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Thread: Base Break Down - Guide to the 3-Star Meta-TH9 War Bases [Creation and Dissection]

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    Base Break Down - TH 9 War Base Creation and Dissection

    Base Break Down -

    TH9 War Base Creation and Dissection


    My Website where I will post more in-depth later on:


    (March 19,2015)
    -Added [Guide to Setting up DGB] to the DGB section

    (March 14, 2015)

    -added an update section (lol)
    -expanded Double Giant bomb with more examples
    -moved bottom half of guide to next post due to character limit
    -Reworked the legend and Table of Contents.
    -removed some introduction facts.
    -Added [Future Topics] Section

    This guide is mostly intended to open the eyes to the world of 3-star TH9 meta base creating and break down of bases. It will follow some common mistakes from base building by identifying the AIs of things such as Hogs, witches, and Loons.
    Sorry for any weird terminology that I created, it's just to illustrate my guide better. There might be other terms that are being used in the current game, but I'm sticking with what I know (Since I'm not that informed, I'm self-taught).

    Metaki Series - Unorthodox TH9 Bases
    My Own Base creation thread where I explain my bases:, I don't ever dare to say "best base ever" due to the fact that everything will be can be be beaten, and outdated sooner or later. The things with my base designs though is that they follow the same core theories of being a good 3-star protecting base. They are flexible and explore the new area of what it takes to tackle the current meta. They aren't perfect (My Metaki Series #3 almost got 3ed by Gowipe....), but everything is a concept.

    Difference Between "War Bases" and "Elite War Base" Clan War Types

    I was going to explain the difference between a "2 Star War Clan" and a "3 Star War Clan" but I found an excellent golden thread by KimJongLi,

    Which explains everything and the difference between 3 Stars and 2 Star bases/Wars even better than I would have. Kodos to him.


    [1000]Double Giant Bombs In-depth

    ~~~[1000]Guide to Setting up DGB
    ~~~[1200]The General's Flaw
    ~~~[1300]Watch the Dismantle
    ~~~[1400]Some Bad Hog Pathing Base Designs
    ~~~[1500]Solution - The Hourglass

    [2000]Section Hogging (Work in Progress)
    ~~~[2100]The General Section
    ~~~[2200]Sectioning Base by Parts
    ~~~[2300]Solution - Defense against Section Hogging (WIP)

    [3000]Back End Loons/Side Loons (Work in Progress)
    ~~~[3100] The 2 for 1 Exchange (WIP)
    ~~~[3200]The Turtle Base
    ~~~[3300]The Baconmaker Base
    ~~~[3400]Solution - Defense against Side Loons (WIP)

    [4000]Clan Castle Centralizing (Work in Progress)
    ~~~[4100]Unlurable? (WIP)
    ~~~[4200] Solution - Hybrid Defense against Hogs and Loons (WIP)

    [5000] Minor Topics (Work in Progress)

    ~~~[5100]Symmetrical Bases Stinks (WIP)
    ~~~[5200]Southern Teaser Bases Stinks
    ~~~~~[5210]Southern Teaser Base Break Down Example
    ~~~[5300]Don't use Open Compartment/ Funnel Traps

    ~~~~~[5310]Enemy Base Example

    [6000] Future Topics
    Spell Placement In-depth
    Tesla/Trap Location In-depthJunk Building Placement

    [1000]Double Giant Bombs In-depth

    When it comes to double giant bombs, their main point is to set a trap for the hogs to flow and path into and ultimately all be killed. Double GIant Bomb's true purpose (to me at least) is to divide the sections between which Hogs can take and hogs cannot take. The sections that the Hogs can take though will need minimum 10 Hogs, but since the Double Giant Bomb thread (even if it's a feint) is there, Hogs users have to think more than twice due to the fact that the path of the hogs is threatened by the double giant bombs. There are good examples, and there are poor examples.

