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Thread: lvl 61 active daily farmer

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    Mar 2015
    Northern Ireland ( UK )

    lvl 61 active daily farmer

    like the title says lol .... do your thing

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    Jack the Pumpkin King

    Love to have you. New neighborhood. I'm level 66 with 700 barn and silo. It will be a fun neighborhood that will be successful. Love to have you. Just search Jack the Pumpkin King in the neighborhood house.

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    Oct 2014

    Come on over to BLUE GRASS Neighbourhood.

    I am currently on level 55. We would love to have you. I am an active farmer.

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    Mar 2015

    Come Join A Very Active & Helpful Fun Neighborhood - 3 Spots Open

    Hi, I think you would be a good fit for our neighborhood.
    We are a fun group of 27 people from all over. English speaking
    We chat (if you want), help each other out with boat, truck and town orders and we are very active in the derby. We have won 1 so far and have finished 2nd in the rest. We are in the #1 spot in the current derby.
    Come join if you think our hood will work for you!
    Search Rosey George's Chaterbox
    Look for the Yellow horse with the red emblem.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Kim, Co-Leader of the neighborhood

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    UK, East Coast
    Come give Our Little England a look !!
    We have players from all over tbe world with levels ra ging from the 30s through to 90. We are a bunch of addicted haydayers who LOVE to chat, laugh and share some banter.

    We have won all the Derby tasks bar 1 where we came second.

    Why not pop over and say Hi? If you dont like what you find then thats cool but you may just love it here !

    Syers xx

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    Nh helpers

    Hello Dear

    We would love to have you in NH HELPERS.

    We are looking for good active player like you, does not matter which level you are. We need english and hayday addictive people.

    We are helping each other in every task and events.

    Also trade so that you expand your barn silo, land, town, fishing etc.

    Hope we meet you soon in our neighborhood: NH HELPERS (Blue man on yellow circle)

    Should you have question, send me a private message or on kik: inderjeet.s


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    come check us out!

    We are a new, level 40 and above hood created for derby

    If you are interested please read through our hood guidelines;

    • We all participate in derby (all 5, or 6 if needed).
    • We trash tasks under 250 (if no leaders on, don't start if no high tasks).
    • We help each other by trading between hoodies. Like for like, eg, 5 bolts for 5 planks.
    • We offer items as well as ask for items.
    • We ask that you speak fluent English.
    • When you join, introduce yourself, say hello. We like to chat but won't force people to.
    • But most of all, have fun and kick butt in derby!

    Our neighbourhood was created due to old hood being a mess.
    The leaders wanted a full neighbourhood at any cost. Even if it meant lazy members joining.
    Those new members were told about derby but some didnt even take part.

    That's not us....

    If we sound like a hood that you would like to be part of, please request to join and say you found us on here!

    Our emblem is a red horse on a green shield/flag.

    Hope to see you soon

    The Derby Destroyers!

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    Bluebell UK

    Hi we are a UK based friendly fun helpful and slightly nutty new hood that enjoys the Derby (haven't lost yet). We have 7 good active members so far and would love to recruit new like minded people. Search for BLUEBELL UK we'd be happy to see you!

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    Northern Ireland ( UK )

    still searching

    like the title says

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    Cloud 9

    "Hi, we are a mature group of adults looking for like minded persons
    who wish to enjoy playing the game and have fun while doing just that.
    We created this new NH as we were tired of the drama kings in our old
    hood. We monitor the nh for inactive players or those that are just
    there when they need their dairy boats filled, come one, really, you
    honestly think I'm going to give you 10 cheeses when you've just
    joined! We appreciate manners, lively chats and helping each other. We
    won our first derby and hope to win more as we grow. We have a great
    group, and hope that you will consider coming over and checking us
    out. Consider coming over to Cloud 9, it may just be what you've been
    looking for - blue shield pink cat."

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