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Thread: TRADE-Expansion-Mining-Items-Saws-Axes here (part 9)

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    May 2013

    Have 17 bolts 10 planks

    i need lems 1:2 (m:y) for bolts, 1:3 (m:y) for planks. default

    kik : kaylinpickles

    thank you
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    Jan 2014
    54 deeds
    27 mallets
    2 stakes

    Planks, Bolts
    KiK: Teddy.76
    Hay Day: #RY892L0J
    lvl 104

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    I have 10 nails, will trade for 10 screws (or 10 planks).

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    I have 20 nails & 50 screws

    Need panels or LEMs

    ratio 1:1

    Please kick if interested. Thanks!
    KiK: kimt5436

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    BEM/SEM for LEM

    Hi, i need land exapnsion items. I have:

    65 nails(1:1)
    54 screws(1:1)
    44 tapes(1:2)
    41 wood panels(1:1)
    40 planks(1:3)
    28 bolts(1:2)

    kik for fast response.
    Farm name: Simona
    Level: 64
    Kik: simona.1295

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    My TEMs for your tapes

    Hi All

    I have 20 stone block and 10 tar for your 10 tapes

    30 TEM : 10 Tapes

    If interested, send me a message on kik id : inderjeet.s

    THANKS !!!!!

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    Hate to be the sharpest knife in the knife block here but ummm, all the people asking for LEM and offering nothing in reality in back worth a damn (seeing as 8 days ago LEM was 7/8/9:1 opposed to BEM). You do realize that nearly everyone is doing land, correct? Has it dawned on anyone that you just, maybe, like hmmmm, :mind blown gif: will need to start trading LEM 1:1 with other LEM folks :insert "mind blown" gif: I know this might be a truly monumental concept but you do realize you aren't all going to get what you want with scrubtastic 1:1 / 1:2 ratios on BEM.

    Might wanna stop, well how do I put this, being the dull knives in the drawer that never gets to see the day of light unless the family reunion takes place.
    Successful Trades:​ 10,000+

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    Nov 2014

    need plank bolt

    Have mallet / maker / deed
    ratio 1 : 1 max price
    Fb only

    Kik: gaming2015

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    Sep 2013

    Have LEM, TEM, saws, axes and mining gear!

    Trading for plank, bolt and tape,

    Will also consider nails, panel and screws, lobster and lobster products, pillows and blankets, and the new pasta and hot dog products.

    Kik me your offer for a quick trade. Lower levels sell first, and default price unless otherwise agreed.

    Ps. If you need coins I will buy max price and sell 1 coin!
    GC: Oxzygen
    KIK: oxzyg1
    Level: 145/36. Founder of the "24/7 Heaven" neighborhood (Search 24 7 heaven)
    Facebook traders can connect here:

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    Nov 2013
    Stone Blocks / Bricks for LEM / Tar Buckets / Hammers / Maps (2:1)

    Paint Buckets / Hand Drills for LEM / Tar Buckets / Maps (3:1)

    Kik at alvinbriang

    GC only
    Farm name: Bronica
    Level: 111
    GC: alvinbriang

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