    ~~~[1000]Guide to Setting up DGB

    Positioning double giant bombs is important to the base. For a base, there are 'section' which are divided based on the 'weight' of how many defenses are located within this section. The most part a section would contain an AD, a wizard tower, a mortar, 1 archer Tower and 1 cannon. Sound familar? This is because the typical base spreads out the defenses evenly to cover the North/East/South/West locations of the base.

    Let's use this simple image as an example:

    Double giant bombs are used to separate these into it's specifc areas. Here is an example which I see alot, of why double giant bombs are bad.

    Let's say you put you double giant bombs between 2-3 and 2-4. In this scenario, the top 3 sections will be vulnerable to hogs since the DGB are all located within the southern section. Section #1 has no threats for hogs, no matter which direction they go towards, meaning you have isolated #2 from 1-3-4. If they Kill section #2, that means that the hogs will no longer path towards Section #2.

    The good double giant bomb placements will have them parallel/covering the weight evenly between all sections. There will be a threat of the hogs going into the giant bomb no matter which sections they select. This is the reason why placing your DGB at the correct location is important, or else you will allow the place that's heavily weighted to be trampled by hogs.

    Now for the advanced break down of your base:

    Most bases will look something like this, having 4 sections, the outer sections (purple), and 4 inner section (yellow). The weight is distributed as such.

    Here is an example of what bad double giant bomb placement is:

    Sure the double giant bombs are placed parallel in order to prevent the top and the bottom from reaching each other, but notice how there is that concave shape (white) that allows hogs to have access to the base. The Inner sections (yellow) are completely unprotected by any DGB, as long as they can kill off that outer area of DGB/trigger it, they have full access to the whole base going up and down.

    Here is how to correctly do it.

    There are 3 main checklist which you have to address when it comes to DGB. The Outer Layer, The Inner Lead, and the Buffer Zone, which creates "The Hourglass" effect (will talk about that in another section). The Purple represents the outer layer which are all the point defenses that will protect the inner defenses (which are usually the AD, WizardT, and Xbow). Using the inner section as a magnet, you are essentially trying to force them into the inside (the lead), in order to bring them into the true giant bomb locations. In this section, it's hard to dismantle, as well as you have the direction of the hogs under control. The last component you need is the 'Buffer Zone'. This is a KEY thing that most people ignore (like putting teslas beside the giant bombs...), because buffer zone serves as a region where hogs will not path across, as well as giving a parallel effect hourglass qualities to a base.

    Here is an example of using my Metaki Series #1 and Series #3 as an example to show you the components which a base has:

    This is Metaki Base Series#1, you can see that it has the buffer zones, the inner yellow sections, as well as the purple outer layer. The Buffer serves to separate and guide the outer purple layer into the yellow section.

    This is Metaki Base Series#3, alittle more pleasing to the eye, but it still shows the 3 main qualities of outer, inner and buffer zone.

    If you follow these steps, your double giant bomb locations will be placed within the right locations that serve a better purpose of protecting your base. I will explain why Southern Teaser base CANNOT follow this steps, and why it's bad at the Southern Teaser section.


    ~~~[1200]The General's Flaw

    If you look at this image, you can see that the flow of which the hogs are going are not going distributed right, as they only trigger the top giant bomb beside the Mortar. There is really no 'path' for which the hogs can actually trigger both at the same time. The only path that is possible is from the Xbow straight down to the AD, which is impossible due to the Mortar's influence of 'gravity.' Therefore, this double giant bomb location is poor.


    ~~~[1300]Watch out for Dismantling

    If the double giant bomb is located on the outside with a 2x4 space, between two defenses, chances are, they can easily be dismantled by a single/double hog. Hog's AI run straight forward before they actually turn into the direction of the defense. With this in mind, the Hog (shown) will go STRAIGHT into the first giant bomb, then do a slight curve towards the closes defense, triggering a bomb, rendering the double giant bomb harmless.

    A perfect example of a dismantle-able double giant bomb base is the Baconator, where both giant bombs are located out outwards of the base.

