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Thread: What Would You Like To See Added To The Game??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymouscapra View Post
    It would be nice if there were more ways to help other players. Sometimes I come across a friend's stand full of building materials and I clean them out. When I do this I try to see if they need help filling their boat or need something revived but most often they have no boat docked or bushes that need revival. Or maybe I don't have enough of what they need for the boat. I wish we could:

    also help with truck orders
    Be able to give gifts from our barn or silo of our choosing(it would be even nicer if we had a place for players to post what they need so others can leave it.)

    I feel like there is not much interaction that can be done with other players other than the boat. And since we can't fill partial orders I often just feel bad when I clear someone out and have no way to repay other than to offer good items at my stand (but there's no way for sure that they'd get them.)

    it would also be nice to be able to say thanks to people you run across in the paper who have good things for sale. Since they disappear after the ad is gone, there is no way to ever repay them.

    This is a fab idea. I always try to give some help back if I find good things in the paper, always checking their farm before I leave. I can see that people need land expansion items, and I've expanded all my land, and would love to be able to help someone expand their farm with the extra that I gain from harvesting, or mystery boxes. But there is no way of asking them if they want/need help. This would be a great feature.

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    How about a bee hive and we feed them flowers and collect honey. Don't know what we'd use honey for but I like the idea of bees!

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    Ability to move house and drive around to other locations on the farm

    Would be nice to be able to move everything around on the farm. The house, etc. Just a thought.

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    What Would You Like to See...

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    My personal wish is that you guys put more fruits like 1- oranges 2-grapes 3- bananas 3-kiwis 4-watermelon. And more vegetables like - onions - cabbage- potato - sweet pepper and a lot more but i would be very happy if you guys add these things in thank you.

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    I think it would be a great benefit to be able to move EVERYTHING... Trees, house, board, driveway, boating docks, etc. I love having all the trees I don't like to cut them down to make room...

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    Item search

    It would be neat if there was a way in the newspaper if you could click on an item and see every farm that has that item for sale versus hoping you may see it in the paper because the paper doesnt show you whats available on every farm at that time

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    I have an issue with how for example the current event is going on with farmers coming to purchase from you and they are paying double the amount....before this event it was like farmers were coming to my farm back to back i would always have two farmers at a time showing up, now that the event is going on im having maybe 1 farmer every 5 its like you slow down the flow of farmers because they are paying double, but we are growing all these crops that may not get bought then we are stuck after this event trying to get rid of unwanted/needed crops

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    Neighborhood stats

    I'd like to see neighborhood stats available to all neighborhood members. Stats should show how much members have been helping in both the global events and helping other members of the neighborhood. I feel this would create some competition within each neighborhood and promote more cooperation. It would also assist leaders/co-leaders in exposing the inactive members or those who are taking advantage of the neighborhood's members without contributing themselves.

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