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Thread: The Hypercube - TH 9 and 10 High DE Protection Farm Base

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    The Hypercube - TH 9 and 10 High DE Protection Farm Base


    (Updated with TH Inside)

    (Town Hall 9 and 10 Farming Base)

    After 2 months of tweaking and testing the base from many helpers, I can finally say that this base has been complete! I would like to thank everyone who helped test this base and provided defense logs and information. Also a big thanks to my clan mate Eero for all his help in providing me with all the pictures below and for helping test this base.

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    What can I expect from this base?

    • High rate of snipers - Perfect for farmers who want 12 hour shields without having attackers attack their base and steal their resource.
    • High DE protection - The Dark Elixir storage is heavily confined in this base. You won't find many TH 9 bases that will provide you with this much DE protection from all sides of the base.
    • Perfect for TH 9 farmers farming in Gold or Crystal Leagues as this base is excellent against common Giant-base farming compositions with Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

    Introducing the Hypercube IX...

    Speed Build Video:

    Version 2 (Greater TH Protection)

    • Town Hall 10 Version of base below!

    Table of Contents:

    • Introduction - The Base
    • Concepts - High DE Protection
    • Anti-Archer Queen Core
    • Anti-Barbarian King
    • Highly Potent Core
    • Hyper-Flexibility
    • Anti-Giants and Anti-Hogs
    • Anti-Balloonion and Anti-LavaLoonion
    • Anti-Mass Dragons
    • T-Junctions
    • Unlurable Clan Castle
    • Decentralized Heroes
    • Intimidation - ​High Rate of Snipers (free shields!)
    • Unpredictability - Empty Spaces
    • Video Defense Replays


    - High DE Protection

    • Anti-Archer Queen Core - The core of this base is specially designed to keep the Archer Queen away from targeting the DE Storage. She will instead be funneled around the core as she targets the outside buildings and inner builders (Teslas, Xbows, or Archer Tower). While quickly getting annihilated by these point defenses. She will NOT be able to target the DE Storage until she or another troop has broken into the wall enclosing all the defenses.

    Red lines denote a range of 5.6 to 6 tiles, enough for Archer Queen to avoid attacking the DE Storage from outside this core.

    • Anti-Barbarian King and Pekka Core - Open ring core and secondary compartment forces the Barbarian King and Pekkas to roam around it while getting quickly shot down by Teslas, Xbows, and Archer Tower.

    • Highly Potent Core - High HP Gold Storages, Elixir Storages, Air Defenses, and DE Drills all surrounding the second open-ring compartment behind an abundant number of point defenses (Teslas, Xbows, Archer Tower). So the defenses take full advantage of the high HP buildings and the open ring.
    • The Hypercube is hyper-flexible, which means you can comfortably adjust it to fit your upgrades, league, or other strengths and weaknesses. This base was created to be extremely balanced against every attack, but is adjustable to strengthen it against some troops and compositions, while weakening it against others:
    1. Unavailable X-bows or X-bow(s) on upgrade: For inactive X-bows, simply substitute them with Archer Towers that are located closest to the outside of the base.
    2. Hero(es) on upgrade or inactive on defense: If your Archer Queen or Barbarian King is inactive on defense, then simply swap them with any 2 resource collector on the outside of the base. This will provide additional HP coverage for your core.
    3. Even better protection against the Archer Queen and Barbarian King: Wow this base can provide even more protection against them? Yup! Simply replace 2 of your Air Defenses with 2 Archer Towers closest to the outside of the base. This will strengthen the base against tanks and heroes, but weaken it a little against Air attacks (good thing is most farmers farming in Silver and Gold Leagues don't need to worry about aerial attacks).
    4. Better protection against Lv 7 Barch: If your defenses aren't very powerful and you're having problems against TH 10s with Lv 7 Barch, then substitute the 2 Air Defenses in the core with the 2 Mortars outside. This will strengthen the base against Barch, but weaken it against Air attacks. Also, make sure your Skeleton Traps are set to Ground.
    5. Better protection against Air attacks: If you're farming in high Crystal, Masters, or Champs and are having problems against Air attacks, then consider substituting the 2 Mortars in the core with the 2 Air Defenses outside. This will strengthen the base against Air attacks, but weaken it against Barch attacks. Also, make sure your Skeleton Traps are set to Air.
    6. Better protection against LavaLoon: Additionally, if you're constantly getting attack by LavaLoon, then also consider swapping Wizard Towers (next to Air Defense) with the adjacent Archer Towers. This will space out the Wizard Towers from the Air Defenses, meaning Wizard Towers will not be distracted by Lava Hound and will quickly weaken groups of Balloons. If you have the Archer Queen on defenses, then you can also increase the protection against LavaLoon by centralizing her! Simply replace (not substitute) the Archer Tower in the core with her. Place the Archer Tower next to the bottom Mortar replacing the Gold Mine. Then place the Gold Mine to where the spot that was previously occupied by the AQ.
    7. Harder to lure Clan Castle: If you want a Clan Castle that's even harder to lure, then simply substitute it with the Dark Elixir Storage. However, this will make it easier for an attacker to steal your DE, so I only recommend doing this when your DE Storage is pretty much empty.

