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Thread: Turtling 101: The Principles of Turtling in Boom Beach

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    Turtling 101: The Principles of Turtling in Boom Beach

    Edit 9/28/2015: "Farming" has been replaced with "Turtling"

    Greetings everyone, this is Woolybugger. Many people have sent me PMs asking how to play the turtling style. After responding to many requests, I’ve decided it’s just easier compile it all in one place instead.
    (Note: Turtling means relying on own production for resources, not raiding others for resources)

    Before I go any further, I just want to reiterate that SC has created in Boom Beach an extremely rich and complex game which supports many different viable play-styles. Some can play all-offense with red and purple statues, booming every base in sight. A few can quietly produce and be impervious to all attacks. Still others play a mix of each style. Many strategies are playable and afford a viable path to advancement (with proper planning of course). There is no single “best” style because everyone has different personalities, time constraints, and want different things out of the game. So keep an open mind, see if you can incorporate some of these ideas to help your game, perhaps even temporarily.

    Diving in…..

    The three golden rules of turtling:
    1. I shall maximize all production sources
    2. I shall supplement my income by raiding only VP-neutral bases
    3. I shall never be raided

    Golden rule #1: maximize all production sources

    • Get sawmill, quarry and iron mine maxed for your HQ level.
    • Capture and hold the max number of resource bases possible.
    • Make one or more gold/wood/stone/iron MPs. Up to you which one, and don’t have to make every single one of them.
    • Make a Resource Production Masterpiece statue and boost it 24x7. It increases every resource and also has a compounding effect when combined with other green statues. See thread
    • Maxing production and boosting all green MPs will yield over 1.4mil wood/stone/iron per day.
    • No need to make green guardians, use the slots on other statues.
    • Upgrade your sub and constantly dive for resources.
    • Grab resources from daily boat and op reward boat.
    • Make a Building Health and Defensive Building Damage MP because it will boost resource base defense.
    • Max your vault to keep all resources safe.

    Golden rule #2: supplement by raiding only VP-neutral bases

    • Raid npcs because you (usually) gain 1 VP then lose it when it respawns (VP-neutral)
    • Raid Dr.T. because he does not give you any VPs.
    • Do NOT raid PvPs, or raid them only rarely.
    • Make a Troop Health and a Troop Damage MP to help your attacks.
    • Make a Resource Reward MP to increase the loot gained
    • Other statues like GBE, PSC are very useful but not as critical as the ones above.
    • Turtling doesn’t mean neglecting offense completely. Being able to attack npcs and Dr.T is crucial to supplementing production loot.
    • Boost your reds and purples when attacking Dr.T. You want to get as far as possible because it is a good source of loot, and not a single VP!

    Golden rule #3: never be raided

    • What’s the point of golden rules 1 and 2 if you lose everything you’ve accumulated?
    • If you’re raided, it means your defense is inadequate for the opponents you’re facing. Two solutions: lower VP and upgrade defense.
    • Upgrading defense consists of leveling up and also studying good base designs.
    • You should also have 2 ice MPs, but no need to go overboard with ice guardians.
    • Lowering VP requires beaching your HQ. Do it when your resources are mostly/completely protected by your vault so you lose minimum. Best time to do it is during Dr.T day when everyone is out raiding.
    • You know you’re reached the optimum VP when you’re no longer raided for 2 weeks. This means your defense is strong enough for your VP. Now you don’t have to improve your defenses anymore but instead focus on offense, production, or whatever you please.
    • Occasionally an npc base will give you 2 VPs, making your VP creep up. No problem, plan a big upgrade to deplete all resources then beach your HQ. In fact, you can beach your HQ whenever you are low on resources, just to have a larger margin.
    • Max your HQ so it is harder to take down. It also opens up new defenses which you should deploy immediately and raise it to a decent level (unless your defense is already awesome enough).

    Minimal playing time required, 30m-1hr/day.
    The game does the work for you: it produces resources and you just sweep it into your storages every day. Set it and forget it.
    No need to stay logged on during troop rebuilds for fear of being raided.
    You sleep tight every night knowing you keep what you make.
    Slow and steady. As someone said, playing BB is like reading a good book – savor it slowly.

