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Thread: 20 Grid Concept

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    20 Grid Concept

    20 Grid Concept


    Direct Link:

    April 22
    - Released the content

    Just Mass releasing my content right now, so the image size,format and the links aren't really well done.

    Welcome to the page of which a concept I thought of for specific buildings that follows a pattern/characteristic placed on the 20 tiles of the map. that enables it to balance out the pros and cons of being placed at certain positions.

    In short what this page explains is the base location for which each and every building can maximize their effects without their negative aspects showing. For example putting the clan castle building on the edge/ on the sides of the base instead of the center will do more harm than good. This concepts is basically how each building's relationship with one another + the "sweet spots" which each buildings can be placed in order to give a good coverage.

    From the center to the edge of the map, there are 20 tiles, and based on how defenses are placed, most start from the center, and expand outwards to the edge. Basically what this concept shows, is that all buildings have certain locations within the 20 grid tiles which is the most beneficial and disadvantage for the base designs. As of now, (other than troll, farming, etc)there bases are 3 main types of TH9 War bases which have their own characteristics that they follow. If you look at a few different types of bases you would notice the reason why, for example, a base is vulnerable to Holowiwi, it's due to the fact that the Air defense is located more deeper towards the center/core than expanded outwards to protect these point defenses.

    Also the fact that if you look at all bases, junk buildings take up the 15-20th tile or always situated outside the boundaries of the walls. All the bases have their own characteristics governed by the positioning of all buildings on the 20-grid in relation to one another. The reason why the bases designs are limitless is due to the fact that the bases follow a circular path around, using this 20 grid, where you can close of or put different buildings at different locations. Just by moving for example an Air defense back 2 spaces, could make it so that shattered 2 for 1 loon against your point defense won't work, or forward one space could make it so that the loons could target the AD next. It's the 'sweetspots' for which bases are placed that make it worth placing.

    To explain what 20 grid concept is, I'm going to use an example of the clan castle building:

    Bad: For example in this image, you can see that the Clan Castle located between 8-10 tile on the map. The Clan Castle building has a 12-tile radius, so the fact that it's perimeter is 2 space extended past the area which it can be protected from.

    Clan castle needs to be edged on the radius of point defenses as they are linked together.

    Good: The only place which the Clan Castle can be 'unlure-able' which it's perimeter is protected by the Point-defense on the outside is when it's located between 5-7 title, with the central tile be located at the 6th title., and it's edge located at the 7th tile max.

    That means that the locations of which CC can be placed is within the 7x7 title from the center (so 49 tiles). I'm not saying this example, meanings putting it on the edge is a good idea, but it does represent the location of the absolute boundary of which the clan casttle can be placed without it being too easily neutralized.


    NOTE: As of April 22, 2015, I have only sorta completed [20 Grid - Clan Castle] and just briefly touched 20 Grid - Air Defense]. I will work on these later on.
    Here I will explain the significance of some building located within every individual titles. There are some 'sweet spots' which buildings placed between the location would have the best role when it comes to contributing the best advantage for the base design.

    Note: There are some buildings I didn't include due to the fact that they are alittle redundant and already common knowledge (like putting junk buildings on the outside or mortars aren't that good in war).

    In these pages some are short, some are long. for example, clan castle placement but Air defense has a big impact for which region of the 20 tile it is located at. I've marked each page to show how much content each will have.

    [Clan Castle]

    [Air Defense]

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    First!!! Shows many examples, great guide.
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    And I thought BD101 already took base designing seriously already...I never knew you could use math to build a base... this analysis is second only to the gamecode servers in Helsinki!!!!
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    (made this pic like 2 years ago, need a better one)

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    Nice example show casing the CC which is by far one of the most important buildings in the game. Alot of people tend to make the mistake of clumping the base and making the overall layout extremely "tight". While it may seemingly help to deter the 50% win using barch/surgical loonian with its tight concept, it very easy for a loon/hog or two to lure out the entire castle and by doing so, puts the ENTIRE base at risk of a much higher loss ratio.

    Another good tip for the 20 grid concept (if base builders do not wish to check and count the tiles) is basically to use other buildings to estimate the 'safe zone' for the CC or just keep checking the CC radius when building the base. That's what i normally do.


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    And then you derive the X and take the log of the differentiated equation.
    haha jk man, nice guide, very informative and something i never really noticed before..

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    noicee guide, 111/10 would read again-IGN

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    pretty cool man! thanks for sharing. You put a lot of work into it and it looks like you def are taking things to the next level!!!
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    Very nice and detailed guide. I think this will help simplify the common answer of "that (insert building name) should be centered more" to a more refined and precise system. Definitely will follow this through its development. I think war bases is my strong suit compared to farming or trophy bases so this will help me a lot. Overall a very detailed read from Akiyume. Bravo

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    Aki is in a world of his own. That's not a insult. Your ideas are so unique. Great work.

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