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    === The ClashPub™ Family - Three ADULT Clans Dedicated to Elite Wars ===

    Let's keep this short and sweet (no one likes a crazy-long forum post). First off, if you're not old enough to enter a REAL pub, this isn't the family of clans for you.

    IF you're an adult, and you want to work your way up to fighting in the highest caliber wars that Clash has to offer, you might be a good fit for ClashPub!

    We have three clans that allow us to train our members, give them a relaxing spot when real-life calls, and our elite clan for those high-tier wars!

    This thread is not all-inclusive. If you want to see more information about us, check out our website,!

    I will start by mentioning the caveat that would make most candidates either flee or be enticed. Our clan uses the 3rd party app Discord. We have members in our clans from all over the world, so the use of this app keeps us all connected and organized.

    ClashPub™ at a Glance:

    ClashPub™ AKA "Pub" (#PJJ0VPR8) - Our Events War Clan
    Our main clan, and where we host weekly events! Test your skills with a fun and active crew!

    ClashPub™ Too! AKA "CPT" (#L2QLOLO9) - A Feeder that Fights Like a Main
    TH9-11, and still a very capable clan! A good place to enjoy a slightly slower pace than the blistering speed of Pub, but active and capable no less.

    ClashPub™ Lite AKA "CPL" (J9CVR2V2) - Our Relaxed/Farming Clan
    The place to learn and grow with capable adult clashers! TH7-9 welcome to join!

    If you've read this far, you just might be interested in joining us, or at least getting some more information. Our website is a great next step for info! If you like what you see and want to join, or at least talk to a member of the team, follow the link below...


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