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Thread: Tree Swings, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ella007kid View Post
    Great idea, this would be such a lovely addition to the game as I love decorating my farm !! Maybe then, Tom would have something to do for 2 hrs rather than just laying on the grass looking up at the clouds!
    Quote Originally Posted by d2l5p2 View Post
    Okay, how cute would THAT be if Tom took his 2 hour rest in a tree swing.
    Here's a little something for Tom!! If he can't stay awake in one of the swings, he can use this to nap and swing at the same least he would no longer be in danger of being run over by the WoF truck!

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    Simply spiffing! I love that idea and want both, right now .
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    I second the hammock idea! With the new land coming across the road, I'd rather not have Tom sleeping like a vagrant in front of the new food court I'm planning!

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    A hammock would just be lovely!!! Your ideas are spot on, I really hope in the future we get one or all of these options, especially for summer; how perfect would that be!! It's an even better idea for Tom, and I second the vagrant comment, which also made me laugh ! If Alfred got an update, I think it's time for Tom Sawyer to get one too!
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