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Thread: [Sign Ups & Info][Project Template] 2 Week Research for Elite War Clan Model

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    Post [Sign Ups & Info][Project Template] 2 Week Research for Elite War Clan Model

    Project Template

    This is my next big project in order for me to understand and organize a good system/model for making an elite clan (as a building system, not the members). I'm posting this early just to gather some hype/vibe to see if the public is willing to participate. If it doesn't feel like I'm capable of this by the time May hits, this project will be dropped.

    I had my experiences with modeling a clan from TH7 to Low TH9, now I'm looking towards creating a Model clan that's between Low TH9 to Hi-TH9. Now I'm seeing if it's possible to create an Elite War clan model which could help other provide a better organization of their clan in the future.

    As some people might know, I work towards helping people being better at managing and becoming a 3 star clan as my focus. I'm looking for Elite War Attackers who has a big mind and opinion to help contribute to this. I welcome any youtuber/contributors to join and make your own video in this clan if you wish. Unlike most traditional clans that keep their clan rules and structure closed, this is made to educate and you can take any information you wish (other than bases that are designated not for public, so please respect that, more on that later).

    This Project Will begin Between May to early June depending on if there are enough people interested.

    My website:

    April 12th, 2015
    Opened this thread.
    All the donations, participation rules of a normal clan applies. Just do it for the war and respect the war donations.


    There are two focuses on what I am trying to do:

    1) Creating a Model for an Elite War Clan (ironing out any complaints, bugs to my template through this clan)

    End Goal is to find out of my Model for Templating War works or not.

    2) Share and discuss base designing. I will personally help you/along with others if they want to discuss your base.

    This isn't about "Will this maximize 3 star attacks." It's about learning the frustrations about micro-managing the clan wars into a bigger scale and making it so that the clan members is comfortable and efficient.

    Looking for 20-30 members MAX. Anymore and I can't handle all the data, lol. This is a transparent clan which I will be taking some notes on what could be done, what could be adjusted to and from and test out some rules.

    1) Model for War/How War will Go

    More Information:

    (These are old Template, I will update it for the Project)

    Basically how it works is I pre-scout the bases, set it up to match roughly how many attacker types we have and assign people to certain sections based on how well they attack (i'll adapt as the war continue and adjust you if you are attacking too strong). Afterwards we use clashcaller to allow people to call their bases within their section. If you are good at Lavaloon, you can take Lavaloon bases. If you are Goho user, you can take any goho bases in the template.

    I'm looking for members to actually take into account this template model and not just attack what's available.

    Reservations will last the first 8 hours of war.

    This is just the rough plan for now, I will create a page later on to explain how it works later on with a better template. I'm hoping to make a Template system that others can easily do and spend less than 2-3 hours at most per war.

    Base Design

    You are welcome to bring your own Anti-3 Star Meta-base to the clan to test out, or just any bases to test or use. We aren't looking to win wars (which winning would be awesome of course) so it's fine to do any base research. Don't scrutinize other members if their base isn't an anti-3 star base since it's mostly like an individual to group session.

    I can help you do something like this for your base (not that extreme though, I feel like I go to far). Also the fact that if you are willing for me to post the Break down of your base (you'll need to sign up and agree first though) on my website for people to learn, I'm more than welcomed. If you don't want your base to be publicized, check off no and it will just be an internal thing.

    Registration and Requirement


    • Looking for 20-30 members at most. Maybe 5-7 spectators.
    • TH9 (with Lv10+ heroes) to TH9.5
    • Maximum 5 TH10s.
    • Elite 3 star attacker. No 2 star attempts against TH9s.
    • Have at least one composition Maxed (Witches, Lavas, Hogs)
    • Must use Kik/Clashcaller + be able visit my website for more details
    • Be committed to stay for the 2 weeks and attack, no visiting other people.

    Current Clan:
    Kik Account Name:

    Preferred Composition Used in War:
    Other Composition You are Capable of?:

    Are you bringing a Base for Research?
    Are you willing for it to be discussed on aki's website/public view?

    Are you going to comment on how the clan is functioning?

    What else can you do/focus on bringing?

    And Example:

    IGN: akiyume
    Current Clan: War Whales
    Kik Account Name:akiyume_clash

    Preferred Composition Used in War: Go-holo
    Other Composition You are Capable of?: Sorta good at Holowiwi. Bad at Lavaloon.

    Are you bringing a Base for Research*? Yes
    Are you willing for it to be discussed on aki's website/public view**? Yes
    Are you going to comment on how the clan is functioning***? Yes
    What else can you do/focus on bringing?
    I am here to see if my base design works and see if the clan model is good. I am also a co-leader (random example) of Clan ABC123 so I want to learn and give some advice on this.


    Note: If you write more about yourself in the 'What else can you do/focus on bringing?' I am more willing to bring you into the experiment. I rather someone who wants to gain something/contribute something and talk about themselves first so that I know they are commited, not just going to leech off this clan and do nothing.

    *If you checked off "No", I can still help you discuss about your weakness on your base, but it'll just be like a one on one session if you want.

    **If you checked off "No", I won't include any images or details on break down about your base in my website. Keep in mind, other members have access to it so I won't guarantee that it'll be leak proof (like any other bases).

    *** Be honest, some people just don't like to talk and or say how they feel like the clan is doing and just go with the follow. I don't mind that, just be honest as I am taking all things into account.

    This will be a two week clan where I'll be dedicating time and research into [How to Structure an Elite War Clan] and helping people After these two weeks are up, I'll be closing up shop, and everyone can return to where they wish to be.

    This clan ISN'T permanent, might end early if things go wrong/people aren't doing well.

    End Results

    I'm hoping to see the psychological side and see if this form of me organizing my 'ideal' and foundation for war would work, and create a [How to Structure an Elite War Clan] type of guide where other clans could possible read up and adapt their clan model into. Also the fact that I'm doing a separate [Base Break Down] into the complexity on bases and show off some things that can be done for bases.
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    I really need to say that clash of clans is evolving with clashers like you aki
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendd View Post
    I really need to say that clash of clans is evolving with clashers like you aki
    Thanks, gladly help the community :P

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    Returning some video tapes.
    Sounds awesome, I would love to spectate.

    ''This is a inspirational quote''

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    Quote Originally Posted by calebjayy View Post
    Sounds awesome, I would love to spectate.
    Thanks, still thinking of how would this work, but i'm sure it'll work out . Bump for publicity.

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    Sounds interesting, I would really like to join and see how much good management matters.

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    Here is a rough example of the new template (only took 1hr to do).

    Ironically, Onehive released a video of "Game Plan" which is what this template does and organizes.

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    Count me in

    Ign: csh123987
    Clan: 6 Schlitzes

    Preferred War Comp: Goho
    Other: All the hog based armies, golaloon, logowipe, govape

    I spoke to you via pm about what I have to offer just want to sign up here as well to make sure it was official.

    I would also like be bringing a base to for you review and would be fine with it being on your website.


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