    Limited attacking means you don’t earn that much intel, around 15-20/wk.
    Not a skilled attacker due to lack of practice on harder bases.
    No diamonds and intel from defending, because no one attacks you.
    High-level active TFs don’t want you because of your low intel and (usually) low offense.
    Slower progression compared to all-offense raider/pillager style.
    Low spawn rate of 1% because of huge number of pvps.

    What troops do you suggest?
    To be consistent with the “minimal playing time” theme, I use TMeds because they are hardy and I rarely incur any losses during my raids, therefore no rebuild time. I get all my booming done in 30mins once/twice a day.

    What statues?
    Required MPs: blue BH, blue DBD, green RP, red TH, red TD, purple RR, purple GBE
    The rest depends on what facet you want to emphasize. I added PSC, wood, stone, but gbe and rr are also good. In the late game, you need lots of iron to get max level upgrades so iron MP is good.

    Do you ever attack pvps?
    Rarely. On my fully-uncovered map, I have 30 pvps with 1% spawn rate. I am very sensitive to the complaints about being rolled by high-lvl players, so I just don’t attack except sometimes to cover a last bit of resource shortfall that I did not want to spend diamonds for. Besides, turtles always play nice: leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone.

    Boom Beach is all about booming, aren’t you missing the point?
    SC designed the game with production-rich buildings and green MPs, so why not play them? Also given us a huge variety of defenses and blue MPs, so why not play them too? Put them together for a viable turtling strategy. Their recent updates have been steering the game towards more “balanced” play, emphasizing defense and ice. We also know they frowned on the guy who got to the top with only 1 sniper tower. All-out booming is not the only way to play. Supporting many different play-styles increases the appeal and player base.
    (Added 10/14/2015) see post #123 to discover what SC thinks about turtling.

    Would anyone want you in a TF?
    I am in a 5-man TF which clears Tank Tango/H acksaw 2-3 times/wk. They are laid back and not obsessed about rankings. There's a place for everyone in the BB universe.

    Will you want to make a run for the leaderboard?
    Never never ever! Turtles are quiet by nature.

    (Added 6/22/2015)
    What VP should I have for my lvl?
    There is no hard cap for VP per lvl. Just keep your VP at the lvl where you can defend 100% for a few weeks. If you upgrade defenses, you can attack player bases because that's free resources for you. Your VP will climb a little but your upgraded defenses should be good enough. So... do not keep your VPs artificially low otherwise you will be foregoing free PvP resources and slowing your progression. It's a delicate balance of VP and defense.

    Test your knowledge of Turtling, take the final exam!

    Journey's end: post #171
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    My first ever first
    Great post. I was looking for a guide like this.
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    Hi Wooly,

    thank you, excellent post for the other half of the players ( the ones with less time for everyday raids ) J.

    One question about the RB...when you open them with Radar lvl 18 or 19, do you still get human players on them??? If yes that would mean that they are farmers as well??? And how do you manage keeping those high lvl RB against human players??? Do you get frequent attacks on them?



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    In my experience, opening a new resource base, at any level, has some probability of being a virgin base. eg. the 41st RB I opened was iron and no one owned it.

    It is very hard to hold all 42 for any length of time. They are constantly under attack day/night. Most I ever held was 41, today I'm down to 37 and the last 3 attackers all had maxed hookas. No point taking it back because it'd just be a pointless war of attrition. "Find New Opponent" is a better use of time and resources. The later bases (radar 20) are always lvl60 and the toughest.

    Try to get it back, but be willing to move on and eventually you'll get one that you can hold for a few days. I usually hold around 39/42.

    Are they farmers too? Well, their vps are usually higher than mine (not by a lot though) so they could be balanced players with awesome offenses and good vp management.
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    def did not read a single word

    go back to farmville

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbig View Post
    def did not read a single word

    go back to farmville
    There is no compulsion...
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    What VP are you sitting at? I've had a similar approach and at lvl 43 260 VP I'm only attacked maybe once per week. Very rare that it is successful either.

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    Excellent thread! I am a farmer by nature and I just recently maxed all my defenses for my HQ level. I'm looking to max my GB and LC's before going to the next HQ level. I have one Iron MP which I'm planning to scrap the minute I either get a good RR MP or a WP MP. I have a perfect RP GD which will be replaced whenever I can make a RP MP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbig View Post
    def did not read a single word

    go back to farmville
    That's more or less just plain rude.

    Like the guide Wooly, not that I have even half the patient to go through with it my self.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woolybugger View Post
    I Think you meant Resource Production.

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