebook friends and (if we live close) maybe go out for dinner and drinks prior to your getting Co Leader...

    Any Elder can move up to be a Co Leader under the following conditions; some are a one time requirement; others must be maintained to keep leadership rank; those who don't maintain the standards will be put back to elder.

    Co leaders are responsible for organizing and running the clan. Making sure its got a clear vision and complete set of rules. Insuring that all members are quality players that have the rank they deserve. These players do all the jobs of an elder PLUS these extra Requirements and responsibilities:

    1: Recruiting: Must keep membership at levels to allow 45x45 wars at all times. Be able to interview and weed out bad players quickly; before you let them into our wars. Elders must recruit at least 20 players who stay long enough to be tracked through at least 1 war to be eligible. *Try to recruit - ONLY during the times that you start wars - this way players who join will likely be ACTIVE during that time of day.

    : Managing our Clan Wars -***Most important job.

    2.1: 6- hours before war search - you should be looking at membership - kicking, recruiting and transferring a couple last minute players from the other clans to insure that your next war search will be the size you want it to be. it is a bad idea to bring new recruits in at this point; they will likely abandon you if not properly vetted.

    2.2: 2 hours before war search you need to get your strongest players to begin preparing troops for war castle donations. Once a match is found you want all castles filled immediately; no chance for new players to mess you up.

    2.3: Player Ability: In order to WIN the war - you need players who can perform well. Your top 2 players MUST be able to 2 star their mirrors and 3 star the two bases below them or you will NOT WIN. for every 1 player who is new, untested or doesnt have the skill to 3 star their mirror - you need TWO good players at their th level to cover for their failures. This is ideal conditions if you want to guarantee a win in your clan war.

    2.4: Town Hall level -- Due to war weights it is tricky to build a proper clan that is not Top heavy. 2 to 5% of your clan can be really strong. 5 to 10% can be mid level - the other 85% should be lower to mid level players. This will guarantee very easy war wins. As you add extra players on the top end - your weakest players will suffer from poor matches... If you accept ANY th10 players - your th3 and 4 players will never get a good match.

    2.5: Once a war match is found it is time to prepare the ClashCaller site... - send an in game mail out to everyone with the code - and post the code into Groupme. *Nightmare doesnt use Clash Caller at this time

    2.6: 6 hours before war begins- insure that all castles are full; start donating war troops to those with shields.

    2.7: 2 hours before war begins - recruit; fill any missing spots - having new players observe the war is a great benefit and will help them know what to do when they are in the next war. - Post a warning in groupme - a reminder that war starts soon.

    2.8: *During war - provide tutorials - send a mailer out telling players to watch attacks on # x Y and Z because they are good examples of ______ style of attack - help direct players, help them figure out who to attack - how to attack -etc.

    2.9: 12 to 6 hours left - time to consider kicking out any brand new players who havent showed up - expecially if their stars can not help the clan anymore... As well as any players who did horrible and have no hope of improving due to various reasons. DONT WAIT TOO LONG or the next war search will be delayed.


    3: Organize GroupMe chat room; add and remove players as needed.

    4: Update Roster / Spreadsheet with clan war results at the end of each war. Gather data on new players joining and transfer those who leave down to the bottom. - Manage any wait list that exists.

    5: Manage the ranks - kick / promote / Recruit new players (make sure they are interviewed upon arrival- the process may scare them away and take you 5 minutes... but it will keep our wars filled with solid players) - if the new recruit has not read the rules / shared an attack or otherwise does not talk after a few minutes just kick them out; they are wasting your time.

    6: give valid; helpful info through in game mail on a continual basis. every war; or at least once a week you should have something to say to everyone...

    7: High war performance: achieve 6 stars in FIFTEEN different wars while attacking comparable players or maintain an an "average stars per attack" number higher than 2 (Tracked on Excel spreadsheet) for TEN wars. you MUST be able to 3 star your mirror -- OR higher - most of the time.

    8: Actively monitor the forums; update the clan recruitment thread and look for new players as needed.

    9: Using Skitch - draw and share a battle plan with the groupme chatroom

    10: Update and improve our clan rules as needed over time; suggest at least two good improvements.

    11: Donating 1500+ troops during a season; must maintain at least 1k per season to remain a leader; anything less will be a demotion to Elder until they become more active.

    12: Come up with interesting challenges for the clan to accomplish from time to time. Optional Trophy pushes, Gold / Elxier / Dark grabs - etc.

    13: Foster good relations with other Clans Be on the lookout for clans that we may be able to work with us in a new and unique way. Befriend their leaders and elders. (There are so many types of clans; We dont have a partnership with any Trophy pushers or Farmers at the moment) - Treat them with respect even if they don't deserve it.

    14: Be able to set up a ClashCaller page (probably wont be used in Nightmare)

    15: Understand War Matching: Everyone agrees on the following points:
    *The more expensive an upgrade or defense costs, the heavier it will weigh on your war matching. Upgrade expensive things LAST; wait for those Teslas, Infernos, Xbows etc…get your attack power max first; and your walls...)

    *If you will never use PEKKA in war; dont upgrade your barracks to level 10. keep them at 9...

