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Thread: TH-8 Farming Base-poseidon wrath-Labyrinth base

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    TH-8 Farming Base-poseidon wrath-Labyrinth base

    {Poseidon's wrath}
    A th-8 Primary Resource+DE farming Base

    Foolish mortal... You dare enter my lair...

    [Table of contents]
    [I. Introduction]
    [II. Pictures of bases]
    {a.Overall View}
    {b.Base from Enemies view}
    {c.Base with Walls+Traps}
    {d.Base with Walls}
    [III. Troop Pathing]
    {a. the Mediterranean Core}
    {b. the Arctic North}
    {c. the Atlantic SW}
    {d. the Indian SE}
    [IV. Troop composition resistances]
    [V. Variations]
    [VI. Hall of Fame]
    [VII. Defence Replays]


    Hello! today I will be showcasing my first EVER labyrinth! I have always liked to build my own bases ever since my days as a th-7, but when I reached th-8, I faced a few problems. firstly th-9s CRUSHED me with their giant based comps, even simple lvl6 barch got me. I struggled to retain my loot, losing lots of resources to their raids. I figured after analysing the raids, I found that the main problem was the ARCHER QUEEN and GIANTS. due to her 5 tiled range, my wizard towers and Teslas were always out of range, the point defence were mostly dead and the Mortars had to low DPS. figured maybe I should put my archer towers in the core, and needless to say it worked. For the giants I used several sieves and funnels, to wreak mayhem on those pesky troops. Combined with my (hopefully) useful sieves, I created Poseidon's Wrath.I still need testing in the higher leagues.
    II.Pictures of the Base

    A. Base with everything
    B. Base From Enemy POV

    C. Base with walls & traps

    D. Base with only walls
    III. Troop Pathing Mechanics

    Like all labyrinth bases, this base has a lot of funnelling and sieves. Using what each troop type likes attacking, this base can separate supporting troops to get exploded and splashed whilst the tanks get massacred by point defenses and such

    A.the Mediterranean core

    The Core is one of the most crucial parts on this base. Many of my old (bad) bases simply have a wizard tower and air defence along with storages and the CC, but this base has a core full of DPS. It comes with a threatening array of teslas for short ranged hitting

    and Archer towers prevent many attackers from reaching the other half of the second layer., along with a barbarian king to focus the troops into a tight ugh to get hit by mortars and wizard towers. The dark elixer is also here.
    B. the Arctic North

    the North has a variety of funnelling. You might have noticed that the NE area does not have much defences or funneling, this is due to the lack of resources in the area, which means I rarely get hit. This does not mean it lacks it though, and if ever attacked there the Giants will split up due to the distance to both cannons is the same. When attacked from the north, Giants will follow a path from the mortar, where they get sprinted, to the giant bomb to get damaged to splash damage of the wizard tower.they will then follow to the mortar, the AD and out of the cannon, whilst getting continuously fried by the teslas and archer towers. The gold storage also happens to be a sieve. All none targeting troops walk to it. Long ranged troops go down to snipe the Elixer, whip then fail as there are 2 bombs, to instant kill them.
    C. the Atlantic South-West

    The archer tower is surprisingly closed off. This is for 2 reasons:firstly WB will instead of target the second layer wall will instead go for the small compartment, which is a waste for it. Since most farmers usually carry around 6 wall breakers, this means the second layer will be hard to get to. Next is the Archer funnel. As an archers max range is 2.5 tiles, this means that the archers to hit the gold storage will have to go into the funnel and presumably die from the 2 bombs. The giant bomb is there to stop troops from coming in at the other side.
    D. The Indian South-East

    The majoratory of attacks come from this direction, which means this area has the highest fire power. When attacked, Giants go to the top archer tower destroying it, then get sprung. They then get split due to the equal distance of both defences. Again the ones that continue to the air defense get sprung, and when tat is gone they get sprung again onto the wiz tower. They then die due to lack of tanking ability.the bottom elix storage troops will get funneled to and giant bombed. Archers from top get mortared blasted, and air bombs prevent minions from the bottom.

    IV. Troop resistances:

    8/10|Deadly. Due to the amounts of funneling designed against these troop compositions, these attacks will rarely get 2 storages, even with heroes

    5/10|Ok. Because there is giant pathing and funneling, it should fare well but because of the exposure of air defenses healers will survive and heal the tanks. Because the new update severely nerfs air traps vs healers, they may pose severe problems to this base.

    9/10|deadly. Like most labyrinths,(yes, most labyrinths nowadays are good against barch)
    this base due to the splash damage in the core severely hurts archers, barbarians, goblins and minions that try to hit the storages.

    5/10|Ok. Due to the exposed air defenses balloonion will crush this base, but the wizard towers may prevent this. There is a successful th-9 defence, but this was mainly because of my Clan Castle and the fact he was using lvl5 loons. To defend against this it is suggested to use wizards in the clan castle.

    Heavy attacks:

    V. Variations

    VI. Hall of Fame

    the picture on the front is not mine, defense logs will be listed below.

    Link to my base design:Posideon's wrath

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    VII. Defence logs

    only got so much because he was a th10.

    these photos are slightly older, from an older design. The only difference is in the south wall structure protecting the secondary resource.

    You can reply now!
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    Link to my base design:Posideon's wrath

    i like clash of clans, minecraft, and cheese cake in no specific order.

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    Nice base, nice thread, nice explaination, nice way to start the forums! You nailed it with the base and the explainations, can't wait to see more from you in the future!

    It's always nice to see new designers joining the forums, we help each other here

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    Good job!

    Very good and interesting base i would use it but im 5 days away from th9 so i dont feel like changing bases now but GJ

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    thank for sharing

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    Interesting design.

    I will test it out in Gold 1 League and provide some log later on.
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    A very interesting base.

    Gonna use this base for sure

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    Chaotically un-symmetrical. This is really good since it confuses attackers on where to start, and once they do, they screw up and make mistakes. This is (kind-of) bad since the storages aren't equally protected, but that's not that big of a problem.

    (made this pic like 2 years ago, need a better one)

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    I like! will give constructive criticism later!

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    Seems like labyrinth is really hot these days lol. Great base, I will try it!
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