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    Love my NH and the Derby

    Quote Originally Posted by peter65 View Post
    I asked the same question, but no response yet.

    In our NH half of the people can't play the derby (because they are too often offline) and I will nor kick them out or leave the NH. so the rest of us never has a change to win.

    If you do some planning of the goals, you can work on them one after another, but the limit of 5 (or 6) has to go.

    BTW why updating the town, but only for the rewards and not letting more people in it (still max 6)?
    In my NH we do not communicate thru chat since most of our members are non english speakers but we work harmoniously. We pick tasks we are able to accomplish and we never fail to place 2nd in the last 3 derbies.
    In our case, it has to do with our Leader's efficiency. What he does is kick out non-participating members reducing the NH to fewer actively playing and helpful members. This may be harsh but it enables our NH to compete head to head and fairly with other NHs. Imagine for example if we are 10 members in our NH and only half of the members are contributing that would place our NH in a disadvantage compared if we will only compete with NHs with only 5 members. PLus, everyone gets the reward in the end. I wouldn't feel deserving to receive the reward if I'm a slacker. Lol.

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    Unfair derby

    Hey guys,
    My Neighbourhood has just experienced an unfair matchmaking in the derby.
    We are a NH of 7 Players and competed with this one NH with 8 Players.
    Other NH in the batch are the same with mine (7 players).
    Although almost all my NH members took the one extra task with diamonds, we were still unable to beat their score. (it's close though : 11438 vs 11894).
    I am wondering if the extra 1 person took part in the derby, or did he/she just joined the NH.

    Do any of you experienced the same thing ?
    I do hope if this is matchmaking mistake, it will get resolved ASAP.
    Please do clarify if I have any mistakes.

    Thanks !

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    Does anything about the derby change during a derby if a player is removed from the neighborhood?

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    How long do you have to collect derby prizes?

    Hi Nick or anyone that can help, I have a neighbor that did great in derby, got an extra task with diamonds then became ill and hospitalized, can't get on HD. Anyone know how long she has to collect her prizes? We won and I would hate for her to miss the extra prize that could be the new decor.
    Hope you haven't already answered this question, looked here and on a link you provided supercell support/help shift but don't think it was working at the moment. In the future if can't find answers is it best to find a thread to ask or what type of things/questions are appropriate to pm you about Nick? Thank You!

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