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Thread: Things You Didn't Know, you Didn't Know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BULIGO View Post
    There was a spreadsheet floating around explaining how waking pets manually instead by whistle brings in more extras, but cand find it right now.

    Its not my thing, but I have heard nothing but praise for this system
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aardvark10 View Post
    No, there is no booster that will shorten the time a fishing net takes to finish while in the lake.

    The shorter recovery time booster is for when a fishing spot is used, after catching a fish and at that point each spot has a set recovery time before it becomes available again and the booster simply reduces that time.

    There are also boosters for faster lures, faster net machine, and faster lobster and ducks.
    Thanks, Aardvark. It was wishful thinking. I guess as much! After dropping all those nets to get fuel suns, now I regret it because I can't fish or drop duck traps or lobster nets for a while.
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