    There are other ways of dismantling Double giant bombs as well, which is due to the poor pathing and the sense of how the flow of the hogs would go.

    I'm going to call this the Triple Split :P, just because the cannon is in front of the two defenses, doesn't mean the giant bomb is safe. If someone brings and uses 4 hogs to kill the cannon, and the hogs survives, the AI will follow the above description and still dismantle the bomb.

    This is also a common problem when it comes to placement of defenses close to the giant bomb (especially Teslas). The direction of which the hogs come from is very important and must be included within the equation due to the fact that the Hogs AI go to the path of least resistance. In this example, you can see that if the hogs came from the North, they will be closer to the Xbow, than to the Wizard Tower. Majority of the hogs will migrate and gravitate towards the Xbows, triggering only just one giant bomb, rendering the double set useless.

    ~~~[1400]Some Bad Hog Pathing Base Designs

    Example Base #1: The Side Step

    Here is another example why you have to be careful for where you put the double giant bombs. In this example you can see that if let's say that the hogs come from the direction of the Xbow and then go to the wizard tower (white). At this scenario, most likely the hogs will only trip one giant bomb.
    In the second scenario (Light Blue) is more of the realistic situation, where the hogs come from the north Wizard Tower, and then head straight for the Xbow, then go into the AD and trigger only one bomb.

    Example Base #2

    In this example, you might think that the 'DGB' is at a good location, but if you take a look at the 'sections' and the 'path' of which the hogs follow, you'd see a different story. Because of the fact that the cannon is at the north, the hogs will follow the ArcherT to the cannon (triggering only one bomb), and then go right. The Red circle shows the location of which the giant bomb has literally no chance of being triggered. Show this to your clanmates, and see if they follow the same mistakes as this.


    Example Base #3: The Disconnect

    In this image, let's pretend you can't trigger this double giant bomb with a single hog. In this base the only two paths of which hogs could go over this set of DGB, is either the light blue (from WizT to ArcherT to the mortar), or vise versa (orange). But if this ArcherT isn't protected, and they kill off this island ArcherT, then hogs will NOT cross over the DGB anymore due to the fact that there is no more 'pathing' for the hogs to go over. The Hogs have all of the Green section itself. In this scenario, the best area (with some minor adjustment) where double giant bombs could be place would be where the elixir storage is, so that it separates the two sections, as well as not easily dismantable.


    Example Base #4: The Straight Forward/& The Side Sweep

    In this example, it demonstrates 2 potential risky behaviours which hog AI could do. (sorry clanny for using this D:)

    In the sky blue, you can see that if the hogs come from the AD towards the Mortar, most likely, the hogs would go into the space beside the mortar (since they are a pack), and only trigger one giant bomb. A heal can easily then be used to negate this single giant bomb, so this could be a problem.

    In the orange, I've seen this ALOT, where teslas are beside the DGB. This is extremely bad, due to the fact that it then makes it possible to head straight forward and trigger one giant bomb as it side steps into the 'pair' of defenses. Most likely it will lean towards one of the defenses, either way, it will trigger only one giant bomb. Removing the tesla won't help either, since the Archer Tower is in the center T shaped of the giant bomb. There are solutions to these problems though.

    ~~~[1500]Solution - The Hourglass

    Example #1: Hog flow

    Taken from My Metaki Series #1, this shows what I mean by hog sectioning and hog pathing. If you look at this base, you can see the divide in where there are 5 different 'flows' of which Hogs can follow, but in the end, it is threaten with the fact that it's being pullled inwards towards the defenses and go between the double giant bombs.

    The Hourglass shape
    In order to make double giant bomb trigger at the same time, the pathing of the hogs must follow all together.

    You need to create an hour glass shaped when it comes to defense positioning, so that anything that is close to the giant bombs will not easily allow the pathing to be triggered separately. This Hourglass shaped ensures that two sections are separate as well as the fact that there is a buffer regain where hogs won't accidentally trigger the bomb.

