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Thread: Divisions and Stages of TH9 War Bases

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    Divisions and Stages of TH9 War Bases

    Divisions and Stages of TH9 War Bases

    My Website:

    Direct Link to [Divisions and Stages of TH9 War Bases]

    I have included some exclusive guides, and directions for which base builders AND attackers should follow when to deal with or building a good TH9 War Base, so please visit this page for the exclusive details. If not, you can still read the summary of the stages and divisions here.

    April 22, 2015
    Created this thread.
    Note: I'm still working on this currently, as I had to do alot of reorganizing in my website and create of content for me to handle. I'll update this once I have time, sorry

    P.S. New project with regards to making an Elite Clan Model, please visit:


    This is a self made "timeline/legend" for which you can 'label' and plot out where and to what extend a base is currently at for TH9 when it comes to war. Most of these stages are subjective and could happen at the same time, could skip some points, but generally I do feel like this is the stages of which bases have to go through in order to perfect the craft of developing a 'strong' war base. Some people advance further in some locations, but lack the skill in one. For example, a person might know how to make their clan castle unlurable, but haven't learn how to path double giant bomb.

    Using these divisions and stages as a 'timeline' you can probably assess where your clan mates are at when it comes to base building and provide the next steps towards making a better base. You cannot skip too many steps for example, teaching a person how to build an anti-lavaloon base (Division C, D-C), while they still haven't grasp how to properly set up double giant bombs or sectioning the base properly. Need to take each steps of the process into the account and be within a comfortable range of base building.

    This thread would also help those in war to identify what stages and what "division" they are in. Ever wondered your base is getting hogged easily? Is your Town Hall in the direct center and your clan castle push out? Or is the base still has mortars on the inside of the core? This is intended to show the progression and as well as "development" which could be individual, or could be clan wide. Maybe the reason why your clan is getting 3 starred by other clan's normal hog attack is because your bases are at Division A. Or the fact that you can't 3 star any of the enemy bases because you are only equipped to 3 star Division A bases, while the enemy has all Division B, Anti-3 Star bases. Identifying the fact that theyhey might be in a higher stage/ division and goal compared to your clan. This is my self made Legend for those that want to see a progress and improve.

    This provides alittle history lesson in base make as well, so enjoy. Please note that even though some bases might be at different stages compared to another, that doesn't mean that the base is "not well made" or "bad". It's just that the target audience/the mentality of how the base was directed towards is at different stages and or a new 'era' has made it so the previously good base, turn bad. The once strong Baconmaker soon got phased out because of the introduction of Holowiwi. The strong anti-3 star bases, are getting pounced on by the CB/Shattered Lavaloon. It's just the new cycle of development between Base builders and base attackers. Most of the time, there are only a few good base builders that know what they are doing, and even fewer amount of base builder are will to share their secret. There are so many guides on how to attack which attacking has progressed more leaps and bounds compared to the base builders who are scattered about. Hopefully with this Legend, people will be able to assess what their base are lacking and or where in the offense they are going to go forward with next.

    Table of Content

    Stage 1 / Symmetrical and Balanced
    Stage 2 / Clan Castle Vs Town Hall Conflict
    Stage 3 / Shift In Mentality + Centralized Clan Castle
    Stage 4 / Transitioning to Asymmetrical Base

    Stage 5 / 4 Tile Core
    Stage 6 / Sectioning
    Stage 7 / Section Emphasis

    Division C ANTI-LAVALOON
    Stage 8 / Next Stage



    This comes from the experience of buildings farm bases, copying other people's designs and having that mentality of "Town Hall = stars," and giving out stars is bad. It's based on the concept of Trophy bases which try to prevent any stars from being given. With this drilled into the minds of members, they start to make the bases centralizing the Town Hall, and expanding outwards to protect the Town Hall. Naturally, also due to the fact that there are 4 of everything, most bases are either trying to create a triangle shape, 4 prong, or make things circular revolving around the Town Hall. After applying most logic of placing things like xbows and ADs at the correct 'coverage' most bases would be completely done and symmetrical.

