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    Full information on major attack strategies and army compositions

    This topic represents a detailed list of all the major attack strategies and army compositions there are in Clash of Clans. To avoid any further concerns, here are the maximum number of troops and spells you can have at each Town Hall.

    Town Hall 7: 200 troops, 6 Spells
    Town Hall 8: 200 troops,
    7 Spells Capacity
    Town Hall 9: 220 troops, 9
    Spells Capacity
    Town Hall 10: 240 troops,
    11 Spells Capacity

    --CLICK on any of the attack styles from the map below and you will be
    redirected to the specific guide! --

    For those who cannot click on the map above I also made a list below here to click for the specific guide.
    Please click on any of the following army compositions to get to attack strategy guide:

    Archers ()
    Giant+Healer ()
    Mass Dragons ()
    Hog Riders ( )
    GoWiWi ( )
    GoWiPe ( )
    GoWiVa ( )
    LavaLoonion ( )
    GoLaLoon ( )

    - Suggested for TH7
    - Suggested for TH8
    - Suggested for TH9
    - Suggested for TH10
    - Includes video content

    • Please note the above suggestions are for either farm or war, they do not aim at one in particular. Some of them may be more useful in a war attack, some in a farm attack. (Example: All archers won't be used in war, while hog riders won't usually be used for farming).
    • Please note I do not try to reinvent the wheel here; each of the above attack strategies have been explained from my own perspective and experience.

    Other attack strategies:

    (My topic focuses on the major attacking styles and therefore will ignore the small farming strategies)

    Please reply with: Any mistakes you find | Any suggestions you have | ​Any comments you want to make

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