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Thread: [Kyoukai] A TH 8 War Base | Anti Drag | Anti Hogs | Anti GoWiPe

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    [Kyoukai] A TH 8 War Base | Anti Drag | Anti Hogs | Anti GoWiPe

    I'm now a year old base!!!

    Why Kyoukai? Well, she's my favorite character in a manga called Kingdom. She's pretty badass and I believe this base too. ^_^

    Table of Contents

    I. Introduction
    II. The Base
    a. Walls Only
    b. Traps and Walls
    c. Attackers View
    d. CC Radius
    e. The Kyoukai Base
    III. How the Base Works
    a. Anti Drag
    b. Anti Hog
    c. Anti GoWiPe
    IV. War Logs
    a. Mass Drags/Drag Loons
    b. Hog Rider Attacks
    c. GoWiPe Attack
    d. Random Troops Attack
    V. Pros and Cons
    VI. Conclusion

    I. Introduction

    Hello guys, been playing COC for about four months. I love going to wars so I made plenty of war bases and test them out. This one have been doing great. Never been three starred by a fellow TH 8 so I decided to share it with you guys. Enjoy

    Please NOTE that:

    - all information in this thread is based on the attack that I encounter.

    - if you consider 2 star is a lose then this base is not for you.
    - not TH9 proof 'cause I believe any experienced TH9 attacker can 3 star any TH8 base.
    - the base works best at mid to late th8 with level 7 + 8 walls and a level 8-10 King.
    - works great to any casual clan

    II: The Base

    a. Walls Only

    b. Traps with Walls

    c. Attackers View

    d. CC Radius

    e. The Kyoukai Base

    Version 1.0

    Version 2.0

    III. How the Base Works

    I will be using this image as a guide to better understand on which direction the attack is coming.

    a. Anti Drag

    Before the Air Sweeper update.
    Most Mass Drags attacks that I encounter comes from either Bottom Left or Top Left because if they funnel the Drags correctly they can easily takeout two AD's with some rage and heal spell which is a good strategy. BUT, instead of going to the center they go sideways because there are no structures near the AD's that mostly leads to one or at most 2 star win for the attacker. That same scenario goes also with 3 lightning spell.
    After Air Sweeper Update.
    When the Air Sweeper comes the base change a little. I use the Air Sweeper to make my enemies attack me where I want them. I face it to top left. Naturally mass drag attackers will avoid to attack from that direction. They will now likely to attack from bottom left or bottom because the two AD's are there. But that's the bait, all of my Air traps are focused on that side that can help stop the advance of the attackers dragons. (As of now (4/30/15) this is only a theory. Will update soon after some wars. Cheers! )

    PROVED! (5/24/15) Out of 20 attacks 18 of them comes from bottom left or bottom. That's 9/10 or a 90% chance that the attacker will start the attack from that direction. That makes it an advantage of the layout because all the air traps are in bottom left that will help obliterate enemy dragons.

    5/29/15 - Finally someone didn't take the bait. Manage to three star this layout with Drag Loons coming from bottom right. A maxed TH8 using 10 Level 3 Drags + Level 10 King + Level 5 Heal + 2 Level 5 Rage + CC Loons Level 6. Well Played!

    06/09/15 - Final variation of the KyouKai Base. (I'm now TH9 earlier this day)
    As you guys know someone three starred the base using drag loons starting from bottom right. After some time I figured out on how to make the attacker to not choose that side. Pointing the Air Sweeper on bottom right makes the Mass Drags/Dragloons attacker attacks from different side. They will now likely attack on bottom left or top left. After testing the base out 6 out of 6 or a 100% attack comes from the said direction. Also I put the other Seeking Air Mine from bottom AD to Top AD to make all AD's have additional defense.

    Additional Features:
    - Storage as Meat Shield
    - Centralized Barbarian King to confuse drags
    - Centralized Air Defense's
    - Air traps on strategic location
    - Archer tower near the core
    Air Skeleton traps to confuse the drags. (Skeleton Traps Air works best if you're Early to Mid TH8 because you will be more likely to be attacked by Mass Drags/Dragloons)

    b. Anti Hog

    As of now all Hog attacks that I encounter starts at bottom or bottom right. This is because the Clan Castle troops can be lured on that side. Moreover, there is a Builder hut at the bottom side which is a perfect spot to lure and take down the CC troops. Another reason to start the attack on that side is if the attacker commit too much troop to kill the CC Troops. The attacker will try to defend those excess troops and start deploying his hogs. Little they know that is the biggest trap of this base. If you will notice most spring traps is focused at the bottom right of the base. Once they release their hogs they will follow the path that will eventually lead them through the traps. What if they didn't take the bait? Well there's a double giant bomb in the center that can kill some hogs that MAY lead to a 1 or 2 star victory for the attacker.

    - Centered King - helps killing those hogs while they circle around in the center
    - the base have many paths that make other hogs stray away from the group making them less effective
    - Ground Skeleton Traps (Mid to late TH8)
    - 100% DGB trigger chance (there's a chance that they won't set off properly)

    c. Anti GoWiPe

    This base can be easily two starred by a GoWiPe attack if done right. BUT, once the troops are in the center of the base the remaining 3 mortars and archer towers will help to damage the remaining troops while they are busy attacking high HP AD's, Town Hall and Clan Castle.

    - Centered King - helps killing or to confuse the attackers troops
    - 100% Bomb trigger chance
    - Many compartments that will help to slow down the advance of the Golem and Pekka

    IV.War Logs

    a. Mass Drags/Drag Loons

    b. Hog Attacks

    War logs are continued on first comment....

    V. Pros and Cons

    - Centered King
    - Symmetrical
    - Utilized Bombs
    - Lurable CC
    - No funneling
    - DGB's won't set off properly.

    VI. Conclusion

    I guess that's it. Thank you for giving some of your time to read this thread. Hope this thread will help you in anyway. If you have anything you like to clarify or ask please do. If ever you like to try this base please post some war logs on how it goes (whether it's negative or positive) to help other Clashers to see if this base is worth a try. Cheers.

    04/30/15 - Added air sweeper.
    05/05/15 - Added images and edit texts.
    05/24/15 - Added War Logs, Updated the base and edit some texts.
    05/29/15 - Add Logs, Additional infos.
    06/09/15 - Added final variation, Additional infos, logs.
    04/28/16 - happy 1 year! (two days late )

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