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Thread: Funky Tacos Is Now Recruiting!!!

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    Funky Tacos Is Now Recruiting!!!

    Clan background
    Not so long ago, in a galaxy not too far away, there was once a clan called XxRADIOACTIVExX. This clan prospered. But alas, hard times hit the clan. As a result, the clan withered from 50 strong to 15. One day, the leader's friend founded a clan. The leader made a wise move and had everyone "evacuate" Xx, as it was called. Most did. Some didn't.

    That leader is me
    That friend is philip
    That clan is (bet you can guess it
    ) Funky Tacos!
    Sadly, philip decided to leave the clan because, as he stated "I'm just not gonna play anymore." All the Tacos wish him the very best of luck.

    Are you in need of a kind, donating clan? Check out Funky Tacos where only the funkiest may join.

    Non rushed th7 + (if below th 7, send me a PM including a base photo, your th lvl, and your IGN)
    You MUST be active
    Kind person who donates what is asked
    Doesn't mind doing clan wars, and is a good war attacker
    Likes to chat
    1700+ Trophies (Trophy amount is always changing, so check on Clash often)

    No swearing, if you swear, keep it to a minimal
    No donating goblins, wallbreakers, barbarians, or giants unless they are DIRECTLY asked for.
    No kicking without consult from a leader
    No free co-leader or elder, our ranks are earned
    Donate before requesting

    Failure to follow these rules will result in either 1. Not being able to get a rank or 2. An immediate kick. Punishment will be decided by our Council of Elders

    War Frequency
    We war 2 times a week.
    Mondays - Wednesday
    Friday - Saturday
    Wars are optional but we are trying to get clan xp. If you are BADLY rushed, you will not be permitted to war.
    *During the summer vacation months we only do wars on Friday.

    Chain of Command
    Kowalski711 - Leader
    kenny - Kowalski711's Right Hand Man
    Nittydamo - Co-Leader
    bee - Co-Leader
    philip - Old leader - Decided to quit the game. Best of luck pal!!!

    (Elder is 175 donations)

    Any HARASSMENT to an Elder or Co-Leader WILL result in an IMMEDIATE kick.

    What We Ask of You
    We ask of our members just a few simple things

    1. Tell us when you have just bought a shield, that way if a new league season starts we don't think you are inactive.

    2. Tell us one when someone has broken our rules.

    3. Do not ask for a promotion unless you have 175 donations for elder

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