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Thread: Reported a player using x mod

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    Reported a player using x mod

    Deleted post.

    So basically only way to ban x mod users are for them to admit it? Even if its shown they have the app it's okay? Good luck with that
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    Sorry, naming and shaming is forbidden on the forums. Since supercell has no way of dealing with modders, they cannot ban him unless they have absolute proof. Which usually means the player in question needs to admit to it. Also, I see no evidence of him using a mod in the video. Yes, the app is installed, but that doesn't mean he uses it for clash of clans. SC cannot ban people based on the app being installed alone.
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    I reported you for naming and shaming.

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    OMG u spotted someone with a ♥♥♥♥ dude that is crazy!!!!!!

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