    Example Base #2

    In this example by a fellow clanmate, you can see that it follows the 'hourglass' like shape, where everything funnels inwards towards the DGB, separating the sections. But as you can see by the blue, the 'AI pathing" of the hogs, would rather go AROUND to the sides of the base, so the double spring traps at that location serves no purpose.

    Example Base Design

    Not all bases have to have storages, or junk buildings beside them. In this image, it shows an almost donut like shape, which uses the advantages of side defenses, to reroute the hogs in order to get to the pair where the DGB is located. It is not possible for the hogs to come from the cannon/ArchT to head straight for the AD or WizT due to the fact that the side defenses are the closes targets.

    There may be more scenarios/base designs which could be done in order to properly create a proper DGB pathing, but for now, this should sum up most bases.

    [2000]Section Hogging

    When it comes to hybrid attacks, the most easiest part of it is having big areas that can be easily covered by one heal, and won't be effected by traps. When it comes to Section Hogging, the best way to look at a typical compacted base is to look at it in chunks.

    Now to be explained:

    ~~~[2100]The General Section

    If you look at this image, you can see that since the General's two double giant bombs are located at the south, this north 40% regain is not being protected at all from hogs (other than the Queen). The spring traps are so apparent, but just 2 loons can easily dismantle and kill the Archer Tower, and then the hogs won't path over it. If you consider that heal spells can cover the damage, just 12 hogs, 2 loons,and 1 spell can completely break down the top section of this base.

    ~~~[2200]Sectioning Base by PartsWhen it comes to base designs (especially base designs that are compacted with defenses closely knit together, you can section off areas of a base with hogs to destroy that part. The only fear for hogs is Queen (which you can get out of the way) double giant bomb (which you can identify where they are), as well as spring traps in-between. If you look at 1/4 or 1/2 of a base which lacks any of these 3 components, then you are free to hog.

    Example Base #1

    This is an example of a base (sorry D; ), that my clanmate proposed, but I instantly saw the flaw within this base. First off, it's symmetrical and there is no double giant bomb. Even if there is double giant bomb, they have to be on opposite sides of each other, but if that happens, there will be a clear split into two sections. back to Section hogging, if you look at this image, you can see that in black, I have outline what just a small pack of hogs, + 1 heal spell, has access to over 8 different defenses, before traps get to take them out, and the only threat to their numbers is that single spring trap, and the outside giant bombs. Even if they both were double, the fact that this base is symmetrical (more on that later) and this section is so tightly knit, it's just a free food for the hogs.


    Example Base #2

    In this base, you can see that I have highlighted two "chunks" which a small pack of hogs + 1 heal is able to gobble up by itself. Since there is literally no giant bomb threats, or spring traps threats at all in between, as long as you distract the Queen, the Hogs will be able to break these two section.


    Example Base #3

    Here is another example to show you how effective chunking an area is. In this example you can see there is visibly only 1 threating area within the chunk, but other than that, all 6 of these areas are interlinked, as well as it leads to other areas of the defenses mainly the Xbows.

    ~~~[2300]Solution - Defense against Section Hogging
    There are 3 main ways to prevent areas of the base to be section hogged.

    Example 1:

    1. Path that leads to double giant bomb threat (light blue)
    2. Spring Traps in-between defenses to lower the Hog number (usually a pack is about 12 hogs. Each spring trap is capable to throwing away 3 hogs).

    Example 2:

    3. Wide sections to make it longer for hogs to run around, more 'threatening' chances of traps, as well as the defenses have more time to kill the hogs.

    [Image coming soon]

    I will expand upon this subject later on, but for now, this is appropriate enough.

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    [3000]Back End Loons/Side Loons

    ~~~[3100] The 2 for 1 Exchange
    Work in Progress.

