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    iOS Troubleshooting Guide


    And welcome to the troubleshooting guide for iOS device owners

    Please tap on the topic you're seeking help with or scroll down for more:

    1. App crashes or doesn't load
    2. Lost villages
    3. Saving your progress & Game Center guide
    4. Transferring village to new device
    5. Purchasing issues

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    App crashes or doesn't load

    Guide by Twister.

    Clash of Clans is extensively tested before each update on several device types internally, within Apple's Software Development Kit, as well as by Apple themselves during the update approval process. There are times however, where some user's devices encounter issues after initial install, update, or server maintenance. Here are some self-help steps to try if you are encountering issues. Some of these steps or menu paths may be different or not available on every iOS version.


    1) Jailbroken devices are not fully supported.
    If it's jailbroken, we can't help you. Return the device to original configuration to fully enjoy Clash of Clans.

    2) Close the app an relaunch it
    From the home screen, click the home button twice (or do the 4-finger swipe upwards) to show open apps. Press and hold until the red "-" appears. Click that to close the program. Press home to exit that screen.
    NOTE: For iOS 7 users, double click the home button, swipe each app picture upwards to close.

    3) Power off and/or reset your device
    Press and hold sleep button until power off swipe displays, then power off or
    Press and hold both sleep button and home button for 10 seconds until Apple logo appears.

    4) Remove the app and re-install it Make sure your game is connected to Game Center or you could lose your village!!!
    Click and hold on CoC icon until icon jiggles and "X" appears then click it to remove. Press the home button to stop the jiggling/exit delete mode. If the icons don't start to jiggle, make sure "Deleting Apps" is not turned off in Settings>General>Restrictions

    5) Upgrade your device to the latest iOS version it supports
    Either via your iTunes sync or over the air for iOS 5+ (Settings > Software Update)

    6) Check that your device is not full
    Go to Settings > General > Usage. Make sure you have several MB available for temp or update files.

    7) Reset your Apple ID Authorization by simply installing any free app that isn't already on your device. You can remove it afterwards if need be.

    8) Log out of Game Center or Facebook (if linked) and log back in
    You can disconnect from Facebook in-game if you can access the game. To log out of Gamecenter open it, click "me" at the bottom, then click the banner that says "Account: your account" then "Sign Out". Log back in 1 at a time if on both to see which, if either is causing the issue.

    9) If your device utilizes syncing with a computer through iTunes, try syncing.

    10) Ensure your Date/Time settings and Time Zone are correct
    Settings > General > Date & Time

    11) Do you have a good network connection that is allowing TCP traffic over port 9339? Some public hotspots do not have this open. Here is a quick URL to check:

    12) If you suspect network issues, you can reset network settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

    12a) Try an alternate connection method.
    Switch from cellular to wifi or vice versa. Try a neighbors (with permission) wifi, preferably with a different ISP.

    12b) Cycle the power on your Router.

    12c) Replace your ISP's DNS server with Google's public server:
    Make note of what you currently have before you change.
    Settings>Wi-Fi>blue > symbol after your SSID's name> DNS
    Replace your current settings (after you write them down) with
    If this works, then your ISP's DNS server is not updating in real-time

    13) If your device was issued through work or school - There could be issues with any profiles installed via Mobile Device Management programs, Apple Configurator, or content filtering. Check with your work/school IT Department to further investigate.

    14) Check the crash logs - may provide a clue: Settings>General>About>Diagnostics & Usage>Diagnostics & Usage Data> Within that list, any CoC ones should start with "Clash of Clans_then date There is lots of techie stuff in there, but some plain text info near the top that may help

    15) Contact your Service Provider.
    If the above steps didn't help you, 99% of the time, it's an issue with your ISP. Some providers either unintentionally or for specific reasons mis-catagorize Clash of Clans network traffic. Several major ISPs do or have blocked the game in the past either all the time or during specific times of the day. Contact their customer support and explain your issues to them to see what they can do.

    16) You can always do a factory reset Not recommended without being linked to Game Center!
    Recommend doing an iCloud backup first then restore from iCloud backup - make sure
    Settings>iCloud>Doucments & Data is turned on. You can further check that Clash of Clans is specifically being backed up by clicking Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>Manage Storage>Backups (your device name will be here) under "Backup Options" confirm CoC is "on" For older devices, you can do a backup through iTunes. This should be the last option. If your village is not linked to gamecenter, this step is not advised as you will lose access to the locally stored village files.

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    Lost villages and Game Center guide

    Did you just get a new iOS device like an iPad mini or iPhone 5? Do you want to continue your same village on that new device? Do you have to restore a current device for some reason, but don't want to lose all those hard-earned trophies? The following instructions will explain how to move your game over to a new device, or save your game in the event you have to restore your current one.



    You should ALWAYS do this in case the worst happens!!! It's not just good for finding/inviting friends to play Clash of Clans with, it could be the difference between permanently losing your game and being able to restore it to it's full glory!

    If you haven't created a Game Center account yet, please do so. It's very easy: just locate Game Center App on your device, login (or create an account) and then launch Clash of Clans.

    This is important if you are going to get yourself a new device, since Clash Of Clans will link to your Game Center account!

    Screenshot coming soon!

    If you successfully linked your GameCenter account to your village, you will notice a small popup saying "Welcome back, YOURNICKAME."

    Attachment 3368


    1. When you set up your new device, please use the same Apple ID as you use for your old device (it will ask you to login when you start using the device)
    2. When the device has been set up, locate Game Center and login (unless you already are logged in)
    3. Install Clash of Clans from the App Store
    4. Launch Clash of Clans and at some point you will see the following popup:
    5. Press "Okay" to restore your village!


