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Thread: Gathering Data for my [Guide to Transition from a 2-Star Clan to 3-Star War Clan]

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    Gathering Data for my [Guide to Transition from a 2-Star Clan to 3-Star War Clan]

    Gathering Facts for My [Guide to Transition from a 2-Star Clan to a 3-Star Clan]

    This transition guide will contain both information required for an individual that is transitioning into an Elite TH9 as well as Preparing the steps for clan mates to shift from a mediocre clan war, into an Elite 3-starring war clan that is well structured. Intended for Clans/Clan Leaders to convert their clan. This is not the actual guide, the true guide will be made within my website.

    My website where I create mostly TH9/Elite War guides:

    If you have anything to contribute for the subtopics, whether it's actual facts, youtube links, links to good guides for Elite TH9 war, please post it here. I'm not too informed with regards to Elite TH9/TH10 youtubers other than Onehive (sorry T_T), so any links would be appreciated. Please note that I'm not looking for guides on how to attack. That is an individual level of managing, and I'm focusing on the structural level of a clan. So things like setting up a website for members to learn, mandatory Clashcaller calling your attacks, are some good examples of something I'm looking for.

    Also, I guess I put the wrong title so people weren't as interested in my last thread:

    There are many guides out there who only tackle the individual aspect of creating an Elite War Clan, for example "recruit those that can use hogs and loons, not gowipe," but there isn't a single guide out that I find that gives the leader's in-depth explanation towards having a healthy structurally intact clan. For example, if you compare two clans that both recruit "those that can hog and loon" the quality and mindset of the clans might totally be different, Let's say Clan A one clan recruits 15 of these types of players by advertising their clan in the forum in 2 weeks, but only 3 are good, while the 12 hop away. This doesn't give a 'solid' foundation or impression of having a good solid clan. Now let's say Clan B recruits 6 players in two weeks but selectively picks them based on their description (let's say in their requirements, they talk about how they are more skilled in hogs than in loons), out of these 6, maybe 2-4 would stay. But the impression for which Clan A and Clan B gives off is totally different even though their requirements are the same. The structure of the clan is created from the management of the Co-leaders.

    As a clan leader though, the need to focus on which direction the clan is going for, which members don't meet the minimum requirement, as well as the organization of the clan (battle phase? attack within the first 8 hrs of war?) is all decided by the clan leader's when they try to set the foundation of the clan. This guide is almost like a check list for Co-leader to focus on in order to create a sounding Elite War Clan. Your clan might already have some of these steps, but without reinforcing and providing opportunities for clanmates to use these steps, then it would be useless.


    All of these key points can be disputed and discussed:

    [1000]Why 2-Star Clans Exist
    [2000]The Tipping Point
    [3000]The Transitioning Process
    ~~[3100]Splitting Transition
    ~~[3200]Transformation Transition
    [4000]Some Relevant Facts
    [5000]Personal Experience of clan slowly experiencing a Shift to 2 Star War Clan

    [1000]Why 2-Star Clans Exist

    When it comes to managing a Clan there are two components: the Individual attacks (so the actual attacking the base for the 3 star), and the structural implementation of the clan (so Battle Phase, clean up phase, calling your base, those using clash caller website, etc).

    Now you have so many members that continue to use attacks such as Gowipe/Gowiwi or any of the 2 Star attacks. So why are they continuously the 2 star composition? It's because it's more simple and more easier to do and no one has said anything during war. Those that are more of the 'explorer' type will be willing to take more risk towards trying new attacks, but those that have 'mastered' the simple attacks such as gowipe (going to use Gowipe as an example) will just stick to these attacks and never try new attacks afterwards due to the fact that results of 2 stars looks good. The situations will make it so they the base they select will be made to fit the troops, and not the troops are made in order to fit the base they selection. I mean people like consistency, why try for the 3 star with hogs and get 0-1 star every other attack when you can get 2 star easily with the easy Gowipe?

    There are many occasions where members of the clan will ask "which base should I hit?' and then you check their troops, and they already pre-built a 220, all spell made Gowipe. They aren't even learning how to address and tackle the tricky base, but they would rather the base they pick be weaker than the troops they have. They might have the 8-12Wall breakers in their composition, but the base that are available might just be a "Southern Teaser" where there is only one layer of wall at the bottom. Then what's the point of the wall breakers? It's because of how the person has already settled with the same one-trick pony attack and 'mastered' this composition. This does not work in the higher base where walls are high level, defenses in TH9 is maxed out, and the layout is all sorts of compartments.

    It is not the individual's fault, but the clan's structural ability to teach fault. All of this could have been prevented if the clan structure had implemented and provide requirements and standards for the individuals to learn and experience a working attack and giving them examples and requirements for them to learn.