    ~~~[3200]The Turtle Base Looning

    In this image (preview of the bottom left section), you can see that the two/three defense of wizard tower, Archer Tower, and Archer Tower, is really close to the edge of the map. The range of the AD does not premeate to the extend of the defenses, only covering. By using 2 loons, the first one acts as a barrier and shield for the second loon to arrive in front of the enemy defenses and drops one bomb. Afterwards the AD will kill this second loon and it will loon drop and kill the defenses. Archer Towers, Wizard Towers, Mortars all have HP that will not survive Loon Bomb + dive, but cannon will be able to survive this (but unless u make it so that the first loon shielding dive bombs the cannon, therefore it'll be (1)dive+ (2)bomb+dive which will kill the defence.

    ~~~[3200]The Baconmaker Base

    Pretty self explanatory by now, and Holowiwi has broken down the reasons why Baconmaker will no longer work in War. Through the exchange of 2 Loons per defense, can really cripple a base then leading to an easy access to the core. In this image you can see I have also included Hog Dismantling a giant bomb.

    ~~~[3300]Defenses against Side Loons

    [images coming soon] Work In Progress

    There are some ways to defend against Back End/Side Loons which are
    1) closer to the AD so the AD covers the junk path towards the defense
    2)surprise tesla for the extra DPS
    3) Incorperate air traps early on in front of the defences (note: red air mines too close to the outside perimeters can be disabled by a single minion. Seeking doesn't matter since it'll still remove 5space per seeking.)

    [4000]Clan Castle Centralizing

    When it comes to Clan Castle Centralizing, it comes to a point where you have to consider "should I make it unlurable? or should I make it difficult to lure?" Both are very different when it comes to luring. Nothing is really, unlurable, but this term unlurable means if 5 Hogs/loons went to a defenses, their journey from the beginning to their end will not be able to put more than 0-10 troops MAX out of the clan castle (which you have fillers archers for a reason). Hard to lure concept is about making it so that all the defenses are so tightly knit, they will all be killed before they can pull out everything from the clan castle (so your witch will come out during the main assault).

    Both sides have their merits but I prioritize making it 'unlurable' when it comes to my base design so that it will ruin their day more. Problem with making clan castle unlurable is the fact that the radius of the Clan Castle is enormous, In order to make your clan castles unlurable, it means that you'll have to put defenses more closer to the outside. But this in return makes it easier to side loon, and is a really hard cycle.

    As you can see, this set up makes it potentially risking for making clan castles unlurable from all sides (to create a circle) due to the Side Looning that could destroy many defenses.

    ~~~[4200]Solution: Hybrid Defenses vs Hogs and Loons

    [Images Coming Soon]
    The solution to stop these defenses from being picked off combines both Hogs and Loon defense aspects.
    -AD within perimeter range, extends to the junk building
    -traps set up to kill the "first Loon" fast before the "second loon" can drop the bomb.
    -teslas to increase DPS on the second loon.
    - have defense arranged into a V shape so that the one that's furthest from the perimeter will not be reachable, and targetable by Loon AI.

    Against 5 Hogs Pack:
    -Pair up the defenses
    -separate the defenses so that they take longer to run over
    - spring traps between
    - no defenses behind (so that the hogs don't go inside, but go to the pair)

    [5000]Minor Topics

    ~~~[5100]Symmetrical Bases Stinks
    (when it comes to Elite TH9 War Bases)

    You heard me right. Symmetrical Bases Stinks... when it comes to Elite TH9 War Bases. By now you should have already read most of why "The General" Base can be easily dismantled. The conclusion and reason why this is the case is because Symmetrical base's main issue is that if you can attack one side of the base with a simple plan, you can easily mirror the other side with the same plan. If you see a circular base, and you find that it's exactly symmetrical both sides, and you see the Double Giant bombs at the south-west, you can easily predict that the Double Giant Bombs are going to be at the North-east.