    Lost your village?
    If you lost your village for some reason, there's a chance that you can restore it yourself. However, if you DID NOT CONNECT YOUR VILLAGE TO GAMECENTER then there is no way to restore your village. If you did, please try these steps:

    1. Delete Clash of Clans from your device
    2. Log out from Facebook and Game Center from your device
    3. Restart your device
    4. Login to your previous Game Center account (which you used when you played your village on old device or pre-restore)
    5. Re-install Clash of Clans from App Store
    6. Launch Clash of Clans
    7. You should get the popup asking if you want to load your old village and the town hall level of that village.

    You should now be playing Clashing with your village again! If this doesn't help, please use the in-game Report An Issue (Game Settings -> Help and Support) to contact our support, or email them at: so that they can look into it. If you email them, please provide them with your lost village name, what level town hall you had, and your Game Center name (both the new and old version)

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    Device Linking Guide: Playing your Village on iOS and Android OS

    Here's how you can play your own village on both devices

    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Play through the tutorial on the new device and use link BEFORE reaching Town Hall level 4 and before making in app purchases. If you need further assistance or experience any issues with linking your devices, please contact player support via the in-app reporting feature in the in-game settings menu! You'll find it under the Help & Settings option.

    In order to transfer your village between and iOS and Android device, it needs to be connected to Game Center/Google+. You can verify the Game Center connection on iOS by logging into Game Center and opening the game from the Game Center's 'Games' tab. For Android, open Clash of Clans and connect your village to Google+ in the in-game settings by clicking the Google+ sign in button.

    Everything verified? To move your village between your devices follow these steps:

    1. Open Clash of Clans on both your Android and iOS devices (source device and target device)
    2. Open the in-game settings window on both devices
    3. Press the 'Link a device' button

    4. Select OLD DEVICE on the device you would like to move your village FROM
    5. Select NEW DEVICE on the device you would like to move your village TO

    6. Select which type of device you want to link your village TO. If you are linking your village from an iOS to an iOS device, use the GameCenter guide located here:
      If you are linking your village from one Android device to another Android Device, try out Google Play Guide located here: (link coming soon)

    7. STOP!!!! Before you proceed, please make sure you have played through the tutorial and not made a purchase before TH4. Read the VERY IMPORTANT NOTE located above.
    8. Use the device code provided on your OLD DEVICE and enter it on your NEW DEVICE. You have a 5 minute window of time before your code is invalid!

    9. After you have successfully copied the village transfer code from one device to the other, your village will be on both devices

    P.S: Android and iOS Clashers play together, everyone is on the same servers
    Official Clash FAQs & Support --> click here

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    Purchasing Issues

    This issue does come up quite often, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a sticky about the problems.

    How can I disable In-App purchases & avoid unauthorized purchases?

    1. From your home screen, tap the Settings app
    2. Tap General
    3. Scroll about halfway down the page and tap Restrictions
    4. Tap Enable Restrictions
    5. When you do this, you'll be asked to Set a Passcode. The Passcode is a password that locks certain functions of the iOS device. Use a passcode you'll be sure to remember, but don't share it with people you don't want making in-app purchases. If they know your passcode, they can enable in-app purchases even if you don't want them to. Enter the passcode twice to set it.
    6. Once the passcode is set, scroll down to the Allowed Content section. Slide the In-App Purchases slider to Off (in iOS 6) or to the left so that it's white (iOS 7). This will prevent anyone who doesn't know your passcode from making in-app purchases.

    The device asks me to contact iTunes Support. What can I do?
    Contact iTunes support. Usually they will be able to help you with this issue. We can't do anything before the issue is sorted between you and iTunes.

    Other iTunes issues:
    Many other iTunes issues can often be solved by logging into your iTunes account and making sure there are no new Terms of Service notifications needing accepted, password update needed, security questions added, or that all data fields for your credit card on file are still valid/not needing updating. You can often solve some ID issues by resetting your Apple ID Authorization by simply installing any free app that isn't already on your device. You can remove it afterwards if need be. When you create a new iTunes account or add a funding source for the first time, Apple has to verify/validate the source, which they do by charging $1.00 and reversing it shortly after to the source. If your funding source is empty, or has incorrect data, you can not download even free apps until this is sorted out.

    I am unable to buy gems, there is no option in the game?
    Make sure that your device is set to allow in-app purchases. Go to Settings - General - Restrictions and check that In-App Purchases is set to ON. Then quit and restart the game: push the Home *(square) button on your device twice; tap and hold the Clash of Clans icon until it starts wobbling; tap on the upper-right red icon, push Home again, relaunch Clash of Clans and you should be able to buy gems.
    Jailbroken Devices:
    Jailbroken devices are not officially supported by Apple or Supercell. If you're using a jailbroken device, remove all software which are not downloaded from AppStore, as those can affect the ability to make normal purchases. There are many out there, but cydia tweaks and programs such as: iAPPFREE, iAPPCRACKER, iAPPSTORE and the like frequently interrupt the final step between Apple's servers and Supercell's servers.

    I have just purchased gems but they never came through. What can I do?
    While most of the transactions go smoothly, sometimes an answer from Apple or our servers might be slower than usual or might result in errors. Please wait some time and see if they will arrive. If this doesn't help, quit and restart the game. Your gems should be credited to you.

    If this doesn't help, please contact iTunes support.

    Apple doesn't allow App Developers to see purchase transactions, so Supercell has no way to verify attempted purchases if the transaction does not make it to Supercell's servers.

    If after a day of waiting, you do not get your gems, contact apple to request a refund. There are links in your e-mailed invoice, or purchase history within iTunes.

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