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    Apple store isn't downloading the update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farmeruk View Post
    Yay!! Can't wait to see what's it like in the game.

    Edit: Just updated Hay Day in App Store, but still says maintenance.

    I am getting the same message! Hope to see the servers up soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlindertjee View Post
    Apple store isn't downloading the update.
    It has updated on mine but the server is still under maintenance so no log in yet
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    Various fixes

    Does it also fix the RSS? Like empty shop problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kkrieger View Post
    Hi Nick..
    The Fourtune wheel seems to have some kind of glitch. My wheel never shows gramaphone or picnic basket nd few other gifts which my other hood members got frm wheel. If the same thing happens I don't be getting any new gifts introduced through wheel. Can you suggest something to rectify this ?
    the bad news my friend can get till 8 gramophones because it come so often to her farm,,, on other hand other people never got them from wheel... really not fair

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    why never give a better prize like limited decoration? i dont care about score... at least give us more barn material as prize example 50 item or 200 diamond?, if not i just ignore that derby
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    Hi I am from South Africa the update is not yet available in my play store

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    I'm told to update but no update in app store. I suppose I just have to wait?

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    Hello guys,
    when I try to open HD
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    I have a problem similar to many: When I power the game, it tells me to update to earn free gems. I do so and yet there is no "Update" button on the Play Store page, only the "Open" one. So, when I press "Open", I go back to powering the game, which again tells me to update and so on. So, I'm stuck in a loop. Anyone having the same issue? Is time what is neeeded?

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