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    That's awesome i wld of created a good story just never saw this thread

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    Cool Not my favourite but it'll do!

    Gratz queen bee! There were others that were solid too in the form of poetry. You ought to post honourable mentions! Even just for kicks- no gems required! ;)

    Nice move nevertheless. Keep it up CMs! :)

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    Congratulations QueenBee. Good job.

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    Glad I wasted hours and hours on this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngrehBard View Post
    Congrats QueenBee!

    Plus it's not even a person who just joined for 1 second, they've been here since February!
    I was reading the forum for several days, until this competition arrived and wrote my history. So, for me this competition has been the final step for making my account, as it can be for many other people!

    Plus, i also think that most of new users come here for the gems
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    Grande clash

    Clash si mitico

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    Wasnt it supposed to have 500 words or less? Follow your own rules next time SC.

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    you is wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by WSoares83 View Post
    Wasnt it supposed to have 500 words or less? Follow your own rules next time SC.

    it is less than 500 words... I wish I won... but every1 wants to... there can only be one winner... I wish it was me... but it wasn't... but QueenBee's was good so CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU

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    Congrats queenbee I was thinking on making a rap but thought it was too late haha but congrats

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    Didn't get this entered in time but thought I'd share...

    Scurrying down the side of walls
    Dodge arrows and canon fire
    Gold, elixir, dark or light
    Is all that they desire

    They reach their goal, a hole, the wall
    They rush in with great number
    The bounty's right, it's just in sight
    It's time to take the plunder

    The target gleams and so it seems
    That conquest is too easy
    But up pops out did, teslas shrouded
    Lost many but not all sees he

    But what's this? Of death it's kiss
    A giant bomb surrounded
    The bomb explodes and the little toads
    Have no time to be astounded

    Lots of booty and mighty loot he
    Could have had it all
    But his greed and not great speed
    Was his real downfall

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