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Thread: TRADE-Expansion-Mining-Items-Saws-Axes here (part 9)

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    ***LEMs, Maps, Saws & Axes to Trade for BEMs & SEMs***

    ***I have LEMs, Maps, Saws & Axes to Trade for BEMs & SEMs***

    Current LEMs in Stock~
    125 Deeds
    130 Mallets
    145 Marker Stakes

    Ratio to Planks- 1.5:1 (Me:You)

    Example: I can trade 15 LEM for 10 Planks

    Current TEMs in Stock
    40 Hammers
    100 Tar Buckets
    40 Stone Blocks

    Ratio to Bolts & Duct Tape~
    (Me:You) 2:1
    ->Ratio to Planks~ 3:1
    Example: I can trade 10 Tar Buckets for 5 Duct Tapes

    Current Tools in Stock
    180 Axes
    180 Saws

    Ratio to Bolts & Duct Tape- 4:1 (Me:You)

    ->Ratio to Planks~ 6:1
    Example: I can trade 40 Axes for Bolts

    Ratio to Screws & Panels- 2:1 (Me:You)

    Example: I can trade 80 Axes for 40 Panels

    Current Maps in Stock
    ~ 38

    Ratio to Bolts & Duct Tape- 1:1 (Me:You)

    ->Ratio to Planks~1.5:1
    Example: I can trade 10 Maps for 10 Duct Tapes

    Ratio to Screws & Panels- 1:3 (Me:You)
    Example: I can trade 10 Maps for 30 Panels


    Partial trades welcomed! If there's no immediate reply it just means I'm busy- I always respond as soon as possible. Multiple kik messages are not necessary, lol. Thank you!

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    Exclamation Trading tapes !

    I can trade 80 tapes and 15 maps for bolts/planks or mallets,markers and deeds.

    kik: vjcpay

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    My markers and mallets for your deeds (1:1 ratio)

    GC trading only. Kik me before I go to bed!

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    I have 30 saws (really hate them, I receive way too many saws), will trade with any bem or panel/deed/marker/mining items.

    Pls kik your ratio.
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    Smile Need LEMs


    I'm looking for deeds, mallets and markers.
    I have about 58 nails and 48 screws to trade.

    GC trade only.

    Kik me at zppm
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    Have deeds. Need mallets and a few stakes

    Trade done for today
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    I have lems!!!

    Hello! I have...
    210 Stakes
    160 Mallets
    140 Deeds

    I am looking to trade for PLANKS and Bolts. Ratio (1:1)

    I also have...
    200 axes
    75 dynamite
    45 TNT
    40 Shovels

    I am looking to trade for saws. Ratio (1:1) for the mining items.

    But I am also willing to trade my LEMS for your saws.

    KIK me if interested!
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    I have lems and tems


    im looking to trade my lems for your tapes/planks at ratio 1:1

    im looking to trade my TEMS for ur tapes/planks in the following ratio
    - tar, hammers, stone blocks at 2:1
    - paint, hand drills and bricks at 3:1

    plz kik for faster response.
    GC & kik. Maritanic2
    Daily player.

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    Shovels and nails for your BEMs and SEMs

    100 shovels. 3:1 for BEMs
    20 nails for 2:1 for BEMs or 1:1 for panels or screws
    30 iron bars for coal bars. 1:1

    partial trades accepted

    kik me for faster response.
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    My 50 deeds for your 50 stakes.


    kik: nalonp

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