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    thnks...hlpful info
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akshatkillerrr View Post
    thnks...hlpful info
    Np, it will also help myself once I gather all the information

    Quote Originally Posted by AgingBlitzer View Post
    It is officially data gathered from "in-game"
    That's better than SC saying so
    The data is pretty much taken from the game, visited a lot of clans to check different number of players and then checked how they differ one from another.

    If anybody finds any more information about this please reply in the topic.
    I think the next information we will get about the Clan perks will be in around 5 days when the first clan will get to the Clan perk 2, unless any staff will be able to give us any more information by then.
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    So when you compete in clan wars, the XP is distributed to the clan correct...not to an individual?

    So if I help my clan work up to level 9, then join a new clan that hasnt warred much, Im back to level 1?

    Troop request wait time: this seems like it is unfair to farming clans (not really a problem for me) as only a clan war person would get this bonus, but people could easily use this to boost farming when requesting for non war purposes

    Donation refund: Does this affect non war CC donations? Or is it only a refund when donating to war CCs?

    Donation limit: same issue as troop request wait time, unless only relevant in war CC

    Donation troop upgrade: same issue as troop request wait time, unless only relevant in war CC

    Tried looking for the large thread started by SC admins, but it was taken down.
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    Nice job! But what does: "Donated troops upgrade" mean? If your clan is max, and you donate lvl 5 Archers, you would get lvl 7 Archers instead? But people with lvl 7 Archers can't donate lvl 9? Or how does it work?

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    Great work!
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    Total number of stars in second Chart

    I do not understand what the Total number of stars on the second chart is.

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    From how much XP is needed for player levels, I guess the xp needed for each clan level will be: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500. This is 10x the xp needed for player levels 2-10.

    This would give a combined xp to reach clan level 10 of 22500. This would need about 100 clan war wins, which some clans have managed since the start of clan wars. Of course you still get xp from losing wars, but you would need more. This seems about right, I can see that SC isn't going to make it too easy to get to the higher levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonzofwarRuss View Post
    I do not understand what the Total number of stars on the second chart is.
    I think it's a mistake. It should be total xp.

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    would be nice to know if these perks are just war time perks or all time perks when they get unlocked.

    a better description of how these perks will be used would be nice
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    very nice

    great breakdown

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