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    I think the goblins are misunderstood.
    Maybe they just care for their family and for the Chief. I think, they know how hard it is to build a big and strong village, so they just want to get the ressources for a bigger village.
    These goblins are very smart.
    That's the reason, why they first rob the enemy village and then attack the defense etc.
    They really just care about the Chief and they're not resource hungry...

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    Watch your steps!

    Beware to go quiet and under Giants protectiong. Don't let damn mortar or wizard see you, son.

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    ONCE UPON A TIME (french guy sorry for my bad english)

    Once Upon A Time CLASH OF CLANS and the story of thousands small goblins misunderstood by all, their goal was simple, all loot enemy villages to make their owners rich.
    However, the village chief he did not care for them even if it meant to them the almighty god
    That is why for thousands of years the famous green goblin with a poor resistance attacks are submitted and serve only one thing to rage the other villages.

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    Lightbulb The Goblins

    Goblins are misunderstood beings are all we can bare to see in them is to collect loot for themselves, We indeed use them for that task but what may not be noticed is that they are far greater a threat than Barbarians are! Goblins are strong, faster, and give US the money we want, they dont collect for themselves, they collect for us, the are the true troop we need for loot, they will forget about the defences as goblins dont fear them. Goblins are one the greater units and they bring people to higher levels in the game.

    ign - hotshot059

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    Thumbs Up Why clash of clans Is the best

    You know why clash of clans is the best? Lets find out

    all my friends and i love this game and gave this game 5 stars.
    we absolutely think this game is the best from all the games we have played.
    if anyone says that clash of clans is boring i will kill them and I'm serious!
    i am successful in this game even though i don't buy gems.
    but buying gems option is good.
    so i believe clash of clans is the best.
    if you don't give me those gems i will stop playing clash of clans.
    please please please give me gems i really need them for a better base.
    people say my base sucks thats why i need them.
    i love the defences and the troops they are the most important.
    i also love the resources.

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    Lightbulb goblin resource maniac

    for me goblin is a really maniac when it comes to resources.all they think is to steal and grab their loots, they are so greedy they all concerned only is grab the treasure and even it cost their life they dont care they still grab the treasure or loots they want to steal haha no wonder why they are color green. cause maybe they are poisoned because of trap they want to steal

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    The Upgrades keep on coming.

    When we wait for upgrades thats what we do, we Shred and wait to se what waits, at last it come as it announced, Look at my town hall, town hall 10, it looks amazing with the den, We Wait, and wait to see how it performs, We battle we perish and find some loot, atlast the upgrade for my new troops. My dragons strike, strike down troops, We wait at last, we got 50%!
    We behold 4000 Trophies, as the Two they do, Begining with Jorge, and Clayton to. They revenge eachother thats what they do, they wait until they're offline and Destroy they're eachother.
    Sorry if this isnt 400 words but this is my first try on entering a competition

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    Quote Originally Posted by hol View Post
    all right, i'm italian i don't speak english perfectly, i didn't really get what's to do. Anyways,

    goblins are like little green criminals, mafious who like to steal. Growing up, they get more and more into their job, at level 5 they become bosses and get a red mohawk. They take up an eternity to train, but when they get in the field they suck up resources like no one else does. If you let them smoke some good purple weed like rage spell, they become even more thirsty of $$$. They run like they've got some pepper in the butt, no one can stop them. When a deposit is inside of walls, they get soo angry, they break walls at speed light. As they like to say, "get that money!" dawg!
    man, don't copy mine.

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    Wink Goblins: Resource hungry, or just misunderstood?

    Goblins: Resource hungry, or just misunderstood?

    These goblins, being one of the most used troops in clash of clans, have always been a handy tool to have within the game. Many clashers use these troops to steal gold, elixar, and most rare... the dark elixar.

    In my opinion Goblins are misunderstood, and I am going to give reasons for this.....

    Goblins have helped many players when they have started off in the game, for the sheer way in how they can steal gold and elixar from either elixar pumps, gold mines, or even gold/ elixar storages. while avoiding mortar shots, and cannon fire.

    Many clashers use them in conjunction with giants to 1 star the opponents base. Because the giants take the opponents defense damage, while the goblins steal the resources and even get a good damage percentage.

    Goblins could be considered to be greedy and resource crazy troops, but that is down to personal opinion, goblins can be used for any number of tactics, not just for stealing resources, but for 1 starring opponents maps.

    In conclusion I think that it is down to peoples own opinion, and in my mind goblins are just a misunderstood troop which can be used for any number of tactics.

    hope this is read,



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    Goblins the greens thiefs

    first of all i'm a german guy so don't look at my grammar

    Dear Goblins,
    thanks for those much resources you robbed for me from other players!! They helped me a lot to grow up my town as it is now (townhall level 10). I hope you will bring me as much resources since today!!
    If i get under the top 100 players in Germany you get so much food from me that you are going to be much more stronger
    Maybe you can come to me and bring me some real money?! It would be cool
    so have fun in robbing other player's stocks

    Dear stäääff (my CoC username)

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