Queenwalk Lavalooning is such a good way to 3star. In fact, many bases have became a victim to queenwalk lavaloon, even most popular th9 anti3 bases.
As a result people have changed from making anti witch based to anti lalo( not spam, sucs unless ur talkin about pentalalo) bases, which makes queenwalk more harder to complete all its objectives:
These are:
1. Destroying air defenses
2. Destroying enemy queen
3. Destroying CC troops

People now have put many storages next to the queen, to prevent the queenwalk from attacking thrte and kill the queen. Also, bomb towers or splash towers have been put such that no skele spells can be dropped.

So what now? Witches are good old dummy boring. So lets bring our good pal in: electro drag
What the edrag simply does is to destroy the queen and the storages with one rage. Its so simple that it will automatically knock her out within one shot.
Sadly, players have put seeking airmines near this compartment to stop witch slap from attacking here.
But, we can simply defuse it with a lavahound, the queen will attack the hound while the edrag fries the queen!

Here is the conclusion of the attack:
1. Start queenwalking. Destroy as many air defenses as u can but try not to mess the lavahound pathing up.( normally you want to destroy at least 2 air defenses)
2. Destroy the cc and direct your queen to the side of the enemy queen and the storages.
3. When ur queen starts getting to the middle, deploy your edrag. Make sure it stays into the conpartment and not wander outside and eat trash buildings.
4. When enemy queen had a question mark next to her head, rage the edrag and send in hound and loon.
5. The queen will target the hound which will attract the edrag, making it seeep the queen away.
6. Now u just have to laloon the rest of the base.
7. Cleanup and fetch 3stars

This strategy has been verified by multiple th9 friendly challengers in th9 friendly challenge clans. It is proven to be useful in terms of attacking a protected queen base.
Good luck and hope you have bettet attacks on th9 fellows!