    This is a good stage to start from, and learn all the basics. Mostly those in this stage haven't truly figured out the difference between Trophy bases and War Bases though.

    Not a TH9 Base, but it's the most well known TH8 base that illustrates the points I try to claim. Revolves around the Town Hall > defense coverage > Clan Castle > Traps, and still has the 'mortar' at the center thinking. I will explain the "anti-hog" ring later on.

    Known Bases in this Stage:
    TH8 Anti-Hog Build, any trophy bases/mortar in the center bases.

    Main theme: Hogs, Funnel, Back End troops

    Main Theme: Balanced, Town Hall, Coverage

    Base Building:
    Main Theme: Fundamentals, coverage, base design.


    After being in a couple of wars, most people would start to tell you "always lure clan castle troops, they are trouble," and the base has alot of holes to them and places where enemies can easily lure out the clan castle troops with a giant. The base tries to give more priority to clan castle but still wants to keep the Town Hall protected, so it leads up to a Triangular shaped type of base where DPS is more heavily at the top, while loose defenses are trying to protect the radius of the clan castle at the bottom.

    At this stage, it's more experimental where bases try to cover other parts of the base like clan castle where they are starting to give some hint of importance on. The base design might not be ideal as it's trying to experiment with the new concept of clan castle radius without jeopardizing the Town Hall theme. Some people push point defenses out, some people think using teslas all on one side would work, as well as some people test out southern teaser base.

    Note: this probably isn't the best example, but it illustrates the cannon being pushed concept. Will probably change this image later.
    An example of a base that tries to prioritize both Clan castle and Town Hall. The cannons at the south and the cannon on the sides are made so that the clan castle is 'harder to lure. Also this person is beginning to learn how to create double giant bomb areas.

    Known Bases at this stage: Southern Teasers/Triangular War bases originate from this concept of prioritizing both the Town Hall and the Clan Castle.
    Most of those that try triangular/southern teaser quickly move to the next stage, because this stage has too many problems. Hence the reason why there aren't many popular well known Southern Teaser War Bases (other than TH10.

    Offense:Main Themes: Luring, hybrid armies, scouting.
    Defense:Main Themes: Clan Castle Radius, coverage.
    Base Building: Main Themes: Building radius, trap importance, recognition.


    Due to the fact that hogs were the most prevalent and over powered troop combination at this time, people started to create bases with a circular ring as well as being having unlurable clan castle. People shifted from looking at "how to protect the town hall" to now "how to stop the hogs." The mentality of protecting the Town Hall crumbled alittle, and now trying to make clan castle unlurable, or using double giant bombs to separate sections.

    At this stage, most are almost perfecting the craft of making the compact or wide bases for war. They are almost like trophy base in appearance BUT, the coverage of defense, cc radius, and trap placement have been more well thought out.

    Known Bases at this Stage:
    This is where majority of base design users of the 2 star clans (so about 90% of the population), are currently at.

    The General

    The Baconmaker

    There are two types of bases that prevailed in this Era, the [Compact Base], and the [Wide Bases].

    Offense:Main Theme: Holowiwi, Learning Troop Pathing, Perfecting Hybrids (golem + ho-lo-wi troops.)
    Defense:Main Theme: Hog ring (dead), double giant bomb against hogs, clan castle lure, optal
    Base Building:Main theme: Countering Hogs/Loons, 2 star bases, anti-gowipe


    This is the most unstable stage for when those that have done the typical symmetrical bases, try to branch out and test out making asymmetrical bases. At this stage, it really puts the knowledge of double giant bomb, section compartments, defensive build coverage and wall usages to the test. Most know by now that 2 star attacks aren't really going to be scary, but it's those 3 star attacks by hogs and loons are the most concerning ones.

    This stage just just the first step towards Division B, where those that want to make it to the 'elite' level.