    It is because of the feeling of 'symmetrical bases are strong' concept that is drilled directly into our minds, and the 'coverage' of all the defenses are 'so important' and gives yourself the feeling of comfortably balanced base. But this 'comfortable balanced base' applies to your attackers as well, they feel that 'this is a comfortable base to attack' and it's just an easy thing to exploit. What you want to do is make it uncomfortable for the enemy, make him suffer and try to destroy everything in weird areas. If you had to 3 star a super hard base, would you rather go for the comfortably perfect circle base, or that weird designed chaotic walls but everything is covered properly base? Chances are, majority of the attacks will select the comfortable base to attack.

    Here is an example why Symmetrical Bases are really bad:

    Looking at this image, the important part is to see that there are two 'cup' shaped areas which shows how the pathing of the loons would go. There are the 'ribs'/layers which the loons will have to go past, but nonetheless, you can see it's just a bend path for the loons to follow. There are only 5 'layers' for the loons to go through (Outer perimeter, AD/WizT, Core, AD/WizT, Outer Perimeter).

    Now if you look at Spell Placement:

    You can see that this base can be fully covered by spells (Rage/Heal appropiate.)

    I'm not just saying this specific base, but all those compact bases that looks like a + sign, or circular design all have this same, mirrorable characteristic.

    ~~~[5200]Southern Teaser Base Stinks
    (when it comes to Elite TH9 War Bases)

    Along with the same reasons above, the reason why Southern Teaser bases stink is due to the fact that it's almost like a clam shape, 40% focus at the top, 60% focus at the bottom. about 60% of the defenses within Southern Teasers are located at the big opened area, but there is only just one big compartment for everything to walk about. Combine that with strong golems, and witch skeletons to run about, 60% of this base would have been conquered without even the need for spells. At most 2 spells to cover 60% of the base.

    At the 40% behind of the base is even worse due to the fact that majority of this section is so tightly knit together. Look at all of the Southern Teaser styles and you'll find that majority of these defenses are breakable by hogs, or back end loons, making this base easy to break down.

    ~~~[5210]Southern Teaser Break Down Example

    Googled the first "Southern Teaser TH9 War Base" and this was the result.

    Here I explain the simple steps to break down this base.
    1) (black) 2 Loons the side Archer Towers that aren't protected. Also two loon the top cannon, therefore disabling the two spring traps behind it (since hogs won't go there anymore)
    2) Identify the "Hog Chunk" which a pack of hogs will be able to swallow without resistance (keep in mind the flow of the defenses, and the direction of the Hogs. Since There is that double giant bomb threat at the bottom of the XBow, that puts a risk. But since that double giant bomb area is so opened, it just means sooner or later, skeletons will be able to trigger these bombs. From this, the decision to Hogs second is good.
    3)(Purple) Bottom area is wide open (or like typical southern teasers, all within one section) Flood it with Gowiwi. (Of cour remember to lure and stuff).
    4) Easy jump spell to enter the core.

    It might not be a perfect plan, but in terms of Goholo, it's a well thought out plan that takes into account all of the variables.

    [5300]Don't Use Opened Compartments/Funnel Traps

    Look at this image, I'm sure you recognize it, as it's the basic 'open area lure to defense for spring traps to throw them out."
    I'm just going to ask you this for now, in terms of war (TH9), what will these spring traps target? In TH9, if you actually refer to each and every ground troop effected by this set up, the only thing that these spring traps will effect are Giants. But in the world of TH9 War, Giants are just majority used for Luring and that's mostly it. This cannon is a valuable defense, but now just for the sake of stopping giants, enemy skeletons from witches, golems that won't be effected as well as your Barbarian King now have access to this free building that's exposed outside. Hogs can easily jump over this set up making the spring traps obsolete, as well as who uses Valks (as of now)? Witches got the skeletons to rush over, so any opened compartments like this is just asking for Witches to flood easily.


