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    Quote Originally Posted by Anoushka[Supercell] View Post
    Since many of you here have already tried the game, it's our turn to ask what you make of it!

    So tell us in a few words: what do you like? what are you not happy with? what do you think is missing or would like to see (realistically speaking, taking into consideration the core mechanics and features of the game)?

    Thank you!

    Can you make it available in Ireland. pleaseeee

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    Smash land yeah

    Only today discoverers this game and can't put it down.....

    Registered here only to give my feedback

    My changes would be change prices of upgrades a little.... Too expensive. Maybe give some options to customize heroes and son more heroes. Other then that game is gorgeous as usual for super cell and really addictive.

    But most of all I got to say for super cell is don't abandon this as spooky pop. I liked it but didn't think it was that good so I didn't get very annoyed for it being cancelled. In the other hand really like this one. Pls do t abandon it :I

    As I play more I will leave more feedback :I

    Stay well

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    Quote Originally Posted by ditse View Post
    Can you make it available in Ireland. pleaseeee
    lawl just do what I did
    go onto the appstore and switch to Canadian appstore
    (ull need more than that... but if you succeed u can get it in Ireland)
    have it in the us by using that ^^^

    now plz don't tell me imma get banned from the game..<.<

    anyways I like the game
    probably the only problem that Iv seen is the angle and the energy
    for the angle sometimes I want to get a precise angle but after 20-30 secs of changing, it disappears and id have to get the angle again....

    and I ran out of energy....>.> just when I needed it.....>.>

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    First of all,im a boom beach player.I would say smash land is pretty good.In the future,I think we should improve the team mode(cuz i find nothing to do in the team)maybe we should add the team pvp mode so that we can have more fun.

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    Unhappy One question......

    Where did spooky pop forums go?
    I dont know where to post this but....WHERE IS SPOOKY POP?

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    Awsome game

    just one thing why dont we retain energy when we win a multiplayer battle

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    1) More energy, I find myself playing for 5-10 minutes then getting out of energy, SC - maybe you could have less energy be used per match.

    2) Gem:Gold ratio - buying gold in COC is kind-of worth it, but in Smash Land the price for gold is insane!!

    3) While watching replays when a hero dies just make the icon gray like in normal multiplayer, this would make it a lot more clear.

    4) This may sound a little bit greedy.......but - can you give the beta testers a diamond reward, after all we are doing this for the community (and ourselves).

    5) Make it possible to upgrade 2 heroes at once, sometimes I am stuck with 5k gold (hero upgrades: 2k-2.5k) and the hero would take another half hour to finish upgrading.

    6) Larger clans, I know this is requested in COC, Im not sure about BB and HD, but I feel a clan of 50 is a bit small maybe top it up to 75 or 100?

    7) Clan vs. Clan - kind of like clan wars in clash of clans, but with clans. You would find two clans with members the same-ish level and players that play in the same-ish time zone and match them up. Once two players with similar levels from warring clans are online they will go into a PVP. Maybe have each player play 1-5 matches.

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    Elo nerf

    I hate to do this, I love Elo, but she's too op. Maybe dumb down the hp a little. Don't make her too underpowered but she is so good it's not really fair. I suggest maybe a reduction of 100 hp or something, but currently she's a tank and a support unit, and I think she should be a little less... "Tanky"

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    Cool game :)

    I got Smash Land. Better then spooky pop. I like it so far. U got dis, supercell. Make this game HAPPEN

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    +1. A very unique game, and my task force and clan are almost abandoned because of this game.

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