    For example: A rookie TH8 transitioning to TH9, is in a clan who is in an "Elite Hardcore War" clan who requires those to learn hogs, side looning, gowiwi, lavaloon and breaking down the base will natural start to question and learn how to do these steps. This rookie might have already have Lv4 Hogs from TH8 and start to Hogging the weaker TH9 with bad design, then seeing how most of the clan is Lv6 Looning outside defenses, and gowiwi-ing, this person will then ask and learn how to do this as well, because everyone in the clan is doing it. If he Gowipes continuously, the leaders can tell him to stop with the 2 star attacks and learn a 3 star attack which will help him in future wars, and maybe try out new ways of attacking for the 3 star.

    But the same transitioning TH9 rookie in a different, mediocre "War Clan" has only the basic requirements of attack for star and that's it. The rookie who opened access gowipe and gotten 2-3 stars against weak bases before, that now has access to a Queen will do Gowipe and aim for the 2 stars. This rookie will continue with the 2 star attacks because 2 stars feels like they contributing. No leaders are questioning the use of Gowipe/2 star attack, and they just allow different members to get the 3 star, and since they are winning clan wars at the lower level, they feel like they have done enough.

    Afterwards when all the TH9 bases the clan faces are all upgraded, high level walls, this rookie will still be gowiwi-ing because that is what they have been doing all the time the wars, not being questioned, and this rookie just pre-make the troops and just attack lower and weaker bases.

    [2000] The Tipping Point

    There comes a point in a clan where you feel like you are doing excellent in war, and you have all your members covering for each other, but then as your all of your member's base level up, and get to the point where you fight harder and harder battle, you come to realize that it's an uphill battle and it's up to the co-leaders to decide what to do to deal with this issue. Either you face that that you are as strong as you can get, and face the hardship of the new era, or you change in order to deal with the upcoming troubles.

    Some reason why the Tipping Point happens:
    -The clan's 'weight' when it comes to match making algorithm is going up too fast and your clan doesn't know how to 3 star
    -Some members are complaining that they are doing all the work in the clan providing the 3 star and there is a discourse
    -The pressure from not getting enough 3 star gets bigger
    -those who are passionate about clan war wish for those that aren't to step it up
    -the 'hardcore' players wish for the clan to be more serious for way
    -not enough 3 star members to cover all the bases

    [3000]The Transitioning Process

    There are a few possible steps to take when it comes:

    [3100][Splitting Transition](A 2-4 Week process)
    Which is you cut the loose weak members off, and start fresh.
    Steps include:

    -kicking weak/filter members
    -Mass recruiting
    -restrictions and new requirements
    -keeping strong members
    -structural reconstruction of requirements

    -straight cut to the wound, allowing change to come quicker
    -Quick Phase shifting and sets the tone for the new war
    -easier to implement new changes
    -new people, new skills
    -can get better members with more potential
    -can tackle any of the main problem more easily
    -single minded goal towards creating the clan with a focus


    -loyalty/morale drops harshly
    -lose many loyal members, even dedicated ones
    -many more members will leave due to unstable conditions
    -ex-loyal members will potentially set up a new clan, and bash your clan and making you not feel good on the inside
    -unstable period where clan isn't comfortable
    -risk of not haven't enough members, and clan collapsing
    -might not get anymore recruits with potential due to your clan being smaller

    [3200][Transformation Transition]
    (1 Month to 1 1/2 Month Process)
    You got many loyal members and you don't want any of them gone, but you want your clan to succeed.

    -Setting up new requirements and restrictions
    -timeline for change
    -adjustment War attacks Requirements
    -closing off recruitments
    -re-structuralizing the clan
    -individual upgrade requirements


    -Loyal members are given a chance to change
    -structure of the clan stays intact
    -Less chances of the clan splitting into a new clan
    -invest in a brighter future by enduring some hardships
    -Keep a stronger range of members

    -slow process which might not work in time
    -results in clan war can be jeopardized during the change(you could see a few loses in the clan record)
    -There might be a discourse between clan leaders/ group of members that don't want to change
    -conflict of what to do, and loyal members dislike the new laws
    -risk of losing loyal member because they aren't able to keep up
    -morale will slowly decline over time until the change has been made
    -if it does not work, you'll be forced to go to the [Splitting Transition]

    [4000]Some Relevant Facts

    Base Requirements:
    My[Base Break Down - Guide to Creation and Dissection] to explain more of what a base needs/what to look when you attack a base

    Why You Should Stop Upgrading
    [PSA: Stop Upgrading your Defences]

    Short explanation between the Differences of 2 star and 3 star War bases.
    [War Base Definition - Exploring the definition of a War Base]

    War Requirements:
    Olivier from ExclusiveEmpire's thread on[How to War at the Highest Level]

    SKIP THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE BORED, this is just what I believe most clan experience.

