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    Multiplayer matchmaking

    You are now more likely to find targets at or near your Town Hall level in multiplayer matchmaking.

    We've done some subtle multiplayer matchmaking balancing in order to better protect players with low level Town Halls. After these changes, all players will be more likely to find multiplayer opponents that are at or near their Town Hall level, regardless of Trophy count. For more details, read below.

    As armies and Heroes get stronger and stronger, the threat (and temptation) of crushing weaker players with a decked out Town Hall 9 or 10 army becomes ever more present. However, for a player at a low Town Hall level, there are few things more discouraging and frustrating than being completely demolished by a disproportionately powerful attacker who is vastly further in the game.

    It is a constant goal of ours to better motivate and incentivize players to attack opponents at their level of skill and progress. League Bonuses and Town Hall loot penalties have helped in this regard, but to improve the situation further still, we've gone straight to the multiplayer matchmaking alorithms. Now, matchmaking will pay special attention to the Town Hall level of a player going to attack, and will look for targets that are at a similar Trophy count AS WELL as at a similar Town Hall level. For example, a player at Town Hall level 9 in the Bronze league will be very likely to find opponents at Town Hall levels 8-10 who are also in the Bronze league.

    For most players who are attacking at a Trophy level appropriate to their progress in the game, little or no change will be apparent in their multiplayer matchmaking searches. However, for players who have dropped to a very low Trophy count, these changes will inhibit (though not completely prevent) matchmaking against significantly weaker targets. These players will instead be matched more often to other players at a similar Town Hall level who have also dropped to a very low Trophy count. In the cases where there are very few appropriately-leveled targets available, these players may have to wait longer in matchmaking to find targets.

    This behavior also takes effect in the opposite direction; weaker players will be less likely to be matched against disproportionately strong players. For example, a player at Town Hall level 5 in the Silver league will be very likely to find opponents at Town Hall levels 4-6 who are also in the Silver league.

    As a special note, matchmaking in Champion league has been left as-is and will not have any special Town Hall considerations.

    Hopefully, these changes will give newer players a much better multiplayer experience, and will make the game fairer for all. Thanks for reading, fellow Clashers, and Clash on!

    — The Clash Dev Team

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    Wow... Not sure how this will effect everything but very interesting.

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    Hopefully stops zapping

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    This will surely reduce the nexts we need to do. Hope its the same alorithms in sub 200
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    YES!!!!! Thank you SC!!!

    Edit: Its gonna suck to be a townhall sniper hahahahah
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    Interesting.... when is this changes coming Marika!

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    Thank God this will improve!

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    What no more th6 snipes in crystal 😀actually a nice move, should encourage players to play at appropriate trophy levels.

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    what about a premmie?

    and since only Champion is affected, are low TH have it easier to reach champ now?
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