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Thread: Wall Ratio - Characteristics of TH9 War Bases

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    Wall Ratio - Characteristics of TH9 War Bases

    Wall Ratio - Characteristics of TH9 War Bases

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    April 22,2015
    -released this page:

    I'm still working on Compact and Wide Base Characteristics so thanks for being patient

    In order to understand what the characteristics of different base and at what stage each bases is at, please read my [Divisions and Stages of TH9 War Base] and [20 Grid - Concept] in order to understand some parts.

    There are three types of bases which have the most common themed within the Clan Wars. Each one of them have their strengths and weaknesses.

    1. The Wide Bases (Tsunami, Sir-Mix-alot, Baconmaker, the Turtle Base)
    2. The Compact Bases (The General, Gamatrix).
    3. The Anti-3 Star Bases (Metaki, Project Eclipse, Popular Chinese Base).

    Wide Bases can be Holowiwi-ed or point defenses can be targeted by the shattered loons due to the AD being located too deep inside, but does well to protect the junk evenly spread out.
    Compact Bases cannot be looned due to the AD coverage and hard to Goxxxx-ed, but everything is closely knitted together so the base can be brute forced against with hogs/loons due to the fact that the defenses are all closely knit..
    Meta-Bases are evenly made across to be unlurable, and offers coverage in sections but is vulnerable Clockwork CB Shattered Lavaloon attacks, and section break down.

    Wide bases were popular due to them being tricky to beat but after Holowiwi came out, Wide bases began to phase out due to how unprotected the single target defense were. Compact bases are the most popular in the current clan wars due to the fact that they are symmetrical, defenses are tight together and prevents targetted loons also the fact that compacted base offers the most maximum coverage for the Town Hall located near the center, and prevents the 2 star tactics more easily. The issue with this is it allows people to lava/hog the base more easily as all the defenses aren't far apart, allowing spells to cover the troops more easily. Meta bases were created as hybrid of the wide base but abandons a centralized protection over a sectional coverage. It's a type of 'absorbent' base which easily allows people to enter one section, but they have to invest alot in order to enter this section so the direction of the attack is only one sided against multiple sides. To combat this, CB shattered lavaloon was created in order to create a clock work of breaking down section by section, while the surviving troops assist the next section.
    Within all of these 3 categories of bases, the characteristics of all 3 types of bases follow almost a striking similar pattern when it comes to the positioning of certain buildings along the 20 grid locations.

    In my explanation, there are 3 categories which buildings follow:
    Stationed: Meaning that they ABSOLUTELY cannot be moved out of the zone of which the characteristics dictate or else it would throw off the balance of the base. So they can maximum be moved 1-2 squares away from the indicated characteristics, but anymore then they'll ruin the balance. For example Clan Castle has to be stationed some where in the center due to it's difficult to contain radius of which it's lure-ability dedicates.
    Flexible: Flexible building are buildings which can be moved to suit the taste of the builder. For example having 2 wizard tower not be within the 'characteristics' of the base won't hurt due to the fact that the building itself is very flexible at all locations. An xbow can be located within the Center section of the base, or the 'secondary' layer of the base as well since it is still protected and is flexible, but putting an xbow on the point defense (10-15th tile) would make it easy to kill and reach.
    Irrelevant: meaning that these buildings doesn't really matter where it's situated at, it's only to the builder's preference into how these buildings would be used to strengthen the base, and use the characteristics of the building to it's advatange.

    Of course some of these bases have some changes to characteristics which makes the base unique, but generally, most of the bases follow these characteristics.

    Anti-3 Star Base Characteristics

    Stationed Buildings:
    CC located: 1-2nd tile. At the very center, ranges from 1-2 because of the offside side of the 3x3 building.
    First Wall: 2-4th tile. In order to create the second layer.
    Air Defense/Double Giant Bomb: 4-8th tile. Best coverage location and it balances out the base.
    Second Wall: 8-9th tile. Serves to close off the second layer of the base.
    Third Wall: 14-16th tile.
    Point Defense: 13-15th tile. (+ loose building). Most point defenses have to be located around this section due to the clan castle being a 12-tile radius building. Loose buildings are the extra 1-2 point defenses that could be put at different locations after already making the CC unlurable.

    The Queen Also falls under the Stationed Building section but that'll be explained more in the [20 Grid - Queen] page.

    Flexible Buildings:
    Some walls of courses.
    Xbow: 4-8th tile. It is usually with the AD to form a pair so that double giant bomb could be placed inside. Can be moved alittle further out, or placed beside the CC.
    Wizard Tower: 8-15th tile. Can be placed mostly anywhere to assist the point defenses.

    : Irrelevant: Mortar, Town Hall, and Teslas Mortars count as point defense fillers, Town Halls in Meta-bases are counted as 'storages' or as a filler as well, and Teslas I always find is the key variable. They can be moved anywhere on the map, to prove it's worth and doesn't really make a big impact alone, but does contribute to strengthening other buildings.

    Almost ALL meta bases I've seen follow these characteristics in some sections or another because of the fact that the buildings located within this location provide the best coverage. Move any of the buildings/structures out of the 'zone' of which isn't indicate can actually change the dynamic of the base.. Flexibles/irrelevant buildings can be placed at different locations which give the base it's own qualities. Does this mean if you put all of these set ups for the characteristics around all 4 direction, your base would be unbeatable? NO. It's combines other factors such as queen position, section protection and asymmetrical base in order to make it harder to path troops.

    You may not believe what I say about these characteristics, but if you examine all the current meta bases/the two examples below, you can see the ratio/characteristics are present.

    The base has a 4-7-5 ratio (4 tile Second layer, 7 tile third layer and 5 tile junk layer). when it comes to section making. More explained within the Meta-base page.

    Metaki Series #3
    In this example of my Metaki Series #3, you can see how the ratio of 4-7-5 takes place. The image speaks for itself so I'm not going to explain too much, but the combination of where most building are located follow the same characteristics of meta-base described above.

    This is from Tomaster's Project Eclipse where you can also see that it follows almost the same 4-7-5 ratio of which to build the base in one side.

    With this characteristic in mind, the weakness of most meta-bases as of right now is that they are really sectionally made, but if you break down these sections with lavaloon, they are very brittle due to not containing more layers of defenses. Check out this [Weakness of Current Metabases] for more information.

    Compact Base Characteristics

    Wide Base Characteristics

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    fffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssstt tttttttttttttttt

    Awesome write up aki, can't wait for more
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    Second!!! Sweet guide, really goes in depth and a lot of info.

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    THIRD! Another highly informative read!

    Very nice assortment/classification of war bases - it basically sums up what most of the war bases are like. Honestly, the ones that are really a pain to deal with are the super wide bases that are asymmetrical design. Not only is it very difficult to 3*, the irregular pathing overall makes it a torture for the attacker.

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    im confused but I think i get it mostly :P thanks for the guide aki!
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    Really liking these guides keep up the good work!
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    Well done!!!
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    Wow! This is a great read. Very interesting.

    EDIT: Just used the information here and your other thread on the grid to make my latest warbase. Thanks again.
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    Wow! This has increased my understanding of how bases are made, and is really good read! Can't wait for the compact base wall ratio!
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