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Thread: The Knight - NEW Dark Troop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaronhudson15 View Post
    I don't understand... you would rather comment on changing the commercial scene than the actual concept itself? That has to be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.
    I like the concept as it is that's all

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOneTheyCallSmasher View Post

    13 Apr
    ✔HP Buff
    ✔Added why it's called "The Knight"

    14 Apr
    ✔HP and DPS Boost
    ✔Decreased reflection %

    15 Apr
    ✔DPS Boost

    16 Apr
    ✔Reflection nerf

    17 Apr
    ✔HP boost

    18 Apr
    ✔Decreased Housing Space
    ✔HP and Housing Space halved
    ✔HP increased again

    19 Apr
    ✔HP decreased () and Reflection increased

    20 Apr
    ✔Reflection nerf

    21 Apr
    ✔Reflection buff

    22 Apr
    ✔Reflection nerf

    23 Apr
    ✔HP boost

    24 Apr
    ✔DPS nerf
    ✔Reflection buff

    25 Apr
    ✔DPS boost
    ✔Added Trivia Section

    8 May
    ✔Decreased Reflection %
    ✔Removed splash damage handicap

    13 May
    ✔Increased Reflection %

    16 Jun
    ✔Improved how the thread looks (inspired by AnthonyVince's Volcano Mage Thread)
    ✔Added more detail to strategies

    21 Jun
    ✔Added reflection of healing

    23 Jun
    ✔Decreased Speed and Range
    ✔Increased Housing Space and Training Time
    ✔Added 3x damage to Xbows
    ✔Increased Speed
    ✔Changed Xbow damage to 2x
    ✔Increased Reflection % and decreased DPS

    30 Jun
    ✔Added appearance descriptions
    ✔Added an advert idea
    ✔Added an army composition featuring AnthonyVince's Volcano Mage

    1 Jul
    ✔Teslas are now not affected by Reflection

    20 Jul
    ✔Increased housing space to 21

    23 Jul
    ✔Decreased HP

    26 Jul
    ✔Poison Spells do 2 damage

    21 Aug
    ✔Troop takes less damage (% based)
    ✔Level 3 Training Cost increased
    ✔Upgrade Costs increased at all levels
    ✔HP decreased at all levels
    ✔Housing Space decreased to 20
    ✔Poison Spells no longer do 2x damage
    What do u mean by H.P at increased level

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