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Thread: Rough Plan on How to Organize Your Clan War

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    Rough Plan on How to Organize Your Clan War

    This is an unofficial guide made from my past experience organizing my previous clan using Templates for each war.

    I am making this guide out of the blue because I was talking to clanmates and I got bored. Wanted to share alittle to the public so take it or leave it. Not going to make this thread fancy or organize it since it's an unofficial guide of mine. I am just going to release what I did for my old clan here so that those that want to get a sense of how a dedicated [War Organizer] would work.

    This just a rough draft for now since this is a super rough copy of a small part of what I am going to do for my [Transitioning from 2 Star Clan to 3 Star Clan Guide] where I will post an even better and updated version of templating for the Elite 3 Star War Clans.

    My Website if you wish to see any 3 star related stuff and guides I am doing:

    Still Gathering data for my [Transitioning from 2 Star Clan to 3 Star clan] page, share your experiences or tips:

    To start off, you need a dedicated [Organizer] or in other words, you need a [Clan War Scouter] that will determine which base is weak against which attacks. This person needs to be respected, informed of the current meta games, and also looked up upon since this person will be a main factor in teaching and steering your clan into a better clan.

    How this works is to have an orchestrator know which bases are the weakest and how many of the enemy bases can you handle. This organizer needs to know both how to scout properly (and know that base #23 and base #29 are really weak against hogs) and also know the ratio of which the clan is capable of handling.For example, if a clan had half gowipe users and half hog users, forbiddening the gowipe users to hit hog bases would save alot of attacks and give the gowipe users hard bases that are easier to 2 star. This allow the hog users more hit the easy hog base and save more attacks. Afterwards it's clean up.

    Using Templates, it organizes your clan to be more efficient at clearing the weaker bases earlier (which usually are the bottom #) afterwards, it allows the clan to go face against the harder bases again for the clean up.

    Please note that these templates are outdated, and made around Nov-Dec 2014 so the metagames and learning strategies have shifted now.

    Warning for Mid-TH8 to Low TH9 Template:
    Once your clan has MORE than 10 low TH9 out of 40 members ABANDON THIS TEMPLATE (or change the 2 star category) or your clan will NOT be able to grow into the next world of Meta TH9 War clan (and have no chance to learn it anymore OTL). This template is a bad example once you start to hit mid-TH9s. As you are a low TH9, chances are, you aren't going to be able to fully 3 star their #1-5 Town Hall 9 since your strongest just step foot into TH9 territory. Having them getting 2 stars early (but still will aim for 3 stars when needed) is the key. Once 1/4th ur clan has already gotten AQ to Lv5 and unlocked Lv6 loons, at this point you need to teach your clan how to 3 star TH9 bases. Your gowipe users should know how to hog as well, since hogs are the TH8 gate way into learning how to 3 star in TH9.

    From Low-TH8 to Low TH9

    This template plots enemy's base weakness onto where they are appropriately weak against. For example Their #32 has a hoggable base, which might not have upgraded giant bombs, so it's possible to hogs with Lv3s.If you look at this template of the enemy clan, you can see that about 15/45 enemy are gowipe (two star) focused.

    It's due to the fact that this clan is still a TH8 clan (or was my old TH8 clan :P). and haven't cross the boundaries of TH9 yet (only about 4 people had Queens). If you look at this 'ability' chart of what the members of our clan had available:

    You can see that ratios just are enough to cover all the bases. You don't need to joint down all the levels and stuff since if you have been with your clanmates for a while, you should know what your clanmates are capable of attacking with even without this chart (I did it for the record).

    TH7 to Hi-TH8

    Sorry, this was alittle more older, so the colour scheme is bad :P.

    Alternative Way to Template

    DO NOT COPY THIS FOR TH9. This is just to show another way of explaining how to beat a base base their weaknesses and goal. This was pre-clashcaller, so giving some hints helped out.

    My abandoned Revival Template for Hi-TH8 to Mid-TH9

    When my old clan was struggling to get 3 stars against TH9 bases (and have some Hi-TH9/low TH10), I had to tried to revive my old template and focus the attention into making bases available for 3 stars. This template was shoot down though because the clan was heading another direction than what I was aiming for.

    Some key things you need to think about:

    You need an well respected and dedicated organizer to pull off this off (and actually know what they are doing). It takes about 2-4 hours minimum to scout/put on the spreadsheet, plan the ratio of which bases are 2-3 stars compared to how many 2-3 stars attackers you have.

    You also need to have your clan wait until the scouting report is finished before they start to reserve the bases, that way sections would be taken care of. You will also need either a website, or a chatting app in order to 'broadcast' this template so that your members would look into it and contribute.

    In conclusion this is just from TH7-Low TH9 organization template I have done for my old clan, you are welcome to use it/learn from it. I'm currently in a 3 star TH9 war clan now, haven't made any actual attempts on making an organized Elite TH9 War Template yet, but I will some day.

    Take what you can learn from this thread, and have fun.
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    Save some space just in case. Sorry for the sassy attitude in my post, it's night time .

    Edit: These templates help create a better structure and foundation towards organizing your clan for clan war. Instead of willy nilly attacking all over, it gives groups of attacks a specific focus against easier targets in enemy groups. Instead of figuring out if a base is too low or too high, having ability/troops to match certain bases section makes it better at organizing.
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    Bump for now, planning something for the future.

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    3 starring your base
    Love the templates Aki. It would definitely save a ton of wasted attacks by only using the army a base is weak to. Maximizing potential 3 star attacks and minimizing the number of attacks used to accomplish that. Awesome work

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    Thanks legend, so many legends replying to my posts, lol.

    Also working towards a new Template idea, and trying to test it out. More information:

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    Nice Idea

    Does your clan pay it's war Coordinator? This sounds like a full-time job. I am a clan leader and it is at least a part time job. I don't mean to troll this thread but this is just a game. What the OP proposes would take massive amounts of time each week (3wars per week). So I guess if this is a paid position then let me know, I will put in a resume. If not then good luck getting someone to spend so much of their gaming time planning your clans wars with charts and graphs. Which chart shows if a commander knows how to use their troops?

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