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    Monthly Forum Awards - February 2015


    March is coming to an end and we're ready to announce the Winner of the Forum Awards for February!

    This time we decided to award the creator of the thread Full information on Clan Levels and Perks: not only for all the work and effort he put into the post and how it helped the community along the way, but also due to how it facilitated the interaction between members of these forums, encouraging everyone to chime in and provide more info wherever&whenever necessary.

    Also, this same forumer has another great thread coming, so keep an eye on it (well, unless he disappears with the gems in the meantime).

    Congratulations devil9394, you have 2000 gems coming your way!

    Those who are new to the Forums, brief description of these monthly forum only contests and how they work:

    - Employees & mods are not eligible to participate in these contests, but will help judge the winners.
    - Contest rules and specifics will change every month. They will not be announced in advance, so expect a surprise on the first of every month.
    - Spamming to increase post count is STILL against forum rules and will not win you the forum contest.
    - Have fun and be friendly. You never know when you could end up buried in gems!


    Official Clash FAQs & Support --> click here

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    Right in the heart of NOWHERE.

    Red face Felicitations!!

    Seems like im the first person to reply this one! Well yes for sure im waiting for new contest so this time i could jump in and have some fun participating it 👍

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    Congratz devil!

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    Congrats! Now I have to read your threads.......

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    I need a band in Brawl Stars.

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    Congrats Devil... Well done and thanks again for your thread.
    More Power to Fair Play

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    Wink Congo

    Congo man... I'll try and create a content like that

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    To be honest, I had to visit the link to figure out who devil is, I haven't seen him around the forums yet.

    Thanks to FireThief for the sig and Subz for the profile pic...tap this link to visit their GFX shop and get an amazing sig like this one

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    Congratulations !!!

    Lach is gonna be so mad

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealGinngie View Post
    Are you using internet explorer? Because you're about a month late.

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    Thank you very much indeed! It's an honour for me to be chosen as the winner of February!

    Quote Originally Posted by Anoushka[Supercell] View Post
    Also, this same forumer has another great thread coming, so keep an eye on it (well, unless he disappears with the gems in the meantime).
    I will finish it soon enough, I had some stuff to do for the university until this Friday haha.

    Well.. thank you once again
    Quote Originally Posted by BRLESNAR View Post
    Mr.Devil does have a quality that he gives formal and good posts. A man of intellect, sorry, a demon of intellect.
    Quote Originally Posted by DaOneNOnly799 View Post
    It seems that we have a devilish devil here; that even the devil himself approves.
    "Trust those who seek the truth but doubt those who say they have found it."

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    Probably coding something dumb

    That's an amazing thread....
    I don't know what to put here anymore...

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