    *a Rushed town hall will have not have the attack power to win stars and it will not have the defense power to deny them... NEVER take a rushed town hall into war unless you really want to loose.

    Many people debate about this and different pages have various answers.

    This one seems pretty valid to me:

    This one seems fairly valid:

    This one is interesting - but I doubt its accurate:

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    Constitution and ByLaws for Clan Family (Our Charter)

    Below is a rough draft of a Family Clan Charter.

    For now NightmareGuild is a dictatorship with only one person making the rules, our partner clans currently do not subscribe to this document. It is a work in progress.

    Shout out and thx to Unity A!!iance for creating a great set of rules they will be edited for use here at Nightmare and within our potential family clans.

    Constitution and By Laws
    ****** THE CONSTITUTION OF NightmareGuild ******

    All other rules are based on the constitution, voted and passed by the council.

    I. Voting rule:

    1) If any rules are lacking or missing, then the alliance leader will make the decision for the time being until the council has voted on a resolution.

    2) Voting period is 24 hours by default, unless voted otherwise by the council members according to the scope of issue to be voted (alliance-wide or in-clan)

    3) Voting requires majority of council members and the leader or alliance leader to approve or veto it depending on the scope of issue being voted on (alliance-wide or in-clan), if a tie occurs then the leader breaks the tie.

    4) However, kicking a member only requires 3 votes from elders/leaders as sometimes kicking needs to be done expediently (in clan)

    II. Clan creation & leadership positions:

    1) Council votes for making a new clan or not, alliance leader will either approve or veto the decision.

    2) If the decision is to create a new clan, the alliance leader appoints 3 founding co-leaders.

    3) 3 founding co-leaders elect new elders and co-leadedrs (majority vote) and the the alliance leader will either approve or veto the decision

    4) All elders and co-leaders can elect a new leader, and the alliance leader will either approve or veto the decision.

    5) As more elders and co-leaders are elected, they participate in the vote for promoting new elders/co or demoting existing elders/co, to be approved or vetoed by the clan leader (alliance leader if clan leader not yet elected)

    6) All elders can elect co-leaders (up to 5 maximum per clan), and the clan leader can approve or veto the decision.

    7) The co-leaders would have all the constitutional powers just like elders (voting, kicking), but they can also promote and demote elders. When the official leader is on vacation or needs to be away from the game for a while, he/she should designate one of the co-leaders to be a leader in his/her absence.

    III. Alliance Council:

    1) Promotion of an elder should be done within each clan, demotion of an elder can be done at the clan level or at the alliance level (only when a public offense is done).

    2) Elders of each clan make up the alliance council, and they are the rule-makers of our alliance.

    * Please note that the content of this page can change without prior notice, so please check back often for the latest version of our constitution.

    ***** BY LAWS OF OUR ALLIANCE *****

    The rules below are derived from the constitution, and passed voting at our alliance council.

    I. Elder Quota

    1) There is no minimum and no maximum quota for each clan's elder count.

    II. Clan Requirements:

    1) The clan requirements for each clan are decided by each clan's council.

    III. Alliance Bans:

    1) A member can be banned for committing a bannable act by either a clan or the alliance council.

    2) 3 votes from elders/leaders are required to ban a member (just like kicking), because not all elders will be online to witness the offense.

    3) The ban is alliance wide.

    4) The ban list is maintained here:

    5) Only the alliance council can unban a member.

    6) A player can only be unbanned if he/she is not a repeat offender.

    7) Current bannable acts include: lightning on DE storage, hopping (leaving clan without elder permission and/or not post donation screen shot), rude or malicious behavior, "ghosting" attacks in clan wars, spying in opponent clan during clan wars.

    IV. Trophy Pushes:

    1) Trophy pushes are optional.

    2) One of the alliance leaders should be the push organizer.

    3) Push together in Unity Champions.

    4) Achieve 1:2 donation ratio by end of push.

    5) No players outside of Unity Alliance are allowed in our trophy pushes.

    V. Taking Break from the Alliance:

    1) Members who are inactive can park their accounts in _______ clan, and they do not lose their clan ranks when they return.

    2) Members who need to take a break from the clan/alliance due to time constraints can go to _______ to take a break, and they do not lose their clan ranks when they return.

    VI. Limitation of Language Usage:

    1) For alliance-wide main GB: sexually explicit conversation and bigoted/offensive/hate language are banned, moderate amount of curse words are allowed

    2) For in-game chat: sexually explicit conversation and bigoted/offensive/hate language are banned, amount of curse words allowed is up to each clan

    3) Bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats or views other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person's opinion, ethnicity, race, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics.

    * Please note that the content of this page can change without prior notice, so please check back often for the latest version of our rules.
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    War 1--6 all victories

    Level Two Clan achieved on 5-14-15 with our War #4.

    Four wins in a row; MAX STARS EVERY TIME. our fifth begins as soon as I finish this post.

    We will be doing 25 vs 25 this next round and we are right on track with our recruitment...
    Members so far from this recruitment thread = 3

    Members transferred from us up to our higher level partners = 5

    Come check us out.

