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    Peppermint Coco, a mid level war clan for you!

    Peppermint Coco is a clan for lowmid-highmid lvl players, but of course we welcome anyone who will donate and attack in wars. We do wars every day, with one break day after each war. So if we had battle day on Monday, then Tuesday would be our break day, and Wednesday would be prep day. We start wars around 5-7pm EST USA, but occasionally it will go later. There is no set way to earn elder or co, so don't bother asking. Being a good clan mate will get you promoted, and we will see your actions, so don't worry that we'll forget about you. We look to win at least 75% of our wars. To be totally honest, we are not there. We have won about 55% of our wars, but with your help, we are striving for 75%. While losing a war is depressing, it's not as depressing as having a clan that bullies you. We will not tolerate any kind of insults, harassment, or anyone attempting to ostracize you. We also have a no-swearing policy. Even if you yourself are an adult, this is a kids game. We don't ask people how old they are, or what race they are. We don't care, so we may have people who are opposed to swearing. We also realize that people have other things to do than clash of clans, so we don't expect you to always be on. That being said, we will kick anyone who is not actively donating, attacking in wars, or just playing clash of clans in general. All said and done, we are a friendly clan who helps people progress through the game. We hope you choose our clan as your clan.

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