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Thread: TH 9.5 War Base: The Shattered Stronghold | Anti 3 Star Design

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    TH 9.5 War Base: The Shattered Stronghold | Anti 3 Star Design

    So I have bashed on quite a few bases ever since some serious TH 9 war base designers came in and now is there chance to review mine and tear it apart. I would never have considered releasing this one a month ago but a few individuals who really understand the point of making a base difficult to 3 star have convinced me to give back to the community.

    The name comes from the fact that shattered golaloon is in my experience the strongest variant of laloon attacks in the game. This base looks susceptible to the attack but is actually much tougher than one might expect. Combined with other defenses against popular attacks, this base is extremely difficult for even a 100% maxed TH 9 with 30/30 heroes to 3 star. Few defense logs because everyone so far has decided to use gowiwi or gowiva or some garbage and get 2 stars.

    Note that this base functions fine as a pure TH 9. I just chose to be a TH 9.5.

    The Base

    The CC Radius

    Why I believe a TH 9.5 can actually defend consistently against even the best TH 9s

    One thing that is often said is that any TH 9 can be 3 starred by another TH 9 and I agree. But a TH 9.5 is a different story and forcing your opponents to spend a TH 10 attack to 3 star a TH 9.5 is huge. The main advantages that tip the scales to defense for a TH 9.5:

    • Fifth and stronger double giant bombs
    • Fifth and stronger seeking air mines
    • Zappers if time permits and higher level heroes
    • Third skeleton trap
    • 5 more troops in the clan castle
    • 800 more hp on the townhall

    This base attempts to use all these advantages to great benefit

    Basic Overview

    This base is meant to be completely anti 3 star. Do NOT use this base if you consider a 2 star a loss. Here are basic facts about the base with more in depth defense below.

    • 4 Very viable double giant bomb locations
    • Very hard to lure clan castle
    • Spread air defenses with that cover each other
    • Storages all around viable shatter locations
    • Uneven towers in the ring make it difficult to deploy loons clockwise or counterclockwise efficiently
    • Wizard towers out of range of the air defense

    Defense against: Shattered Golaloon

    There is really only a single viable spot for shattered golaloon and that's at the south at 5 o'clock. At first it seems to be very simple because of the lack of point defense. In reality it is very difficult even with max heroes because of a few key things. First, there are storages all around there which stalls the heroes and wastes time. The way the CC is set up means you engage the clan castle at the same time as the royals which leads to your golems dying faster than expected. I also put skeleton traps in the area. Most importantly I get 35 space in the clan castle which is an extra wizard that won't go down to lightning so he gets to dish out more damage to the golems. For the clan castle I recommend a witch (to force a lightning spell), 3 wizards, 2 barbarians, 3 minions, and 3 archers.

    Defense against: Cold Blood Golaloon

    Basically a CB golaloon will place a jump near the TH and move to the air defense. The townhall first has absurd HP at TH 10 (5000) which is an excellent time waster for the golaloon. They will probably get the archer queen and air defense with high heroes but not too many other important towers which makes the remainder of the attack very difficult because of the ringed defenses that are uneven, the overlapping coverage on air defense, and the extra, more powerful seeking air mines.

    Defense against: Goho and Hogs

    I can't see how any TH 9 would expect to hog or Goho this base. The archer queen is near a double giant bomb spot, yes, but there are THREE at townhall 9.5. This third double giant bomb spot is achieved by a maxed giant bomb and 4 maxed little bombs which combined do 543 damage, enough to reliably kill hogs even under a preheal. The hog pathing works well and pretriggering a double giant bomb set is extremely difficult and costly.

    Defense against: Golo

    It takes a large number of loons for the back end because there are air mines there and the wizard towers targetting you so it would take an incredible push with the kill squad for this to have any decent chance of coring the base enough so loons can finish off the remaining towers.

    Defense against: Gowipe, gowiwi, valks

    Does this base have reasonably leveled walls? A decent number of compartments? Good it defends against all these attacks.

    Defense Logs:

    It was a TH 10 quadlaloon from 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock. Froze the archer queen to try to kill her with pups and froze an air defense on the backend. Didn't get some 10 towers with the laloon part and tried to use his heroes to cleanup but didn't have anywhere near enough time. The ring defenses mean that when his hounds and loons get to the first air defenses they stay in the inner ring and move to the next air defenses and miss the outside defenses. This means when the hounds pop the outside defenses target the pups immediately and the attacker just doesn't have time.

    So...I may or may not have forgotten to screenshot this one. But why would I lie about getting wrecked? The bad news is that I got 3 starred on the cleanup attack. The good news is that it was a second TH 10 attack (the first really should have 3 starred it) and the shattered portion was a disaster. He tried to shatter the base from 5 o'clock and only got 1 air defense and not even the archer queen (he had 35/30 heroes). Unfortunately him being a TH 10 he was able to overpower the rest of the base with 4 hounds and froze the queen (almost like he prepared to not get her and only get 1 air defense). Realistically a somewhat decent TH 10 attacker should be able to smash a TH 9.5 like me anyway so I am not hurting too bad about this one.
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