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    Finish the giant healer comp soon pls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheArbiter View Post
    Finish the giant healer comp soon pls.
    I actually wanted to leave that one the last since I know very little about giant+healer, since I used it long time ago and forgot most of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheOneTheyCallSmasher View Post
    These are some awesome guides!

    I'm going to try GoWiPe, so I read the GoWiPe section and saw that you've said that we should use a jump spell.

    For a th8, do we replace that with a heal spell?

    Yes as a th8 you will replace that with a jump spell. Also, as a th8 there are less walls, less buildings and therefore less compartments so a jump spell, even if you would be able to bring one, I think it would be kind of a waste. If you do the clearing around the base well enough, then your troops will head to the centre for sure.
    Quote Originally Posted by Koof View Post
    Okay. I shall make my own thread after I have a few guides written, and will just simply inform you either by VM (most likely) or PM of the link

    But I have to say, this is still a great guide
    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelman185 View Post
    Nice guides! There's a good handful of in depth Dragoon strategies for TH8. Like:

    11 Light
    105 Light/.21/.12
    Dragon Snipe

    This youtuber JTJ U has a good handful of videos telling you what strats to use on certain base layouts. Their layout and the Army/Spell comp makes a huge difference.
    It is quite hard to explain all of them in one topic, but after I finish the entire topic I might check YouTube and include several videos for alternatives at the end of each attack strategy.
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    Great guide... but your army composition for TH10 exceeds 240 space

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    Way to go Mr.d !

    Too much effort here

    Where is ballonion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealGinngie View Post
    Are you using internet explorer? Because you're about a month late.

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    Add wizard healer. BTW nice guide
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    You are cool.

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    Amazing guide! Really informative and you don't have to go all over the forums for different strats .
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    Why Would u share all this. I personally prefer to discover my strategies on my own. Even though. They are no big deal just have to play long enough.BTW a brilliant post.
    i can only imagine how much time it took u to write all of this.I'm here first time in this section of the forum.

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    for the golaloon are you going to include the differences between shattered and cold blood and scenarios on when to use each? Also, if possible, I would like to see a holowiwi strategy guide along with a gohowiwi, but these are just suggestions.
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    Recruitment thread :

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