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    Help please

    I only get about 40 %on lava loon attack any tips please

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    Would love to see some updates to this now with the new meta and farming armies in mind.

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    Hi, is there any tip ont this "new" attack that ive been seing:
    - 2 Golem, 15 wiz, 10 witches, plus CC (which i think that might have withces, wizs and arch), and spells that i think are 2 js, 1/2 Rage, 1/2 Freeze and a Poison/Haste.

    if possible confirm the cc and spells as well as some tip on it.

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    Don't waste your time on this horse excrement. Flying troops are the kings of nerf and can't even tally one damned star against th9s. Lava lo/ laloons dragloons, whatever. Start calling it crafa, short for ♥♥♥♥ factory. Minions? Right. Minions lol

    placing spells is absolutely key, make sure you place them on a real attack.

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    The new GiWiKi strategy

    GiWiKi attack Strategy for TH7 (CoC The best alternative for mass dragon th7)

    This is a very good alternative for mass dragon. With this attack strategy you can 3 star any maxed TH7 with maxed teslas also.

    GiWiKi stands for Giant - Wizard - King, the order in which i drop them.

    Enjoy the video, don't miss out the last part saying why is strategy works

    With this attack strategy you can 3 star any maxed TH7 with maxed teslas also.
    Steps to follow :
    1) Drop the giants in parallel to the wall
    2) Immediately drop a line of wizards behind the giants inparallel
    3) Now similarly drop lines of archers
    4) Use one rage spell and drop the Wall Breakers
    5) If a dragon or any other powerful troops come from the enemy's clan castle, drop all the minions to destroy it, archers and wizards will also be attackig them
    6) Now drop your clan castle troops(I prefer giants) and the king
    7) Use Heal spells to heal the units in the middle.
    8) Once any air defense get destroyed, drop the Dragon on the other side of the AD to clean sweep the base

    1) The Giants are uesd as the meat to take attacks from the various defenses and the "wizards and the archers are the actual attackers"
    2) A single lvl4 wall breaker can break a pink or a purple wall when inside a rage spell, and wiz can cause very high damage when in rage spell
    3) Now the king can directly go to the middle of the base, otherwise if the king is dropped in the beginning of the attack, he would simply be clearing the collectors and other building outside
    4) And finally the dragons and minions can completely clean a base to get you a 100% (sometimes i don't drop the dragon)


    GiWiKi stands for Giant - Wizard - King, the order in which i drop them.

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    GoLaLoon = Epic

    I'm champ 2 and this is the only attack I use, almost always a 2 star atleast. If you have all troops and spells needed Max "like I do" shouldn't be hard to climb to champ 1 with this squad. 😜

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    TH8 GoWipe troop placement

    So I got golems now along with my lvl5 wiz and lvl2 pekkas and my barb king is lvl 5 and I wana use that strategy but I'm not getting the job done I think is the order and placement I'm throwing my troops at. I'm really would appreciate you guys advise cuz I'm stuck and my clan doesnt seem to care about helping me so if anyone can help me out of this slump I'd really appreciate that

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    I think perhaps this thread could use some updating if it's going to be stickied.

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    This thread needs to go away/ irrelevant now

    Since it has been replied to so many times, i will voice my displeasure here on all these rapid updates. Makes no sense to fix what's not broken but when broken it can be repaired if you allow the community to repair. Forum layout for supercell to begin with is terrible but a bowler? Really? How about a pokemon with a shotgun next then robin hood throwing diapers, game on then. The first update imo was way to much at once but instead of letting the community to catch up besides the dudes that could have bought a car with their money spent, it's not right, not fair, and flat out stupid. First we overpower witches, then we nerf witches while at the same time overpowering inferno's once again. Just give th7 inferno's at this point if you really want to balance. Give them that weird, ridiculous idea bowler troop also. The only reason i am still playing this game is because of the relationship and rapport i have with my clan. Otherwise forget it, it's constant panict mode. Leave it alone, let players adapt, let them be creative, they somehow fix the screwups (example queen walk). If the intent is for coc to be like clash royale, yeah not gonna work. That game not only has so many glitces but it's ridiculous. Please!!!!!!! Seperate your ideas of royale from coc!!!!!

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