    [5000][Personal experience of clan slowly experiencing a shift into 2 Star War Clan

    Thank you my old clan for this personal experience. This is in all in the past now and we've moved on .

    As a person who was fascinated by the individuals and how the progress of war was going, I noticed a trend within my old clan that was continuing to happen. We were a TH8 clan transiting into Mid-TH9 which the Hi-TH9 started to pop up as well. We always gotten 3 stars on bases from #13-45, and we were a weekly war clan that does war exactly the same time period each week. I noticed that as we are getting stronger, the bases that we are facing that we once 3 starred from #13-45, shifted into #16-45 then continued to go lower and lower into #20-45, then to even #23-45. It was due to the fact that TH9 bases were getting harder and harder, keeping in mind how some of the members within the clans aren't changing their attacks as we would like, the shift in where the distribution of attacks were taking place as well as the fact that all the attacks were heading towards the lower half of the base.

    If you saw my example as above, even though it wasn't as severe, there was certainly a shift between what we could handle at the #5-15 area compared to the offence.

    If you look at this image (based on the attacks used in war):

    The red 3-star line is pretty obvious. The 'hills' represents the distribution of attacks towards the numbers.

    You can see that, the first graph showed all the 3 star were where the Low-TH9s were between the 5-14. When you look at the second graph, you can see that the Red 3-star line actually shifted downwards comparably to the the low TH9s. At the time of this graph that was being made it was already War 39-40 where you can see the "Gap Difference" was happening. The bottom right graph showed what needs to be done, in order to address this concern about learning how to attack the mid-top #5-20 area again.

    If you look at this image was the War #38 that was came up after I already done the graph above:

    You can see that my predictions for war #38 were true, and that most #15-20 of our clan's attack, shifted to attack more bottom of the #s, rather that being able to address the middle area. I predicted that the pace of which the clan's learning curve is getting more tougher and I had to propose some requirements of the clan improving Clan war individuals to 'catch up' in offence, learning goho,[base break down], and virtual learning how to be more proficient at war and use better attacks. My solution was rejected though due to the learning curve and the pace of teaching being difficult to achieve.


    Fast forward now I am in a new clan, and I also surveyed and reviewed the attacks and the reason why this new clan was getting low scores and you can see that even though this is a "war clan", the attacks used weren't addressed to the right base, and the fact that only about 1/4 of the TH9 new how to holo/goho/hogs, while the remaining clan were focused with lavaloon/gowiwi.

    This is the results from the war, showing all the attacks vs the type of base (i got permission to post and I shuffled the names so they remain anonymous). As you can see the red marks the bad attacks and the correct base selection towards the attack.
    The results of the war only gave 11 Three-Stars, and about 24 2-stars. This shows more of how even the better War clans, need to adaptable and teach Base break down types of attacks in order to 3 star.


    To this day, I have some regrets over the fact that I couldn't take part in my old clan's Transition due to me being alittle too hardcore, and my previous clan doesn't value War as much as I thought. Our goals and steps to change were different. There are many story in in CoC where clans split due to War, so I'm here to provide the safer steps towards helping your clan successed in War.
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    Wow, a lot of work went into this. I'll have to review it later.
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    Wow! Very well done! The graphs are a bit hard to understand but all in all, good job!

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    Lol someone put a 1 star rating for it , oh well, the graphs just explain the attacks used against the opponent number and the "weight" of which the people in the clan focus in. The one with the spreadsheet shows how many users uses 2 star attack strategy in the clan and results of it being 2 stars. The red indicates the 2 star attacks/not the correct attack to be using.

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    Good read. Currently in same stage myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPapiSolis View Post
    Good read. Currently in same stage myself.
    Thanks for the comment, sometimes it stinks to be in a half decent half good clan, and not all members are pulling their weight in war. Just hoping this would be like a walkthrough/checklist for those that wish for their clans to be better.

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    Good job akiyume

    Hello akiyume its a good read and it will help my clan too Because we are making a transition to a 3 star war clan I'm waiting your new bases buddy
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    Wow lot of good stuff to digest. Great work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendd View Post
    Hello akiyume its a good read and it will help my clan too Because we are making a transition to a 3 star war clan I'm waiting your new bases buddy
    Hehe, good to know. You got any experiences that you can share? Would help to tackle and identify the key problems. And my new bases are still being worked on xD
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    Bump, common give me some experience one had with this, I'm sure there are plenty of you guys out there who experience the pain of the shift needed for the clan to change.

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