    #1 30 to 6 vs Romania Steau
    #2 30 to 12 vs the R's!
    #3 45 to 0 vs Xing
    #4 60 to 5 vs 2005 d.o.

    War #5 is a Landslide victory 67 to 6 vs Los Mejores

    Our top five town hall 6 players we were paired with a TH10, th8 and th7's (rushed but still impossible to clear with such low level accounts) but all the other bases were a fair match and we 3 starred every one.

    Adjusting war plan to compensate for this; will bring one strong TH8 + player into each war with all the th6 and below players. This way we can have Valkyries, Dragons and otherwise higher level clan castle troops to help defense.

    War #6 has started with 30vs 30 right on schedule. Our #1 player is strong enough to take out their 1&2 Their #2 and #3 players are much stronger than ours - otherwise its a perfectly even match. 35 minute match time.

    This war we are bringing:

    18 trusted players who have a good war record, they alone can clean up the entire map...

    5 new members, interviewed but untested and

    7 who have proved to be a little 'green' who will likely only get 1 star (or who may skip attacks) Those who skip attacks will be the first to go once we reach 45 members and reach our capacity... for now they are extra bodies we can use for larger matches. Those with poor attack skills will show improvement within 3 wars or they will be escorted out into Global.

    Our 'Trials to earn Elder" are coming along nicely, (it is taking longer than I thought to create a list of important skills in a boot camp type setting; that are fun and helpful; not to mention easy to prove completion on... by war #10 I expect to have them hammered out just right. Until then Elders are few in number. I imagine other clans will be loving my labor and I'll probably see it copied into various other threads...

    With this war I am moving our roster into Excel. I will edit the roster topic when I've completed the transposition.

    War #6 Landslide victory 85 to 5

    This round we used one town hall 8; everyone else was th 3 to 6. it worked great... the high level troops destroyed the opposing clans attacks...

    We will be starting a 35 vs 35 now... that leaves 3 who have skipped attacks being left out.

    We should be right on schedule for 40 vs 40 by the next war and we will probably remain there for a couple wars to clean out players who skip attacks and replace them with more helpful players.

    We have 25 accounts in the clan that can be trusted to use their attacks; so we should be able to handle up to 50 now; but will take it slower to be safe.

    Some of the items required to become elder are posted in the first topic now; I expect to complete that section by war #10.

    #7 war search has completed - 10 minute match time. We are stronger than them on the top; and equal in the middle. I predict that they have no chance...

    Come request an invite into our clan.
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    a bit much

    you guys sound like you take things really seriously but the low levels are for noobs not for pros. Half tempted to war you just to see your tactics but you shouldn't be so proud of winning wars vs new players. It is like the pro players of basball coming down and bragging they took a whole league of the woman's soft ball team.
    Hurray for the Legion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by landyho View Post
    you guys sound like you take things really seriously but the low levels are for noobs not for pros. Half tempted to war you just to see your tactics but you shouldn't be so proud of winning wars vs new players. It is like the pro players of basball coming down and bragging they took a whole league of the woman's soft ball team.
    Well I wouldn't really say we're pro players lol, but this clan is basically just a beginner clan for 2 other clans called ITS JUST A GAME and Aged Greatness2. Once you get to TH7 you can be automatically put in the other clans and be in harder wars. This is basically just a clan to get new players up in ranks and have help winning wars to get the mega lootz. We also help out a lot of new players with tactics that work well and teach the basics. The clan isn't really that serious either. Just participate and you can stay. You don't even have to war if you don't want to, just opt out. Hope we don't come off as pretentious! :P

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    Yes this clan is Unique.

    A player can join, remain a member and have simple gaming experience... Or they can try to EARN a promotion to elder - through this organization and training; thereby learning all the skills of the game plus learing to use the tools and apps that many of the biggest and baddest clans use to improve their gameplay...

    Then once they reach town hall 7; (and get their dragons and hogs) they will be MORE than competent; proven in fact to be great players - and will be fed right into a high level war clan that has very strict rules and requirements that all players must meet... The kind of clan that has nothing but the best, most organized players who work together to win war after war... Sure they will stil have new units to unlock, new tactics to learn.. but with the experience, the communication ability they have been taught, with access to chat apps, and attack planning tools like Skitch - they will be 3 star machines...

    I would like this clan to eventually be comparable to an Ivy league college; where players who want to excel come to raise their alternates and experience a higher level of game play.

    On another note,
    Haven't you ever played World of Warcraft? As the game grows, many guilds in the game are making 'twinks' - accounts. They only level up to a certain point; and sTOP. because they have found that particular level to be their favorite part of the game.. Or for random events they just want to do lower level raiding...

    I have friends who feel the same way; which is why we have ten accounts that are forever low level; I just figured I would expand our little 10 man clan into something bigger to share with the community here...

    I hope this clarifies our purpose and my intent...
    Thanks for your interest.

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    You guys sounds hard core! best of luck. I just got involved a couple weeks ago as a few friends were posting funny stories they made about their chief and characters. I was into Warbook and Visual Utopia and Stormfall: Age of War but never played much else online. I'm still a NOOB here. Sounds like you have a great system.
    Hurray for the Legion!

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