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    Masters of Hay Day

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for your interest in our neighbourhood. There is a detailed account of our inner workings below. First, I would like to present to you the short and sweet version.

    Short and Sweet:

    *No asking for things. If someone offers general help, you may present your shopping list.

    *Be able to communicate in English. Most of our members are English speaking so not being able to write/understand it could create problems.

    *We have an exception to our main rule regarding derby help. Anyone may request derby help because we are derby-crazy and love to win.

    *Our new minimum level to join is 35. You can still join if you are level 18+. Simply request that we temporarily lower the level minimum as you have already proved your dedication by reading this.

    *Our rules embody our philosophy. Our philosophy is more important than our rules. We love to play Hay Day on our own terms. We offer help, but we don't request help. We can be as active, as helpful, or as chatty as we feel like. If you fit in with our philosophy you will be appreciated by the group. If not, you may annoy some of our members. We are experienced, professional, self-reliant, and skilled players. We enjoy the company of like-minded individuals or those willing to help and learn. Thanks for reading!

    Full Version:

    Players who need things all the time: This neighborhood might not be a good match for you.

    Players who are self-sufficient: This neighborhood would be a good match for you. You don't have to help, and you don't have to receive help.

    Players who are self-sufficient and like to help out: This neighborhood is the perfect match for you. If you give without expecting to receive, that's great.

    Activity: You don't need to be active to join our group. You're allowed to have a life beyond Hay Day. However, if you are absent for more than 2 weeks without first informing a leader, you may be kicked with the option to return whenever you start playing again.

    Helpfulness: You don't need to be helpful to join this group. I don't want to tell you how to play the game. It's your game and you should be able to play it however you like (within the rules of our neighborhood). That said, I believe people are more helpful when they are taken care of, and when it isn't a requirement. More on this in a bit.

    About me: I am currently level 73, I have everything bought and unlocked, and I have a surplus of coins and goods. I work, but I try to log in at least once per day and on weekends. I don't need any help with boats, trucks, or little people.

    Finding our Neighborhood: Our group is 'request to join' so you'll know if we've found your request within 24 hours. The symbol of the neighborhood is a green saw and axe emblem on a yellow shield backdrop. There are several neighbourhoods with the same name so the symbol can help, or you can search for Challenger_RPG in the members list to know you've found the right one.


    Our Philosophy: Why no asking for things? Well, I don't think the chat should be cluttered with requests for help. Instead, whenever a player feels they are in a secure enough position to offer aid, they may say, "Does anyone need help?" or address a specific player or type of goods they have extra of. "Does anyone need cream?" If any other player happens to need something they may then reply within the paramaters of the offer. The first player is not obligated to give anything, but may, if he or she wishes.

    You should never have to feel pressured into giving up your hard-earned items in our group. Everyone is supposed to be capable of taking care of their own farms already.

    A bad exchange:

    Player A. "I need 20 bolts."
    Player B. "..."

    A good exchange:

    Player A. "Does anyone need anything?"
    Player B. "Do you have any spare bread? I could use 5, but only if it is extra."
    Player A. "Yes, I have 10 extra bread."
    Player B. "Thanks. Do you need anything?"
    Player A. "No, but thanks."

    Derby Thoughts: The Derby has obviously shaken things up a bit in our group. Many of our members like to win the derby and our policy is to take the highest tasks available in the hopes of winning. That said, derby participation is not a requirement, and you may request lower point tasks if that is to your tastes. If you are derby-crazy and like to do maximum point tasks you will probably get along famously with our derby-crazy members. We currently have a trial run on allowing members to ask for derby things as an exception to our main rule. No one need help out, though.


    You now have enough information to determine if you would be a good fit for our neighborhood. If you're interested, I'll ramble on a little further to explain our one funny rule and a few of my aims and goals for the neighborhood.

    I don't want to tell you how to play the game. Apart from our rule of no asking for things, you are welcome to play the game however you like. Most of our members speak English, but anyone is welcome. Our rule is not only hard and fast, but a mission statement. If you simply wait around until someone offers and then ask for and receive a lot of expensive goods, you are betraying the intent of the rule and eventually will be kicked out. More info on that below.

    Anything I give to anyone is a gift. I don't expect anything in return, and I don't expect you to be generous to the rest of the group because of it. That said, if I notice you are receiving a lot of things from our other members, but never helping out at all, I'll make a mental note of it. Helping out doesn't need to be equal, or to the same player who helped you out. The intent is the important thing.

    Also, please don't expect the rest of the group to help out if you are offering help. If you aren't willing to offer things without expectation of return, then please offer a fair trade or refrain from offering help in the first place.

    My goal is to build a self-sufficient neighborhood for the long-term. A community built on trust, mutual-respect, a shared interest, and relaxing chat. No one should have to be scared to show themselves in the chat, and no one should feel pressured to help out.

    My ideal picture of a neighborhood would be one in which every individual is totally self-reliant and also willing to help out. In this case, any surplus goods could be paid forward indefinitely among the group until eventually being sold off to random strangers.

    For example, Player A. gifts Player B. with bread for a boat. Player B. gives Player C. cream to make some cakes. Player C. gives fish fillets to Player D. and Player D. sells off things to total strangers to make room for the premium goods. This would effectively give everyone access to the combined total of everyone's goods, but by the nature of the players involved, help would hardly be necessary.

    Of course, this is just a hypothetical I dreamed up. I would much rather build the ideal neighborhood together. Your ideas are just as important as mine and I look forward to hearing about them.

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below. Or, feel free to ask them in-person in our group. I won't mind if you join for a trial run and leave if it isn't to your tastes.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Challenger_RPG in the Group
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    Reserved for future use.

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    Would like to join

    I like your description! I'm not very chatty and most NH seem to want that. Would you take me? Level 44. Like to watch and help when I can.

    I can't find you when I search the NHs.

    Maple grove farm.

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    Yes, that is perfectly alright, Maple Grove Farm. Sorry I didn't get back to you right away, and I am glad you found us. ☺

    I would like to give a warm welcome to all of our new members. We are glad to have you, and I look forward to getting to know you all better.
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    Welcome to our new member, Riversong. Also, welcome back, Starfall.

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    I am bumping our recruiting thread. This is just filler text. Have a good day. The new production derby tasks are a good idea. ☺

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