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Thread: Arkaine's Valor - TH8 Warbase | Anti 3* Design for Mid-late TH8s

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    Arkaine's Valor - TH8 Warbase **NEW TH8.5 Design** | Anti 3* Design for Mid-late TH8s

    Arkaine's Valor [ A TH8 & 8.5 War Base] Anti 3* Base for Mid-Late TH8s and TH8.5s

    General Havoc Presents: Arkaine's Valor; A TH8 & TH8.5 Warbase!

    1. Intro
    2. Base Design
    3. Pros/Cons

    1. Intro
    Hello All, welcome to my 4th TH8 base design. This one comes to you from scratch, again, after several hours of messing around on CoC Builder. I built this base in mind due to several factors, I'm in a war clan. We go back to back nonstop as much as possible. We are small in size, averaging 10v wars, with the occasional 15v wars. These to me are much more critical than 30+ as there is less room for errors. I strive to have the best possible base for where I'm at. I built this layout based on my current experiences in wars and from what I've read and seen others doing on the forums. Any similarities to others were unintentional and I will give credit where it is due if you feel that I've mimicked anyone in anyway.

    This base name comes from Diablo, as many of you can probably guess. It was one of the best pieces of armor in diablo I and Diablo II. What better suited base name for defense than an iconic piece of armor!

    "Fate will always aid when one's bravery holds, and when one's cause is great and just."
    - Arkaine

    Arkaine was an ancient hero who turned the tide of the Sin War and drove the demons back to the Burning Hells. He was well known for wearing the holy armor known as Valor. Before his death, Arkaine stashed Valor in a secret vault. It was said that a hero would arise to don Valor once again when it was needed.

    2. Base Design

    As mentioned above, this base was designed considering several different factors. I will cover how that design came about here. As a TH8, I most commonly get attacked by 3 things. Dragons/Balloon Combinations, GoWiPE, and Hogs. There are some other things I've worked in here, but I've focused my attention on trying to address these, while always aiming to only ever allow 2 stars on any single attack against TH8s and the requirements to meet the anti-3* design. With that said, this layout incorporates:

    V2.2 Layout:

    TH8.5 Design:
    (TH9 added items: AQ, 4th Air Defense, 4th Gold & Elixir Storages, 2 Seeking Air Mines, 1 Giant Bomb, 25 walls)

    a. Mass Dragons and Drag/Balloon Variants:
    Triangulated, centralized air defenses, but far enough away that they can't be destroyed with a single rage spell, with a core of tanking structures circling the air defenses and the new Air Sweeper providing defense to air attacks from the N, NW, and NE . In addition, this new defense has allowed for greater use of storages from certain attack directions. Each air defense and attack direction has insane coverage from the tankiest buildings in the game!

    In the event of CC hogs, see the hog section below.

    In the event of CC loons, see the hog/loon pathing picture below. The outer defense ring will circle the loons away from any AD!
    Anti3* Requirements: LVL6 ADs, Max Storages, Air Sweeper Lvl1+

    b. GoWiPE
    Completely unsymmetrical, the base features a high number of compartments, of differing shapes and sizes, meant to force an attacker to bring extra wallbreakers, as well as over time, separate the wizards and pekkas from the golems to be taken out by defenses. Skeleton traps are concentrated around the Teslas, to distract PEKKAs that find their way in. Skeletons under the cover of Teslas destroy PEKKAs, due to their slow attack speed.

    Additionally, this design features a progressive core layout. The 3 Teslas are separated into 3 different cores, making a single rage/push into the core by an attacker not as effective.

    Lastly, another aspect that most people don't think about, is PEKKAs path the exact same as dragons. Tesla's should be protected in the same manner as ADs from dragons.

    Anti3* Requirements: LVL10 Cannons, Lvl9+ Archer Towers, Lvl 5+ Teslas, Lvl7+ walls, Skeleton Traps Lvl2

    c. Hogs
    The base features 2 DGB locations, with pathing that ultimately leads to the 2 centrally placed DGB locations. While maybe not the most elaborate setup, they are in the center of the base to prevent easy triggering by one hog.

    Additionally, spring traps have been spread across the outer most ring of defenses, to whittle down some hogs over time as they ring around the defenses and the central skeleton traps will follow and over time take out hogs that may have survived the DGB placements.

    Anti3* Requirements: Lvl2+ Giant Bombs, Lvl5+ Wizard Towers, Lvl 4+ Bombs, Skeleton Traps Lvl2

    d. Clan Castle
    The CC is centralized and unlurable *see picture below without significant resources from the attacker from the South. The 3 defenses outside the walls are purposely put there to draw in any units sent to lure the CC and destroy them before they get in range to pull out your CC units. Otherwise, an attacker must send some hogs/loons in to draw out your CC. This to me is a HUGE bonus at TH8, since with only 200 unit capacity, CC luring greatly detracts from your attack.

    Recommended Troops: 1 Valk, 1 Balloon, 2 Wiz, 4 Archer: You don't need much in terms of air support against dragon attacks. CC Troops are recommended to defend against GoWiPE and Hog attacks. This mixture allows for a high variation of units with different movement speeds, forcing attackers to waste more resources on luring if they are going to. Also, a valk is a decent distraction to give the balloon time to get into range and get off an attack and then suicide on death.

    2a. Base Layout Change Log
    V1; 5/4/15 - Original Layout
    V2; 5/12/15 - Updated layout to correct DGB pathing and triggering
    V2.2 6/4/15 - Updated Air Sweeper and airbombs to stop dragloon 3 * attacks

    3. Pros/Cons

    -Very Anti-Drag, Dragloon, and DragHo design
    -Unlurabe CC
    -Central DGB spots for hogs
    -Outer ring of defenses against Loons/Hogs

    -GoWiPE consistency requires max or near max TH8 defenses
    -DGB locations are easy to guess
    -May be Susceptible to Loonion but rarely seen at TH8 level.
    -Easy 1*, and relatively easy 2* base design
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    4. V2 War Logs:

    5/13/15 War:
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    seems a decent base...get your walls up and it will look scary
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    Sweet base man!!

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    Great base. Though, I'd recommend getting more logs to prove your base's effectiveness.
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    Nice looking base! Might use this in war
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