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    Cool Hay Day Update - Derby Improvements, Expansions, New Pets and more!

    STATUS: We are back online now, and please be patient since it can take up to couple of hours before the update is available in your country!

    I'm so EGGcited, I just can't hide it.. Ok, maybe not the best opening line, but I am really excited about this update! We have new expansions (both on the normal side of your farm, and also on the other side of the road), sweet Derby improvements, a new kitten and puppy (all kittens & puppies also have new super cute animations), new production machines and so much more!

    Check out the complete list of new features & improvements here:

    Community Requested Features:
    • Personal Derby Task Log: starting with the next derby, you will find your previously completed, expired or trashed tasks at the bottom of the Derby task board (*
    • Derby Pause: starting with the next Derby, there will be a 24h pause following each race, allowing you to make neighborhood changes and saddle up for the next ride!
    • Derby Trophy Count: from now on, each Derby trophy you win will be counted and added to the neighborhood info screen.
    • Huge new farm expansion area: expand your farm not only further down the road, but across it too!

    What else is new?
    • Please welcome the Pinscher puppy and Calico kitten to the family. We’ve also added more adorable animations to all puppies and kittens. Brace yourself for cuteness overload!
    • New Pasta Maker: produce fresh pasta, using it for delicious noodle soup and pasta salad in your existing machines. Mamma mia!
    • New Hot Dog Stand: it’s time for some tasty Hot Dogs. Tofu Dogs and Corn Dogs also available!
    • New Derby Achievements.
    • New decoration rewards exclusively in the Derby for a limited time.
    • When receiving a request to join your neighborhood, you can now visit that player right from the chat window.
    • Whenever the postman delivers thank you letters and gift cards, he’ll now travel in style on his shiny new scooter. Lookin’ good, Alfred!
    • Various bug fixes.

    YEHAW!! That’s a pretty sweet list of new features and improvements! Please share your thoughts & feedback in this thread about the update.

    * = The personal Derby log will be available starting the next Derby, so you won’t see it until then.

    Reminder for all Apple device users: Please update to iOS v5.1.1 or later before updating Hay Day >

    Known issues:
    - On iOS the farm likes are 0 and it will be fixed in the next update. No like count is lost which is good.
    - Cats and Dogs roam on top of trees which is a visual glitch and will be fixed in the next update. Laugh while you can!


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    Can't wait😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
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    45 minutes ...omg .....can't wait ;-)

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    Super exited! Thanks for listening to us supercell!!!

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    This is awesome guys!
    youre the best!
    And I love the picture! It's like seeing my farm from a whole new angle.
    I bet Albert is over the moon about his new scooter too!

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    Omg seems like impatience running high!! nick and sc make it quick plssss

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    The country of the best chocolate & beer? Belgium!

    Final countdown!

    Counting the minutes until server is back... 40 left... ⏰

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    Sweet, I thought I might be locked out for about 24 hrs when I updated in App Store and couldn't log on... 45 mins will be a breeze!
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    doing my hayday dance, waiting patiently...twitching my foot....

    Everydays A Hayday!
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