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Thread: TH7 Trophy Base

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    Lightbulb TH7 Trophy Base

    Trying to make a TH7 trophy base. Tell me if this is good or if not, tell me why and give me some suggestions on a good base!!

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    Don't put all the outer building in straight lines like that, surround the base with them. The bombs and spring traps could be better used to funnel giants or other troops. Maybe centralize the CC. Other than that, upgrade your defenses.
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    Don't group your mines + collectors together like that in the corner, it's basically just free percentage points for the attacker.

    As for the defenses, your air defenses are clustered towards the lower-right hand side of the base. Also, don't leave defenses outside and unprotected, unless they're upgrading. Try to wall of all defenses, and make sure to spread out and triangulate your 3 mortars, so that they can cover a large area of the base. If you're in an active clan, you should centralise your clan castle, so that troops defending don't get lured out and killed early in the raid.

    As for what to buy/upgrade next, get your Teslas, they are pretty good at defending your base, especially at higher levels.

    I give this base a 3/10, because although I have seen worse, some of the defenses are unprotected, and can be reached with little effort.

    PS: I don't mean to be harsh with giving your base a low score, but I'd rather be critical and point out weaknesses, than say your base is good when it isn't.
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    So I took some of the ideas from this thread I made into consideration like not grouping the collectors and putting important defenses more towards the middle. I also put my army camps in the corners so if people don't spawn troops there at the start, they'll run out of time. So this is my own layout that I made and it's worked pretty well so far. If you have any more input, please let me know!


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