    A fellow base builder whom is trying out to create asymmetrical base.

    Offense:Main theme: Hog pathing, base analyzing, sectioning, hybrid
    Defense : Off-center, confusing, sectioning
    Base Building:Main theme: Experience,experimenting, changing, hardcore war


    Now congratulations, you have now advanced into anti-3 star/ meta-base territory where keeping up and defending against the trend is important. The base that is being designed now will no longer try to protect the Town Hall as the goal and the mentality of "Protect the Town Hall" will now evolve into a "protect your base" type of thinking. At this stage is where most elite and hardcore war clans require you to have the minimum when it comes to

    This is where I started my first my first adventures and attempts to create an anti-3 star bases, where my [Metaki Series] starts from.


    Starting from the beginning, you still realize that Clan castle being in the center is important, but now you have lost the mentality of giving the town hall any respect. Starting with Clan Castle at the center, you know that xbows and ADs are the beginning stages and begin to circle around the clan castle design. You pick up techniques of putting the Double Giant bomb between these areas are actually beneficial so you incorporate this idea into your base. Also by now you should have in mind how Holowiwi breaks down those with too tucked in Air defense so you make it balanced around the base. Now it's all about personal taste on how to make the outside wizard/arch/cannons suit your Air defense/Xbow/Queen placement.

    Metaki Series #1 My first Metaki Series, where I learn how to path hogs, set double giant bomb, as well as create better sections. It still hasn't grasp the concept of the new attacks such as Lavaloon yet, so it's more vulnerable to the newer trends.

    Offense:Main Theme: Goho, Lavaloon, Golem+Heros, elite war clan
    Defense:Main Theme: Centralized Clan Castle, Unlurable, troop AI pathing
    Base Building:Main Themes: Unlurable, 4 tile ratio, xbow/AD/DGB


    The bases at this stage gets the hang of accommodating the AD, Xbow and Queen locations as well as perfecting the sections outside of the area.. Most of what the bases in this section do is try to emphasis or strength specific
    areas to take advantage of the current meta's The wall usage and waste has now sharply decline in wasteful areas and you learned how to close off your section better. The random sections that used too much walls, or the section that was too big now have a better balance.

    Extra note: This is for a minority of base builders who start to learn how to path hogs. Some discover the fact that placing some point defenses at certain locations can actually be bad and hogs will trigger at the wrong time. You start to learn how to shift point defenses maybe an extra 1-2 tiles away and it fixes the problem.

    Offense: Penta/CB/Shattered Lavaloon
    Defense: Sectioning, trap placement, wall placement
    Base Building:



    This is where about 5-8% of the population (estimate ) for those that want to become elite/hardcore/3 star clans build towards, and stay around. This is where everyone mostly stops at for meta-bases, as they are trying to perfect sectioning off areas. Most people now try to creation different combinations or try to emphasis a better control within some sections (mostly just the queen), and try to make it so that their bases

    Now you are at the point where your meta base works really well, but the 'new' attack strategy of CB/Shattered Lavaloon are the new ways of dealing with these anti-3 star bases. Your Queen always gets targetted and your 4th AD always gets crushed.


    This is where mostly me [Second Gen: Metaki Series -TH9 Anti-Lavaloon Concepts], Tomaster [Project Solar Wind] and Godll [9.5 Shattered Stronghold] are at. There may be more youtubers out there at this stage of base building but I don't really know much.

    These next "steps" are the next focus of making the Meta Bases better, and are all at the points that needs to be addressed against CB/Shattered Lavaloon, so it's not really 'stages' but 'areas of focus' that most anti-3 stars need to look at now. We are currently on only the beginning stages of building towards anti-lavaloon bases, but we aren't quite at a stage where we can define the best "Ratio characteristic" where people can follow/automatically create anti-lavaloon bases.1

    As this is still a new stage, we still haven't defined the next step towards creating the [Stage 8] yet, so I'm going to create a separate page, once we figure out the strength and naturally progress the bases as a whole.
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