    ~~~[5310]Enemy Base Example

    Look at this base of an enemy that I had attacked. I blocked out the remaining of the base as it's unrelated to the story. But as you can see this person created this base with the clear message and intention that 'spring traps are inbetween, watch out' (Red circles), but as I explained, who uses Giants in war? Golems, heroes, skeletons, will be the ones that first wall through these section. Golems don't get thrown, skeletons aren't worth the traps, Hogs will just skip right through it and ignore it to begin with, Witches and Wizards always stay behind. Because of the fact that all these section are opened, you are basically 'inviting them' to enter your area. The Green circle shows what a simple Jump spell, or better yet, just 2 wall breakers will aim for this intersection due to the fact that there is only 1 intersection to separate the compartments. So the price for spring traps are not worth the price for it being opened.

    So close off all your sections is my advice. The price and risk of this set up in War isn't worth the value of protecting the cannon from ground troops. The spring traps could have been used to stop hogs else where between defenses, and this set up is totally readable and avoidable, and allowing the ability for enemy troops to enter isn't the best idea either. Also include the fact that now enemy wall breakers have one less target to hit. Any open compartment set up for war isn't a good setup.
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    [6000] Future Topics

    All of these topics are topics which I find could easily be expand upon and touch up more indepth. Doesn't mean I will actually do these topics though, but they are worth considering.

    Spell Placement In-depth Topic

    Focuses on how the fact that when it comes to spell placement in war, there is a specific pattern towards placing the spells (such as the Y shaped against Southern Teaser, the Clover- X shape against Circular bases, see the Purple Spell placement picture above). If you can manipulate the areas of your base, wider than spell coverage for example, that could easily ruin their attack. Another example is if you make it so they need to use two spells at one location, or force them to use a jump spell to kill your Queen, therefore limiting only 3 spells in their composition. This could present a whole new way of designing bases, if you find that it follows a pattern.

    Tesla/Trap Location In-depth Topic
    Tesla and trap locations are definitely topics which could be expanded upon. From double seeking air mines to kill Lavaloon raids, to Quad Tesla beside your Town Hall, to spring trap locations, I don't feel like there is an appropriate War Guide towards these areas, so expanding on these topics should possibly be good subject matter. Teslas are highly underestimated and not used properly in my opinion.

    Junk Building Placement
    This is an interesting medium topic to talk about such as "should I move the junk buildings on the outside farther out to block loons, but risk it not being protected? Should I put all my storages on the out side to tank? Each building has different hp, and utilizing that, you can create proper funnels on the outside if the enemy doesn't funnel properly. For example:

    In this image, I made a demonstration, since most people (this is just for 2 star attacks, and wizards though so it's not too big of a deal in 3 star world) attack from the direction of Town Hall, you can abuse the fact that they are going to line up wizards on the area, and take into equation the HP of your junk buildings.

    For example this demonstration has the lowest hp building in the middle, medium hp buildings in between, and the high HP storages on the outside. Most people would drop the golems (black)and just put a line of wizards across the border (sky blue). If you utilize the hp of the buildings, you can get the to spread outwards (yellow) and lower the wizard count. The builder's hut is a perfect distraction if there is a tight corner or something, due to the fact that it will capture the attention of enemy AI, but it can't be targetted with the initial line of wizards due to the fact that it's hidden behind the 3x3 buildings. I used this as a test on my Metaki Series #3, and it worked half the time (for those that Gowiped/Gowiwi-ed me).

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    More space just in case I want to add more.

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    Last reservation. To be honest, I'm alittle scared that they'll block off my thread since it's a 'repost' (but I deleted the content of the first one). If they move this thread again/do anything against my guides, I'mma just pack up my guides back to my website.

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    Great information here. Can this apply to TH8 or are we lacking the defensive buildings and walls to properly create a war base?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shozen View Post
    Great information here. Can this apply to TH8 or are we lacking the defensive buildings and walls to properly create a war base?
    In terms of TH8, I would say the only thing that would work for th8 is the explanation of double giant bomb and the section hogging. TH8 lack the buildings and walls and their main concern is dragons and hogs. Addressing the base to make it hard to hog would be the first step. Second step is to make it with storages beside AD.

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    Great thread.

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    Excellent post. I wish everyone would give back as much as you and I.

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