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Thread: [TH8 Farming Base] Gates of Babylon

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    [TH8 Farming Base] Gates of Babylon

    [Gates of Babylon] A TH8 DE/Gold Protection Base
    The once great city of Babylon... With it, secrets and treasures await those who are willing to enter.

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Base Design
    • Mechanics
    • Pros/Cons
    • Defense Logs


    Welcome to my first ever base thread! Today, I will show you a labyrinth base dedicated to two goals: creating chaos while troops roam around the base and separating them from defense-first troops and tier 1 troops. Much like the Gates of Babylon, there are eight gates in all, with Ishtar gate being the eighth and main gate surrounding Babylon. Each of these gates all have a different way of pathing the troops but will ultimately lead the troops to the same target. The reasoning behind this theory is the following: if one sees the base to be fully symmetrical, that person will attack anywhere they want to because, of course, it is symmetrical. Because of this, I wanted to confuse the attackers by having them analyze the path that they will eventually take, wasting a bit of time in the process, if at all possible. With this path, the troops are destined to fall into numerous traps such as bombs, spring traps and, depending on which path the attacker takes, giant bombs. Below, I will show the different gates and how it should path the troops to where I want them to go.

    As I will always say in any base that I will make: I am open for discussions and can accept constructive criticism from any and all who are willing to read and examine this base.

    A little background info about myself before I start explaining the mechanics behind my base. I have been an avid base designer since TH6 but the lack of walls and defenses hindered my ability to be able to make such bases. Once I joined the forums, approximately a month or two after I started playing clash (TH6 at this time), I found ReplEHís Clockwork design and have tried to make bases that was similar to it...with no luck. Once I moved on to TH7, I tried my hands on base designing again but the lack of walls and lack of defenses were a real hindrance to me. While searching in the forums for inspirations to make my own base, I came upon Avernicusí laby designs and inspired me to create these kinds of unorthodox bases but with such little walls, I knew I had to move on to the next TH level. I maxed what I wanted to and moved on to TH8. From here, the 50 extra walls and the many different defenses I got with it were more than enough to create bases as far my imagination can take me. Inspired by the many laby designs that Avernicus, TheJ and Shad made, I came up with this base. Kudos to you and keep doing what you guys are best at doing.

    Without further ado, here is Gates of Babylon.

    Base Design

    Base with walls and traps

    Base with walls, traps and CC radius

    Base with everything included

    Better DE protection


    These are the first two gates I want to show. From the archer tower, giants will be funneled to the right cannon and then going back to the left cannon, all the while receiving damage from mortars and remaining point defenses. While the giants are funneled into the AD, they will be sprung by the spring traps. Tier 1 troops will be funneled into the elixir or the gold storage where a GB awaits.

    The next two gates feature a DBG placement, however I donít place DBGs here for the sole purpose of using the GB for gold protection instead. As shown, giants have numerous pathings that will lead them into a spring trap. They are also being struck by teslas and splash damage.

    The next two gates, as shown, are not as special as the rest. These gates have typical giant pathing. AT → Cannon or the other way around which will eventually lead into the mortar. Ideal order for giants to take is Cannon → AT because this will lead them into the mortar without detonating the GB.

    The last two gates feature an obvious path for troop separation. From the AT, giants will go directly to the AD while tier 1 troops will go for the elixir storage.


    • Triangulated WT
    • Triangulated AD
    • Squared Mortars
    • Great against giant-based armies
    • Great against barch/bam
    • GB covers Gold storages
    • Numerous funneling
    • Flexibility of Tesla/GB placements


    • One side is more WT protected while the other is more AD protected
    • Very much hoggable
    • Features only 1 DBG placement
    • Large core
    • Weak to wallbreakers
    • Susceptible to strong TH9 attacks and Royals
    • Protects only one primary resource

    *Logs will be posted in the next post
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    [TH8 Farming Base] Gates of Babylon

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    Please look at the storages stolen vs. troops used in the attacks (paying close attention to the levels of these troops). All of these logs have minions and archers inside the CC. Most of these logs had upgrading Teslas, WT, AD and Mortars.

    Here are some logs of an earlier version, later on tweaked for maximum potential:

    These are more up-to-date with the current base:

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    [TH8 Farming Base] Gates of Babylon

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    Great base! Good job, I would use it if i was a th8

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    Sweet base Shozen, can't wait for more from you in the future. You nailed the thread and the base, 2 thumbs up for you

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    Nice work there! I like how you studied the AI pathing and created roads for them to walk all over. Segregated storages with sufficient splash coverage. This base would be safer down in the lower gold leagues. I woudn't reckon u to climb up the league until your walls are of higher level (to give it that much feared intimidation it deserves with at least 70% skulls). Overall good job! Looking forward to what you will do next!



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    great base shozen
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    Awesome Dude I love it all! the ai pathing and everything, you have defo put the hard work in! and ndeserve recognition, cant wait for more designs from yo


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    Great base and lovely thread, can't wait to see more from you. Keep it up

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    Great base Shozen with a fantastic write-up! Logs seem to show how excellent this labyrinth is, and I love the name - very fitting.

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    Nice job, great write-up, can you start writing my write-ups bcuz they r so good?
    also, i dont really like the mortar placement her- too exposed, maybe try to fix that? nice base overall!
    Andy why not switch the DE drill with your barb king?
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