    • Anti-Giants and Anti-Hogs - Giants and Hog Riders are funneled around the base, so as to not get inside it. Air Defenses are well spaced so they don't attract Giants and Hog Riders. Here's how Giants and Hog Riders will be funneled:

    Red lines denote the direction Giants and Hog Riders will travel. They will mostly go around the base, rather than inside it.
    • Double Giant Bombs - effective placements of these will quickly eradicate a group of Hog Riders as they get funneled around.
    • Spring Traps - Also aligned towards the direction of defenses to effectively catch 3 Giants or Hog Riders traveling throughout.
    • Anti-Balloonion and Anti-LavaLoonion - Balloons will be funneled the same way Giants and Hog Riders are funneled, they will stray away from the inner defenses and the Air Defenses going along the paths of the outer defenses and getting shot by Air Defenses at the same time! Lava Hounds also won't enjoy attacking this base with each Air Defense protected by a Seeking Air Mine, and multiple air-attacking point defenses in core. Make sure to also have your Skelly Traps set to Air!
    • Asymmetrical Air Defenses - Air Defenses are positioned asymmetrically to make life harder for LavaLoon attackers. The way the Air Defenses are positioned gives Balloons less protection from the Lava Hound tanking damage as an attacker is forced to send 1 Hound on one outside Air Defense and one inside Air Defense or on both Air Defenses on the two far corners of the base (bad idea). Balloons are also funneled around the same at the same time, while Lava Hound moves inside the core.

    Red circle denotes the direction Balloons will travel while getting shot down by Air Defenses (denoted by Orange circles)
    • Anti-Mass Dragons - Air Defenses are all surrounded by high HP Storages. Dragons will spend a lot of time getting through high HP buildings while getting shot by Air Defenses and an abundance of air-attacking point defenses.
    • T-Junctions - Multiple well-placed T-junctions around the base to lure in Wall Breakers, making it harder for attackers to break into base:

    • Unlurable Clan Castle - Although unlurable against Barch and Giants, can be easily triggered by Hog Riders or Wall Breakers. Clan Castle may be substituted with DE Storage (only recommended if your DE Storage is empty) for better protection.

    • Decentralized Heroes - Heroes on defense are well placed to pull troops away from the core and not towards it!
    • Intimidation - High Rate of Snipers: This is a very big base, occupies almost the whole base. This will restrict attackers from precise spawning of troops towards their desired direction. Large bases also force most people to snipe your Town Hall, giving you a free 12 hour shield! This is the basis, key fundamental of all farming bases, getting your attackers to attack your TH foremost.
    • Unpredictable - This base has quite a large number of empty tile spaces, which basically means that it's extremely unpredictable for attackers. Giant Bombs and Double Giant Bombs and Tesla placements can be very hard to predict. Here's how the base looks for an attacker:

    Video Defense Replays!

    - Uploaded the first defense replay showing the anti-hog riders aspect of the base:
    - Here's another defense with the updated version against Lv 40 Archer Queen and GiBarch:
    - Defense against Max LavaLoon with Lv 20+ Heroes and 5 Spells:
    - Here's a defense replay against a TH 10 using LavaLoon:
    - Against Lv 35+ Heroes and 21 Giants:

    Town Hall 10 Version:

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    Nice job! awesome thread and awesome write-up!

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    Way to go!

    This base has no flaws I can see right off the bat, you have really outdone yourself! Must've taken you ages to perfect the design!
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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraDragonMaster View Post
    Nice job! awesome thread and awesome write-up!
    Quote Originally Posted by SuperDude3 View Post
    This base has no flaws I can see right off the bat, you have really outdone yourself! Must've taken you ages to perfect the design!
    Thanks guys! This base has been great, but I wouldn't go as far as to say that it doesn't have flaws. No base is perfect, and especially being a TH 9 base, you will still find that defending against high level heroes and 5 spells will still be a big challenge for protecting Dark Elixir.
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    I have been using this base since almost the first day it was released. I pushed to champs using this base and when I was really attacked I only lost my de 4 times on my whole push and keep in mind I had 150k de min the whole time.

    Over all, Excellent base and I would definitely recommend it.

    With this base my Heroes went from Bk-9 to Bk-17 and Aq 7- Aq 13 [I am not super active but this base keeps your de amazingly protected]

    Use this base, Ash knows his stuff.
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    This base is brilliant. I haven't used it yet but off the bat I can already tell it will defend against the OP level 7 giants far better than my current base. I've been using the originator with max defense and 140 lavas and still can't fend the things off so this will be a nice change of pace!
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    Put your Clan Castle in the middle for better defense

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLaCkHeLLMaXIIX View Post
    Put your Clan Castle in the middle for better defense
    Swapping CC with DE Storage is an alternative if you don't need maximum DE protection (when you're low on DE). Most attackers will fail to lure Clan Castle regardless.
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    Amazing base! Thread too, like how u explained the mechanics of the bas and how it works

    WarTornTRC |Reddit Templars| Lvl 107 TH9

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    Great base! I assume the version with AD in the centre is for higher cups?

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