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Thread: New troop: VOLCANO MAGE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyVince View Post


    Table of Contents
    I. Description
    II. Summary
    III. The Volcano Mage
    IV. Statistics
    V. Sound too powerful? Look again!
    VI. Attacking strategies
    VII. How to redo your base
    VIII. Thanks for reading!
    IX. Latest update


    ✔ The Volcano Mage fires lava at his targets, doing low damage.
    ✔ This troop has a built-in ring of fire in which anything inside will take more damage from your attacking troops.
    ✔ Heroes and defending Clan Castle troops can also be affected by this ring of fire.
    ✔ The damage between multiple Volcano Mages does stack, but Volcano Mages themselves are not affected by the fire.
    ✔ A strategic troop especially for ground and hybrid army compositions.

    The Volcano Mage
    When deployed the Volcano Mage will walk to the nearest target, like many other troops. However, a ring of fire follows this troop around and anything inside the radius (that's not a friendly unit) will take more damage from your other troops. Although he does low damage himself, the Volcano Mage can boost the damage significantly of many armies.


    ✔ Housing space: 14
    ✔ Training time: 10 minutes
    ✔ Movement speed: 18
    ✔ Attack speed: 1.8 seconds
    ✔ Range (of attack and fire ring): 4 tiles
    ✔ Dark Barracks level unlocked at: 7

    Level Damage per second Damage per attack Damage boost Hitpoints Training cost Research cost Laboratory level required Research time
    1 25 45 70% 142 230 N/A N/A N/A
    2 30 54 80% 164 245 60,000 8 10 days
    3 40 72 100% 206 280 80,000 9 12 days
    4 55 99 140% 260 320 120,000 9 14 days

    Sound too powerful? Look again!

    The Volcano Mage has low HP, meaning he should not be deployed as a front-line unit else he will be quickly destroyed and his damage increase will be useless. Giant Bombs can also cause significant trouble to these troops, meaning a troop similar to the Rabbit could be very beneficial to clearing the area before the Volcano Mage is dropped.

    Attacking strategies
    ✔ Good to have included in any ground army composition (GoWiWi, GoWiPe) but especially useful in hybrid attacks (GoHo, GoLaLoon) to help the Kill-squad quickly burn through heroes or Air Defenses.
    ✔ The Volcano Mage needs to be tanked so he can help units take down important core buildings or dangerous units (Inferno Towers, X-Bows) that are usually in the center of the base faster.

    How to redo your base

    ✔ Leave open spaces in your base to trick the attacker into thinking there may be a Giant Bomb there, as it is a very useful tool for ridding of the Volcano Mage early.
    ✔ Placing traps on the outside of your base will also help dispose of any Volcano Mage that may be deployed without a proper tank or troop to scour for any traps.

    Thanks for reading!
    Comments and ideas for improvement are greatly appreciated! I'd also like to thank Clannis for the artwork of the Volcano Mage and Charbeldegr8 for the image of Dark Barracks level 7.

    Latest update (12/1/15)
    ✔ Laboratory level 9 is now confirmed, so all question marks removed!

    looks cool it needs to be added
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