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    Great job. Just one small mistake:

    - Second table, last column should be: total number of exp, not "star"


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    Quote Originally Posted by powercage View Post
    So when you compete in clan wars, the XP is distributed to the clan correct...not to an individual?
    The experience is gained FOR the clan and as a result the clan is the one which keeps it.

    So if I help my clan work up to level 9, then join a new clan that hasnt warred much, Im back to level 1?
    It is wrong to say you are going back to level 1, since the levels are not associated with any of the accounts. But what is fair to say is you will change the advantage of the previous Clan Perks with the new ones.

    Troop request wait time: this seems like it is unfair to farming clans (not really a problem for me) as only a clan war person would get this bonus, but people could easily use this to boost farming when requesting for non war purposes
    It is up for people to choose whether they want to use these Perks or not. However, if the farming clans won't level up their Clan, then they will have a disadvantage against the others which did. We still don't know whether the Clan Perks apply for clan only or not, we will need to wait and see.
    If the Perks apply for PVP too, then I assume the Farming Clans which will level up their clan to 10 will be much appreciated and wanted - use this opportunity to build up a new successful Farming Clan.

    Donation refund: Does this affect non war CC donations? Or is it only a refund when donating to war CCs?
    There is no information regarding the donation refund at the moment so I cannot answer this question. We will have to wait and see.

    Donation limit: same issue as troop request wait time, unless only relevant in war CC
    Same answer as above.

    Donation troop upgrade: same issue as troop request wait time, unless only relevant in war CC
    Same answer as above.
    I wrote answers to your questions in the quote above.
    To sum up all the answers I gave, pretty much none of the information regarding the Clan Perks 2-10 are knonw yet, so we will have to wait for the clans to get there and give us the answers.

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    Sorry for the double post but I felt like the previous reply was pretty big and couldn't house any more replies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexander View Post
    Nice job! But what does: "Donated troops upgrade" mean? If your clan is max, and you donate lvl 5 Archers, you would get lvl 7 Archers instead? But people with lvl 7 Archers can't donate lvl 9? Or how does it work?
    Unfortunately there is no answer to that question yet. Personally I doubt there will be such insane levels on the troops, but they will stop on the maxed existing level. We will have to wait and see how this actually is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chadamus View Post
    Great work!
    Thanks! Come check the topic in the following days, I will update it with fresh information as soon as I get it and check it.

    Quote Originally Posted by DragonzofwarRuss View Post
    I do not understand what the Total number of stars on the second chart is.
    I fixed the second chart, I apologise if it was hard to understand it. I hope it is easier now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob0 View Post
    I think it's a mistake. It should be total xp.
    Quote Originally Posted by o0oAnnyo0o View Post
    Great job. Just one small mistake:
    - Second table, last column should be: total number of exp, not "star". Thanks.
    Fixed it. Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by mrtogue View Post
    would be nice to know if these perks are just war time perks or all time perks when they get unlocked. A better description of how these perks will be used would be nice
    I will add a better description as soon as I will have the facts confirmed. Right now there are only assumptions and I cannot base any fact on those.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob0 View Post
    From how much XP is needed for player levels, I guess the xp needed for each clan level will be: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500. This is 10x the xp needed for player levels 2-10.
    This would give a combined xp to reach clan level 10 of 22500. This would need about 100 clan war wins, which some clans have managed since the start of clan wars. Of course you still get xp from losing wars, but you would need more. This seems about right, I can see that SC isn't going to make it too easy to get to the higher levels.
    Interesting point, however I cannot really put that information inside the topic untill I will have a confirmation.

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    Great work Devil, really great work!

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    This is very interesting. I will tell my whole clan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dahimi View Post
    Sigh...I really hate this sub forum.
    Quote Originally Posted by RedHuntress View Post
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    Well Done!!! Great Job!!

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    What percentage of war stars is needed to gain clan exp?

    I have two questions.

    1) what's the percentage/amount of war stars a clan must achieve to gain clan exp from that
    2) Will new players who join a clan receive the same clan level perks and what happens to my clan perks if i visit a friend's clan?
    If anyone/mods/scell staff knows then please answer and it would help a lot more if someone could make a sticky about these simple FAQs. that would reduce threads of the same kind a lot.

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    This was very helpful. I think it would solve a lot of thread creating if a mod could make this a sticky. I understand its not perfect but still helps give an idea as to what factors influence xp available.

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    Xp for all wars

    Judging from what I saw I came to this conclusion about gaining XP in war:

    To get the XP you need to 1 star the base so therefore all the bases in a war should be at least 1 starred( to get MAX XP possible)

    CLASH ON and have fun with the update

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    Very Nice!

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