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Thread: Chief joins the battle

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    Lightbulb Chief joins the battle

    Why not place your self in the battle.Whenever you level up, you can level your chief up for gold or elixir or dark elixir . You also heal like the barb king and archer queen. the chief replaces the barb king. If you are a male you get the barb king design, but if you are a female, you get a new barb queen design(female barb king)

    Update:We get a new hero, which is you. You get to chose male or female, your stats go up whenever you level up. You also need to buy the items to customize him/her. some things cost de so its not too op for th1-6. some customization features are , healing, fire balls, sword , bomb( become a strong wall breaker) bow , etc. so super cell dosent lose money the solution is, items can take time to build.

    -You start with him ( because its you)
    -DPS = lvl 1 (50 add 2 each time you level up(it could alternate between 1-4 because it will be op for low levels and week for high levels))
    -HP = lvl 1 (300 add 30 each level( If you think its op, super cell can alternate between 15-30 health per level))
    -Ability = you get to customize the ability too. what kind of spell goes around him/her. what troops to spawn(5 archers, 5 barbs, 1 wizard, 1 balloon, 1 giant, 2-3 wall breakers, 5 goblins, 2-3 minions etc. the spells only effect the troops he spawns. And you can get unique abilities if you do things like if you max out your rage spell in your lab, it will effect troops you spawn.
    -Time to heal = 10 min at level 1 (add 20 seconds each level)

    Screenshot_2015-05-01-23-37-02.jpgbutton on home screen



    levels according to the 2 dps per level and 30 hp per level

    1 50 300
    2 52 330
    3 54 360
    4 56 390
    5 58 420
    6 60 450
    7 62 480
    8 64 510
    9 66 540
    10 68 570
    11 70 600
    12 72 630
    13 74 660
    14 76 690
    15 78 720
    16 80 750
    17 82 780
    18 84 810
    19 86 840
    20 88 870
    21 90 900
    22 92 930
    23 94 960
    24 96 990
    25 98 1.020
    26 100 1.050
    27 102 1.080
    28 104 1.110
    29 106 1.140
    30 108 1.170
    31 110 1.200
    32 112 1.230
    33 114 1.260
    34 116 1.290
    35 118 1.320
    36 120 1.350

    statistics and pictures made by

    P.S. the only reason the entire first page dosent understand whats going on is becuase that was before i updated it

    If you guys see a problem, i recommend you guys tell me how to fix the problem and not just complain. If you cant think of a fix, tell me the problem and we can work together to fix it.
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    I have no clue what you are talking about at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkovac View Post
    I have no clue what you are talking about at all.
    I second that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyVince View Post
    I second that.
    I third that.

    What do you mean you join the battle?

    Like a FPS?

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    Surely there aren't 4 ways to die in this game
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOneTheyCallSmasher View Post
    I third that.

    I "fourth" this if that's
    max defense th9 -- pushing walls
    mid defense th9 -- pushing defenses -- throwing elixir at walls
    mid defense th7 -- pushing offense
    mid defense th7 -- pushing offense
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    Quote Originally Posted by TimothyH97 View Post
    I "fourth" this if that's
    I fifth that

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    Am I the only one who has "Some" idea to whats going on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siwery View Post
    I fifth that
    I sixth that

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    Quote Originally Posted by PTpirahna View Post
    I sixth that
    I 8th that. Do you think you could give us more info lol?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOneTheyCallSmasher View Post
    I third that.

    What do you mean you join the battle?

    Like a FPS?
    He's just been watching Dr Who

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