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Thread: Arkaine's Valor - TH8 Warbase | Anti 3* Design for Mid-late TH8s

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneralHavoc View Post
    When you say completely exposed, you're really only worried about the BK here. As a dragon or dragxxx variant attack wouldnt have other ground units that would target the storages, unless you went with wizs or something but I dont see much value in that. I can see your point here, as dropping the king and letting him try to clear out as much as possible before deploying may make a huge impact. However, If the attacker "dumps all his dragons right on them" i can say that that attack will likely result in 2*, as the pathing around the base will take down the drags without an effective funnel, I've seen that happen many times.

    If you drop the King first and let him clear as much as possible and then drop all along the SE side, you I agree would be your best bet with a drag attack. I never saw it done so can't comment on if the 3* is possible or not. If the BK doesn't clear both storages though, the dragons will path around the ring of defenses as designed though. Usually up north to the AT, 3rd Elixir Storage, and then cannon. The AD mops up alot in that time.

    To address your issue, you can easily use builder huts or some other exterior buildings to path the BK away from the storages to the lab or the army camps. If I was still using this as a warbase that's a quick, easy, and effective solution to what you prose as a threat.

    Appreciate the feedback, that is largely in part how this base got to where it is.
    Yeah, I'm really only worried about the BK here. A level 10 Barb King is going to be doing 143 DPS and has 2,123 HP. The splash damage won't do much to him, and the archer tower is only doing 65 DPS. The storage has 2100 HP. Without rage he would take 15 seconds to kill the storage, by which time he has probably been killed by the CC.. however the ability is going to push him up to 244 DPS and release 8 barbs doing in the vicinity of 70 dps each.. So that first storage is going to go down in about four seconds and they're going to take a decent chunk out of the second one. Of course, if you drop ALL of them there they'll be weak, but you can drop your cutting dragons to the side and send a good chunk of your dragons at the remaining, half defeated AD and a group of them will take it out in seconds, and then they'll meet the CC and vaporize that where they're strongest.. At that point, there isn't a lot to stop them from taking both AD's and then there's nothing to slow them the rest of the way through the base.

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    Thanks, as a new th8, I'v just made this base. I don't expect much since I have many things to upgrade.

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    DragHo easy 3 stars, cc hogs, 1 rage, 2 lightning, 1 quake
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