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    Hey fellow farmers,

    This board is meant for suggesting new ideas or features for Hay Day! It can be new products, new buildings, new features etc. Anything goes as long as it fits with the theme. We will collect ideas from this board on a weekly basis, but please note that we simply can't implement all ideas we get. Ideas get noted, but the team decides which ones are doable, fun, etc. so please don't be disappointed if your idea doesn't end up in the game. We appreciate and love all feedback we can get to make Hay Day even better! Now get those ideas out there!


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    Lightbulb Tips: HOW TO SUBMIT AN IDEA

    This sub-forum is the place to discuss ideas and request features that you'd like to see in Boom - but before you begin, please check out the Currently Ruled Out Ideas list and use the forum search to see if your idea has already been suggested.

    Here are a few tips to help start your own thread:

    1) Choose a good title and be specific. Instead of naming your thread "Suggestion" or "Idea", try something like "Animations for the Iron Mine" - this will help others find and contribute to your thread and drive more discussion around the topic.

    2) Use clear, concise explanations, backed up by concept art or screenshots whenever possible. Providing good information and imagery will help explain your idea, allowing others to understand it better and discuss it with you. It will also really help the Hay Day team to get behind your idea.

    3) When replying, keep your feedback constructive. If you think the idea won't work, explain why, rather than calling it stupid. Also, remember to discuss the idea itself, not the person who came up with it!

    Given the fluid nature of Hay Day's development, we usually can't say what's coming in the next update or what's being worked on currently. While we love to discuss your ideas internally, please don't expect that we can respond to every thread or implement every idea! The best ideas will be discussed by you guys - the community - and will make their way to the top naturally, so please don't bump or spam your thread excessively if no-one is responding.

    We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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